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   Chapter 26 NO.26

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We sat in his car and drove to school making small talk on the way.

"So how are we going to tell our friends we are together?" He asked and i shrugged.

"I dunno" I say. He smirked at me before looking back at the road.

"How about we are making out by your locker and they walk past?" He asked and i laughed.

"Nope" I smile and he laughed.

"Why not?" He whined.

"Because you kiss me too much" I tease and he take gasped.

"Oh no, I kiss my girlfriend too much. Arrest me" he says and i roll my eyes.

We arrived at school and he opened my door, to which I smiled at, and walked in school.

Sally. She glared and me and I dropped Sebs hand. I saw Sally smirk before she walked off.

"Ignore her babe" he says and grabbed my hand again.

We walk over to our friends and saw them all talking.

"Hey guys" I wave and they smile.

"Hey you two" Tay says and looks at our interwined hands but doesn't say anything.

"How was your night?" Snow asked and i thought of what happened.

I went to Sebs.

We made out.

He asked me out.

We cuddled and slept.

I blushed a little and smiled.

"Good and yours?" I ask and she smiled.

"Perfect" she says whilst looking at Brandon who was in a conversation with Ross.

"Talk to the boys if you want" i whisper and he pouts.

"But I want to stay with you" he whined quietly and i giggled.

"You always hang with me. Have some boy time" I say and give him a little shove.

"Okay baby. Chill." He says. I roll my eyes.

"Don't roll your eyes at me" he whisper-scolded before kissing my cheek and speaking to the guys.

"Hi" I smile at the girls. My cheeks were red and i knew they just saw what happened.

"Oh. My. God" Taylor squealed.

"Girl. Why didn't you tell us?" Snow says and i rolled my ey

me Sebastian" he says and i put my head on the desk.






Was i that bad? I mean, i must be if Sally and Tyson tell/told me almost every day.

He is only using you for your body.

"Please sweetheart. I'm really worried about you" he says and i see worry and concern but I think again.

Could you fake your feelings?

Of course you can, I fake being happy all the time.

He is lying.

He wants to use you.

He will dump you after.

Voices kept repeating in my head.

I hate how I've grown so close to someone who can hurt me so easily.

"Tyler" I say, getting his attention.

"Come here?" I ask and he nods.

"Can you take me home?" I say.

"Please?" I ask and he nods.

We get back to mine and i see my mum inside.

"Bye Ty. Thanks" I say and he kissed my forehead before I walked in.

"Mummy" I cry and walk into my mums arms.

"Whats wrong baby?" She asked.

"Sally. She said I was fat and ugly. Is Seb going to use me?" I ask with tears falling.

"Of course not sweetie. Why would you think that?" She asked and more tears fall.

Eventually, wrapped up in my mum's arms, I fall alseep after 2 hours of crying.

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