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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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Sebastian POV:

I woke up to Bailey shaking visiously.

"What's wrong?" I ask, rubbing my eyes. There was nothing, I just heard some sniffling. After about 5 minutes of me trying to talk to her she sobbed, it was a heartbreaking sob. One that was loud and broken. I took her into my lap whilst she cried into my shoulder.

"Shh princess. What's wrong?" I asked rocking her back and forth trying to calm her a bit.

"I--you" she sobbed again and she hiccuped. My heart tightened at the noise and i hate her crying but this, this was a meltdown.

"Shh" I says and rubs her back. She was sniffling and my shirt was wet but I could care less. After a while I heard soft snores and led her down.

I knew one person who would be able to help me.

I dialed and called him and on the third ring, he answered.

"Hey Sebastian. What's up?" He asked.

"It's Bailey-" I start but he cut me off.

"I will be there in 2" he says. We say our goodbyes and i hung up.

It hurt to see her like that, I hope she is okay and he will be able to help.

Bailey POV:

I woke up to hushed voices.

"Ty" I say hugging my bestfriend.

"Hey baby girl, what's wrong?" He asked.

"Nothing" I say and he nodded.

"I'm sorry Seb For snapping This morning" I say hugging his torso and he put his arm around my waist.

"It's okay beautiful" he says kissing my cheek and making me blush a little.

"So we need to talk to you and you need to answer us being 100% honest" Tyler says and i nod.

"Okay" I say

"Why were you crying?" Seb asked.

"When, last night or this morning?" I asked.

"Both" Tyler chip

but you need to go and check" he says and i shook my head.

"No" I say

"Yeah you are and I'm coming with you" Seb protests and i shook my head.

"I'm fine" I say but I don't get an answer.

"Seb, take her to the school consellor tomorrow. I will tell her mum and I will give our friends a talk about it" Tyler says.

"NO I'M NOT GOING COUNSELLING. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!" I shout and they roll their eyes.

"Please" Seb begs. He had tears in his eyes and i sighed.

"Why? Why should I go?" I ask. It's stupid, I am certain I don't have it.

"Because I care for you a lot. Because I dont want to loose you. Because you mean a lot to me.

Because I like you a lot." He begs and i sigh.

"You shouldn't worry about me" I explain. I looked down, not really knowing where to look.

Seb grabbed my chin and gently lifted it so out eyes met.

"I do because I really really like you. I'm not who I was before. Before i was the player who jumped from girl to girl but I only want you" he says.

My heart beat increased and i smiled.

"Okay... I will do it."

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