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   Chapter 27 NO.27

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I ignored another call from Seb.

"You should answer him. He is really worried" my mum says and i shrug.

"What if it was true? What if he is going to use me?" I ask with tears filling my eyes again.

"He wouldn't. If he did he wouldn't be chasing you. He wouldn't tell me that he loves you. He wouldn't be on the phone to Ty crying if he didn't care. Please Bailey" she says and my mouth drops open.

"Okay" I sigh.

"You need to explain everything to him too. He needs to be aware of what is happening." She says and i sigh shakily and nod.

I call Seb and he picks up on the first ring.

"Ba-Bailey. I'm sorry for what I've done. Please don't leave me" he sobbed making me feel guilty.

"Seb" I say in a quiet voice.

"No, I know I've done something and whatever that is then I'm so fucking sorry. You don't deserve this." He carried on and i feel even more guilty.

"SEB!" I shout, hoping to get his attention.

"You haven't done anything. It's me. I come with a lot of problems." I say. Tears were threatening to fall and i blinked then back.

"Can I see you? Please?" He somewhat sobbed and i felt my heart breaking.

"Yeah of course" I say and he sighed.

"See you in a bit" I say and he sighed.

"Bye" he mumbled before hanging up.

I put on some grey joggers and a black tshirt when my mum called me.

"Sebastian is here!" She shouts and i go down stairs.

The scene in front of me broke my heart.

Seb stood there with red, puffy eyes and a frown on his face. He wore sweats and a hoodie.

"Come upstairs" I say grabbing his hand and

ut 3 months ago" he says and my jaw touches the ground.

"You're kidding!" We say at the same time and Seb shook his head.

"It's true. He either spent all his time with you or in his room" Mike added and my eyes widen.


"I forgot, babe this is Mike's best friend Nick. Nick this is my girlfriend Bailey" Seb says and Nick smiled.

"Nice to meet you. And sorry for just now, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable" he smiled sheepishly.

"And you and it's fine" I smile and he returned it.

"We will be in my room" Seb says.

"No funny business" Mike says making Seb chuckle and my cheeks heat up.

"I mean it" he says and Seb rolled his eyes. My cheeks heated up even more and I looked down and mine and Sebs hand.

My hands were small and my friends say I got baby hands where as Seb got big bear hands.

"Come on sweetheart" Seb says gently pulling on my hand.

We walk up into his room and we sit on his bed.

"Sorry about Nick, he flirts with everyone" Seb chuckled and i smiled.

"It's fine" I say and he smiled at me.

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