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   Chapter 28 NO.28

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Bailey POV:

"Do you have to go?" Seb pouted, pulling me back into his arms. I smiled.

"Yeah, my mum wants to talk to me about something" I say. I knew whatever she wanted to talk about wasn't good.


I pulled away from Seb's embraced and answered my phone.

"Hello?" I ask.

"Bailey. Home.Now" My mum sobbed.

"What's wrong?" I asked worried as she sobbed again.

"Please Bailey. Just come home" she said and I nodded, even though she couldn't see.

"I'll be back in 10" I say and hung up.

*********End of flashback*********

"Okay, I will drive you but tomorrow you are all mine missy" He pouts adorably and I smile.

"Okay, I need to get going though" I smile and he nods.

The drive in his car was silent. It was filled with sneaky glances and smiles at each other. Seb pulled up outside of mine and I got very confused when I saw a black truck in the drive way.

"Who's that?" Seb asked and I shrugged.

"Dunno, anyway I will see you tomorrow" I shrug and turn to peck his lips.

"And I'm calling you tonight" Seb says and I nod.

"Okay bye" I smile.

"Bye" he says and pressed his lips to mine for a short amount of time before I walked into my drive way.

I turned to see Seb looking at me, waiting for me to get inside.

I waved and opened the door only to hear Seb pull away.

I walked in to see my mum. Red puffy eyes.

"Mum, what's wrong? What's happening?" I ask, walking over to her.

"Someone has came to see you" she nods to something behind me and I turn to see him. That vile smirk on his face. Them ugly brown eyes I inherited from him.

"Hello daughter" he says. His voice raspy and his eyes were sparkling with revenge and hatred in there.

"What are you doing here Richard? This isn't your home any more" I say strongly. I knew he did or said something to make my mum upset

my mum and leaving.

"Mum" I say looking up at her. I knew my eye was swollen and I felt the burning sensation on my stomach, face and legs.

"Don't you EVER say that you want to get hurt instead. Please mum. I've gone through it all and came out stronger. I'm thinking of a way to get him arrested" I say. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and cleaned me up.

I got into the shower and hissed when the hot water touched my skin. I put on a long sleeved white top with a blue pair of jeans and some black boots. I put on some concealer to cover any bruises and my black eye. The black eye was harder to cover but in some time I was done. I got my phone and bag before my mum gave me a lift to school.

"Remember mum, smile. Don't tell or show anyone what has happened or what you are feeling. I've got it under control" I smile. I kiss her cheek.

"Love you" I say.

"Love you too" She smiled weakly before I got out.

I hissed in pain as I walked. A shot of pain shot up my waist and I held on to the gate before taking deep breaths.

I heard a grumble and looked up only for it to start hammering down. I quickly looked down and limped into school.

"Hey guys" I smile when I've reached my boyfriend and my friends.

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