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Fuming, I glared at him. He was calm and collected. I think that he was anticipating my reaction. How can he ask me that? He doesn't know what I've through all my life. Whatever he must've heard from Aaliya is just from her perspective. He doesn't know mine.

"How dare you ask me this?" I seethed.

"Amber, " he said and grasped my arms shoulders gently. "Calm down, your over reacting for nothing-- it isn't good for the baby." He said in a calm tone. I slapped his hands away and took steps away from him.

All the memories of my horrible and controlled childhood came flashing on front of my eyes. No, I didn't want to go through that again. Never again!

"You don't know what your asking of me!" I hissed. "You don't know what I've been through at their hands. You don't know how I feel!" I shrieked.

"Then enlighten me." Came his calm response. I was literally livid but he was right. I needed to calm down. I mustn't stress myself. Breathing in and out deeply. I sighed and decided to leave the room. "Think about it Amber. You can go on the walk alone tonight. I have some business i need to take care of." He informed me but I couldn't care less. I was grateful that he was giving me space. I was in need of it anyways.

As I approached the park, I strolled around aimlessly. My eyes landed on many young couples and a few small families as I saw them and they all looked so happy.

When can I have my happiness? Yes I'm pregnant and I'm finally relieve and happy about it but still I'm restless. My heart still craves more.

It's true that I've missed my family. At times I even wished that things could be normal again. But how could they? I've lived like an orphan throughout these five years. I've been through the worse phases of my life all alone and they didn't even know about it. I know my father and he's a powerful man now and if he wanted he could've tracked me down and find me and I even anticipated it. But they never did.

I'm still hurt from all the things that happened to me. I can't seem to get them out of my mind. How could they have been so selfish as to reject a small baby and even abandon me when I needed them. Instead of supporting the good deed that I was doing, they ridiculed me. I think it was their ill wishing that cost me Tooba. I will never forgive them for that. And when I had to go through my surgery, I had hoped and prayed that they would seek me out but they didn't. The money that I sent my mother for all that she had spent on me for months was enough to give them an inkling of my whereabouts. But they didn't even try. Goes to show how self-centred they have always been. All that ever mattered to them was their status and position in society. I never mattered. They loved controlling my life but not anymore. I love getting control of my life and I know that if they ever made up with them, they would try to take charge of my life again.

But that wasn't what I feared. I feared that they would never approve of my marriage since I did it without their consent. Worst case scenario, they might even ask me to get a divorce and my heart hurt upon that realisation. I don't want that.

Even though Zac broke each and everyone of my demands and I'm damn sure that he thought that divorce would've been my decision after I came in the clear. But I didn't want that. I have learned now that he's a jewel of a person and I would only be too stupid and too pathetic to leave him for the sake of my wounded pride.

I have let my pride come in between our relationship for too long and I will not allow it to come between us again. I don't want to lose him because of my stubbornness. I've learned now that he's made a very special place in my heart and his significance in my life is too great. I don't want to lose him because of myself or anybody else.

I slowly touched my flat stomach and the small bump was there, causing me to smile. I was finally happy. We'll be a family inshaa Allah.

I don't need my parents. I'm indebted to them and slowly I'm paying that debt off by depositing the money that they had spent on me all those years and I know that it will take me a while life time to do so but I'll keep doing it.

My mind was made up but my heart wasn't. I want to fulfil Zac's request but I'm too afraid to do so. I miss my father so much and I want nothing more then to make up with him but I k

f kardo. Meri bachi, meri pyaari baiti, apnay maa baap ki galti ko maaf kardo. (Forgive us. My child, my darling daughter, please forgive your parents)." His father said, choking on his tears.

This was the most emotional scene I had ever seen. It brought tears to my eyes as well and I tried to get a grip on myself.

"Mujay maaf kar dain! (forgive me!)" Amber sobbed.

"Nah, nai meri bachi, (no, no my child, )" her mother cradled her face and stared into her eyes. "Sari galti humary thi. Hum nay tumay gumrah kar dia jab tumay sab say zyada Humary zaroorat this. (The fault was ours. We abandoned you when you needed our supper the most.)" her father drawled. Amber stared at him with tears and immediately clung to his chest.

"Please forgive us." He said. He eyes me from above her shoulders and mouthed a thank you, his eyes glistening with gratitude. I smiled and nodded.

He pulled her by the shoulders. "Now, where is my granddaughter? Why didn't you bring her along with you?" He said and tried to gain control of his emotions. Fresh tears began to well in her eyes as she shook her head and hugged him tightly. I pulled out of the room, giving them their privacy. It was a moment for the Amber to be with her family. I almost felt like a stranger.

Sighing, I fished out my phone and dialed my father's number. After several rings, it went on voice message like it always did. Sighing, I started.

"Hey, its be again, Zac. I just wanted to tell you guys how much I miss you and. . . ., " I swallowed against the lump that had risen in my throat as the overwhelming feelings took control of me. "And I love you guys. Please talk to me. I know I messed up and disappointed you but I want you two to know that I miss you terribly and I want to talk to you." I confided, my voice thick with emotions and paused. Gaining composure, I put my hand in my pocket. "So yeah, get back at me whenever you're free. Take care. Bye." I said and hung up.

I felt something heavy touch my shoulder and when I turned around, I saw Amber's father looking at me with a small smile. I immediately willed myself into composure and turned.

"Sir, " I said and extended my hand for him to shake. His smile increased and he engulfed me into a fatherly hug. I was taken aback. I haven't had a hug like this ever since my Grandpa died. It brought many memories to my mind and I tried to not to get overwhelmed by them.

"Thank you son, for bringing our daughter back to us." He said and released me, patting my head. I smiled and nodded.

Today has been a wonderful day full of surprises. I was able to mend a broken family and it brought me immense pleasure. This was one step in heeling Amber's broken heart and soul and i would stop at nothing to fix her back up.

Well, we are almost at the end of the story. What do you guys think so far? Wasn't it emotional?

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Until the next update inshaa Allah

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