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With a heavy sigh, I opened the door and stepped inside.

The kids were still sleeping. There was still an hour till they woke up but I couldn't help myself. After Fajr, I had this urge to just go to them and hold them in my arms.

I went up to Ayesha and took the cover off of her small body.

This time has been specifically hard on. She's been asking me for so long about her mother but I didn't have the heart to tell her he truth.

Carefully, I placed my hands under her arms and lifted her up in my arms. She stirred and groaned as her brows strunched up. I chuckled.

Wow, I can't believe I feel so light after so long that I feel like chuckling.

This whole ordeal has really taken a toll on me. Amber's death really shook me and I couldn't be myself. I can't believe I've been neglecting my kids for so long as well as my responsibilities.

Now that Amber is gone, all of her responsibilities have fallen on my shoulders.

But not anymore.

My love, Amber, you've given me the courage to move forward. I stayed up all night praying to Allah and thanking Him for making me so blessed.

You may be gone Amber, but you're still alive in my heart and that's the way it's going to be from now on.

Yes I'm still grieving, but I'll be strong from now on.

Our kids need that.

Your parents need that.

And your accomplishments and work need that.

I promise that I'll never be weak again.

That the thing about love: it hurts you, breaks you and damages you but in the end, it head gives you courage.

And your love Amber; even though you never said those words that I desperately wanted from you, but I know and have recognised that love.

"Hey, " I whispered softly in my daughter's ear. Her soft girly smell of lilies and cotton candy invaded my nostrils. I smiled as I hugged her closely.

Amber loved to spoil the kids. She always made sure they had the best of everything. She was especially conscious about Ayesha and I still this habit in her to always wear her signature scent just like herself.

Like mother like daughter I suppose.

"Mmm, mainay sona hai! (I want to sleep)" she whined.

I smiled and stroked her soft blond hair. That is another thing she takes after me. "Come on princess, wake up, " I cooed in her ear. "Mai aap ko kuch dikhana chahta hoon, (I want to show you something.)" I said and carried her out of the room.

"Kia hai daddy? (what is it daddy?)" she whined and tightened her arms around my neck.

I took her to the kitchen and sat her down on a bar stool.

She scowled at me, her eyes squinting with sleepiness. I patted her hair and gave her a bright smile. "Come on princess, won't you help daddy with breakfast?" I inquired.

"No!" She deadpanned and tried to get down from the stool but I was quick. I took her in my arms and threw her in the air and caught and threw her again.

The air became heavy with her giggles and laughter of joy. Even though she was seven years old, she loved it whenever I would do this. Ever since she grew up, she got heavy and I couldn't do this anymore but I knew my baby girl was sulking because of my rude behaviour with her and I wanted to cheer her up.

"Daddy!" She squealed and I laughed loudly. I'm sure that Zeeshan would up from all this racket.

"Yes princess?" I inquired innocently and kissed her forehead.

"I'm still not talking to you." She said and slapped my chest with her small hand.

I smiled and put her back on the stool. "I know baita, but I'm working on it." I said and turned to walk to the fridge.

"Now what would my baby girl like to eat?" I asked and brought out things for pancakes. Ayesha loves pancakes.

"I don't want anything daddy." She huffed and crossed her arms across her chest.

My Allah my daughter is so adorable when she's angry, just like her mother.

"Now now baita, if you tell me what you want to eat then I will take somewhere nice." I offered. She pouted.

"Pancakes." She said.

I grinned jocundly. I knew she would say that. I got to work on the pancakes.

Zeeshan came in rubbing his eyes and yawning.

"Hey buddy, come on, breakfast is ready." I stated and went to him. Picking him up, I hugged him closely and sat him down with his sister.

I made the pancakes and we ate in silence. It was quiet around the apartment.

The kids must've been used to my cold and callous attititide maybe that's why they silent.

"So guys great news. No school today. We are gonna spend some quality time together today. So as soon as you'r

a." She said.

I pursed my lips together and squeezed my eyes together.

Oh Allah, please make this easy for me.

I stood up and went to Zeeshan. I took his hand and led him to the bench. He wasn't happy that I pulled him away from the animals but this needed to be done.

With the two of them seat, I crouched in front of them on one knee and took their small hands in mine.

"Baita, " I started, squeezing their hands lightly and staring directly at them.

"Your mother, " I said and inhaled deeply. "Your mama isn't with us anymore. She's gone to Allah mian."

They both stared at me with confusion. Ayesha was first to react, exactly like how I had anticipated.

"What do you mean?" She asked Ina shrill voice.

"Baita, your mama was a great person. So much that Allah called her to Him. Allah loves your mama so much that Allah wanted her back to Him." I explained as best as I could.

Zeeshan stared at me in understanding while Ayesha began to cry. It pained my heart to see them react this way.

"We won't see her again?" She asked as she sobbed.

"Yes baita, " I said in defeat, my head bowing down.

"But I miss her. I want my mama." She began to shout hysterically.

"Ayesha, baita." I quickly hugged her to calm her down.

"I want my mama. I want her back. Tell Allah mian to give her back!" She shouted.

"Baita, please stop crying." I had no idea how I should handle this situation now. I glanced in Zeeshan's direction. I was glad he was a calm boy but still I feared for the worst.

"Ayesha Baji please stop crying. Mama is with Allah mian now. She can't come back." He said, his expression blank.

I stared at him in disbelief.

He was younger then Ayesha by three years yet he was already acting so mature for his age. But that's Amber's son for you. He had the same intellect and smart head between his shoulders like his mother.

"But Zee, she's gone. Well never see her again. She isn't with us anymore." Ayesha shrieked.

"No baita. She's here with us. She'll always be with us." I claimed confidently.

Ayesha looked at me with anticipation so I pointed to her heart. "She's here and will always be. And she's watching over you from the heavens."

Zeeshan squeezed his sister's shoulder and nodded. "Daddy is right Baji. Mama is always going to be with us."

"But, I want her back." She cried.

I sighed and hugged both of them to my chest.

Yes, I want her back too.

But life is unfair. It's not a bed of roses and sunshine.

We will always lack something but we just have to learn how to live with it.

I know myself and I know my kids.

Allah doesn't burden a soul more then it can handle. And even though Amber's death is a huge loss to our family, one thing that gives me peace of mind is that she's a martyr.

And martyrs live forever.


Well guys, I know you aren't happy with the way how the story turned out but that's how I envisioned it.

The epilogue is up next.

The marriage demands is officially ending.

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