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Anastasia POV

''Ana, hurry up, you're going to be late!'' My sister, Alexis echoed through the door. Roughly sighing, I closed the bathroom lights and head out from my bedroom.

''Do I look okay?'' I asked nervously, brushing my pink blouse in a speed motion.

''You look fine, " She tucked my hair behind my ear and fixed my glasses a bit.

I nodded slowly and respond ''I don't think I can do it.''

''You can, okay? You will get the job, can you please stop overthinking?''

''I'll try."

''Relax Ana. Everything's going to be okay. Here are my keys. Drive safe, and dinner is at six.'' I mouthed 'thank you' to Alexis and walked out of the apartment.

Today is the day that I am going to be interviewed at the Lange Corporations by the one and only millionaire Fabian Lange.

Lange Corporations is a multi-millionaire company that's well known for their exquisite fashion collections here in Tallahassee, FL. The company is also a client of Calvin Klein and C.L. Enterprise NYC.

Very chic, trendy, and full of colors.

I'm so fucking nervous, I really think that I'm going to pee in my pants. I haven't been so nervous for a while, just thinking about trying to get into Lange spark my skin, releasing a domino effect of goosebumps all over my body.

If I don't get in, I'm screwed.

It's my only way to be a fashion stylist at this luxurious company. It has been a dream of mine to be part of it and I know there are many fashion companies I could be with; but this, this is my chance to own my career to my full potential.


Arriving at the Corporations, I went to the receptionist at the front desk who was gossiping like there's no tomorrow. Her blonde hair was pulled back tightly to the point that you could see her scalp.

Poor girl.

She smacked her gum loudly and gave me that "what the fuck you want" look.

"How can I help you?" She said, smacking her gum again.

"M.. my... name is Anastasia, I'm here for the interview of the—"

"The collections? Right?" She interrupted.

Nodded slowly I let out a soft chuckle and cleared my throat anxiously. She smacked her gum once again that made me cringe at the rapid motion of chewing on her gum.

"Ohh, Anastasia Washington. I see you have an appointment with Mr.Lange at nine. Come with me." She waddled around the desk and walked her way out from the door on the left side.

She gestured "come here" and continue to walk her way to the elevator. Immediately entering in, she pressed level 6 to escalate to Mr.Lange's office.

There, we were able to meet

on the floor as she made me sat down on the couch waiting for an approval from her to meet Mr.Lange.

There were so many people on this floor walking back and forth, coming in different areas around. There were a few people next to me sitting across of the double doors of Mr.Lange's office.

I'd assume that they're here for an interview since they all have a file in their hands. The short-bald man who is sitting next to me looks so nervous, he continued to recite his words and repeatedly looked at his resume file.

I don't blame him though. I don't know much of Mr.Lange but from I've seen from different magazines he's like any typical millionaire bad boy you hear and see on TV.

According to Vogue, he only had three real girlfriends that lasted for about one to two years. He cares about business and only his business. He's stoic; doesn't show emotions to his employees or anyone particularly in his business. Plus, the People Magazine calls him "The Baddest Millionaire In Florida"

Double doors burst through across from me that made me jolt in fear. A girl with fair skin and ginger hair was crying, uncontrollably as she made it to the elevator. She took a quick look back at me and I noticed there was snot dripping down on her nose.

Ew, what the...

What did he say to that girl?

Omg is he that mean?

"Anastasia?" The receptionist said to me.

Snapping my head to her she gave me that signal to go inside of the office to meet Mr.Lange.

Stepping inside, I couldn't resist but to play with my thumbs nervously. The door close behind me in a sharp motion that I jump a little.

Clearing my throat lightly, I took tiny steps to make it to the black chair in front of the table

Clearing my throat lightly, I took tiny steps to make it to the black chair in front of the table. His back was turned away from me not making any eye-contact with me, glaring hard through the glass window.

"Ex... excuse me, I'm here for my interview, " I said in a soft tone.

He took a deep sigh and finally turn his body to me. I widened my eyes and couldn't believe how handsome this guy was in person.

Brown hair, blueish-greenish eyes. His shoulders are broaden toned out around his upper body. Light scruffy bread, pink lips, perfect in every angle of his appearance.

"Hand me your file, " he said. His deep voice sends me goosebumps around my arms causing me to feel anxious to pull out my file. I hand him my file as he took it away from me in a light motion.

He sat down, scoots up closer and said: "Let's get started."

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