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   Chapter 1 New Girl

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I woke up to groaning.

"Ty. Up, now!" My father groans.

I roll my eyes, of course he would be telling me to wake up after he woke me up at 4 AM when he drunkenly walked in.

I get out of bed and have a quick shower before brushing my teeth and throwing on some black jeans and a hoodie.

I put on my black vans and grabbed my phone before walking down stairs.

"You're up!" My dad says and i hold back a reply that would get me punched.

I was too tired to defend myself.

He's been getting drunk every night for the past 4 years and hasn't been a father to me... at all.

"Yep" I reply, getting my keys off of the hook.

"Where do you think you are going?" He asked sternly making me roll my eyes.

'Why would you care' was at the tip of my tongue but I shook my head.

"School" I say bluntly before putting on a leather jacket.

"Why don't you stay home?" He asked as he walked closer to me.

"No" I say before stepping outside.

If rather be at a shitty school than here. This isn't even a home for me. A home is somewhere you are meant to be safe. It's somewhere you have a loving family and get give you warmth, food and water and clothes.

I give myself all of that because I have no family.

I looked at the time and realised I was already late but I didn't care.

I had to keep up my reputation anyway.

I went into my car and took the longest route to school. If I was late, I might as well be really really late because I'm still going to get the same amount of time in detention.

I parked my car and went to the reception.

"Name?" The receptionist asked politely but then looked up.

" oh it's you" she says rudely.

She hates me. I couldn't blame her though, almost everyone does.

"Aunt Lin" I say, my voice low.

"I'm no aunt of yours!" She says threateningly.

"Why? Because I put mum where she belongs?" I ask, a smirk forming although it hurt to admit it aloud.

"No wander why your dad used to beat you. I'd do the same of you were my child" she says, writing me out a detention slip to go with the other thousand.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a figure approaching.

"Im glad I'm not your kid" I say bitterly and snatched the slip out of her hand.

I look to see the schools slut, Mandy, showing a girl around.

The girl was simply breath taking, and I knew she already made Mandy's enemy from the way Mandy was glaring in her direction every few seconds.

She had long, Brown curly hair cascading down her back and she was quite tall, but not taller than me. I was about 6"3 so she must have been about 5"7. Taller than most girls. She was quite tanned and definately had a good sense of style. She wore some denim blue ripped jeans with a white shirt that had a few cut outs at the bottom with a leather jacket and some small white heels. She had these bright green eyes. The most beautiful I had ever seen. She had high cheekbones and plump lips. She had a narrow waist yet all the right curves in the right places.

She was actually really gorgeous.

"And that's... Hey Tyrell!" Mandy called out, breaking my gaze from the gorgeous girl beside her.

"Hey Mandy" I say, wincing slightly at her voice.

The girl beside her did also and i saw her look at me before rolling her eyes.


"How are you?" She asked, looking my up and down before twirling a piece of her brown hair around her finger.

"Fine" I say bluntly.

She is one of the many girls who don't understand when I say no. For that reason only, my respect I had for her, vanished.

"Mandy, as much as I'm loving this conversation. I need to get to class." The girl says sarcastically. She had a strong British accent.

"Shut up Charlotte!" She hissed and Charlotte glared at Mandy through her lashes.

"Then tak

e me to my class!" Charlotte demands, her voice is angelic yet demanding and i could listen to it all day.

"No, I'm talking to my boyfriend!" Mandy yells.

"I'm not your boyfriend Mandy. Why do you not understand that I said no?" I ask before looking at Charlotte.

"Would you like me to take you to class?" I ask her.

Mandy had stormed off somewhere and i was still waiting for an answer.

"You're not expecting something in return are you? Like a date or a random hook up?" She asked and i laughed.

"Charlotte, right?" I ask, even though I knew her name. She nodded.

"Mandy is gone and i was just wandering if you need help to get to your class. You are obviously new so you probably don't know your way around" I say "and I don't expect anything in return" I say sinserly Because I really don't expect anything.

"Okay" she says with a small smile.



We walk down the coridoor after I discover that she has the same class as me.

"What's the teacher like?" She asked curiously and i shrug.

"She's okay. Never be late to her lessons unless you want a detention for a week" I advice.

"What if you are only one minute late?" She asked and i smiled.

"Detention for a week" I mimick her annoying voice and Charlotte burst out laughing.

Her laugh must have been contagious because soon enough I was laughing with her.

I've only met her 5 minutes ago and she has been the only person to make me laugh in 10 years.

"Here we are! Room 56." I smile and she returned it. I felt my heart skip a beat when she did and i knew it was because her smile is breath taking.

"Thank you" she grinned and i was pratically beaming when I opened the door.

"Tyrell! Why are you late?" The teacher snapped.

I was about to reply with a 'sorry' or something when a voice spoke.

"Im Sorry miss but it was my fault that Tyrell was late." She says making my jaw drop. " This is my first day here and the girl who was meant to show me around ditched me so Tyrell said he would show me to class because we had the same one." She adds making the teacher nod.

"Alright but don't be late next time!" She snaps and Charlotte nodded.

I go to sit down in my seat whilst Charlotte speaks to the teacher.

I could see all the girls either sending me "suggestive" looks of glaring at Charlotte. All the guys were glaring at me and hollering with their friends, talking about who is going to "bang the new chick first".

"Introduce yourself and we will get on with the lesson" the teacher says.

"Okay well, I'm Charlotte Johnson. I've just been transferred from Britain with my sister" she says making me confused.

What about her parents?

"Alright, well since you and Tyrell got to know each other, you may sit beside him" she says and Charlotte nods.

She makes her way back, smiling at a few people who were smiling at her before sitting next to me.

"Hey" I say when she is sat down.

"Hi" she grinned and i smiled.

"Are you okay?" I ask and she nodded.

"Yeah, are you?" She asked and i nodded.

"Yeah.." I trail off, wandering whether I should ask her about her parents.

"What is it?" She asked, as if knowing I wanted to ask her something.

"Its kind of personal" I say quietly.

"Its okay" she smiled reassuringly.

"You said you over with your sister... what about your parents?" I ask and she smiled at me but it seemed to be forced.

"They are dead to me" she says before opening her book and beginning to write down some notes.

"I'm sorry" I say and she looked up at me.

"It's okay. They aren't actually dead but they may as well be. It doesn't and wouldn't make a difference if they were" she says and I nod.

"I get what you mean" I say, referring to my parents.

She smiled at me before doing her work.

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