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   Chapter 21 NO.21

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Bailey POV:

It felt like biology was a 5 hour lesson instead of a 45 minute one. Now, Miss Wilkson told me all the teachers know and have to know. I didn't say much. It was now break time and Tyler gave me a bear hug.

"T-tyler" I croaked. As soon as he took me in his arms, I broke down.

"It's okay baby girl" he says and i shook my head.

"No, I- I have depression" I struggled to say but when I did all of our friends look at me.

"Babe?" Snow says but I don't reply. I just look down.

I'm taken into a tight embrace and i look to see it is Seb. Without thinking, I hug him back and cry some more.

"Is it true?" Taylor asked, I assume Tyler. Tyler doesn't see anything and a gasp is heard.

Seb pulls away and wipes away my tears.

"I don't like it when you cry" he says and i smile a little bit.

"I think that smile suits you much better" he says again with his thumb caressing my cheek. I smile a bit more and so does he.

"Now, you are the strongest girl i know and no matter what I have to do, I will help you get through this and i know you will. So keep your head held high and smile like you have never done before" he says in a hushed voice.

Its nice to have someone like Seb there for me, I mean, Taylor got Ross, Marie got Brandon and Tyler got Matt, i'd prefer they don't worry about someone like me.

"Thank you" I say leaning my head on his shoulder.

"I like and care for you and i would do anything" he says and i smile.

Seb and i just stay like that, we stay cuddled up until Snow and Taylor walk up to me.

"Can uh-

I really really like you" he adds.

"I really really like you too" I say and a grin breaks out on his face.

"Good because other wise this would have been really really awkward" he says and i laugh.


He told his friends about love.


"Why do Ross and Brandon look like that?" I ask, voicing my thoughts.

"Like what gorgeous" he asks.

"Like they" I start but Seb cuts me off.

"Like they have been told that I was in love and found the right girl?" He asked and now that I think about it.

"Yeah, why are they looking like you just told them that you were in love and that you have found the right girl?" I asked and he shrugged.

"Maybe I have" he says and his breath tickles my neck, making me giggle a few times.

Does that mean he loves me?

No, he said maybe.

Oh god, I'm talking to myself.

"How long have you liked me?" I asked.

"Well, I kept getting drawn to you and then over the months we became closer. I dont know when it just happened." He says and i smile. That's the same with me.

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