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"Ryder, Issy" I call.

"Yes mummy" Ryder giggled.

"Are you ready?" I ask and they nod their head excitedly. Then again, I was ecstatic.

Today was they say I was marrying Seb. I was excited yet scared.

"Don't you both look gorgeous" I gasp when my 2 children walk in.

"Mummy you look beawtiful." Issy smiled.

"Thankfully baby" I smile and kiss her cheek.

"Mummy! Mummy! You look like a pwincess" Ryder points and giggles.

They are so cute.

We decided to get married 2 years after I have birth. Mainly because we wanted to spend time as a family and we didn't have hardly anytime.

But then, just like that, Seb arranged it all. He even got me my dress.

"They are so cute!" I hear a familiar voice.

"Taylor. Snow" I yell and hug them both.

"I've missed you both so much" I say.

"missed me baby girl?" Tyler asked and i lept into his arms.

"Thought you said you weren't coming" I say.

"Did you really think we would miss your big day gorj?" Matt asked and i hugged him too.

"You all look great. How have you all been?" I ask.

"Brandon and I have a son. He is called Craig. He is the cutest thing ever. Turned 2 just yesterday. Craig!" She shouts.

"Mummy! Mummy!" Both my kids shout.

"Whats up?" I ask turning to them.

"Uppy" they say lifting their arms up.

I put them on either side of my hip and they burried their head in my shoulder.

"Ryder. Issy" I say.

"Yes mommy" they asked in sync.

"Remember when mummy and daddy told you about your aunt and uncles?" I ask and they nodded.

"When can we meet them mummy!" Issy gushed.

"This is auntie Taylor and Auntie Marie. Then you have uncle Matthew and uncle Tyler" I say.

"Hewo autiee tawor and marry and hewo uncwle matwhew and tywer. In Ryder and this is my sistwer Issy" Ryder introduced and i smiled.

They both had my big brown eyes and Sebs dark brown hair. Ryder had Sebs little dimple and Issy had my smile. They were the cutest little things ever.

"Hello Ryder and hello Issy" they say and Matthew crouched down.

"Don't you look handsome.

ike" I say and she pulled away.

The door opened and Seb and Ryder walked in. Seb immidately came to my side whilst Ryder went to Issys.

"What's wrong sweet heart?" He asked, rocking me.

"He touched her and i asked horrible. I know what it is like Seb becaue of Tyson. I'm a terrible person" I cry and then am taken into another hug.

"You aren't a terrible mother. You are the best mother ever and i love you" Ryder hugs me. I hug home back.

Ryder was way taller than me. He wasn't taller than Seb but was taller than me.

I calmed myself down and smiled at them.

"I love you all. You both did the right thing because no one touches my princess like that. I'm going to sort your mother out" Seb says.

"Bye mummy, I love you" Issy whispered.

"Bye mum. I love you and remember you are the best mum ever, good night" he kissed my cheek and went upstairs with Issy.

"You don't think you are a terrible mother do you?" Seb asked.

"No, i should have listened first though" I say and he shrugs.

"What's done is done. She will be fine. Ryder told me as soon as he saw he look him off so It was about 3 seconds not months like it was for you" Seb says.

"I'm going up the school tomorrow." I say and Seb nods.

"Lets get a takeout tonight with the kids and movies. No phones, no nothing?" Seb asked and i nodded.

This is perfect, the life I've always wanted.

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