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My eyes felt the prick of light fall upon my lids. Frowning, I opened my eyes, only to wince when a surge of pain shot from my neck. Groaning, I rubbed it and sat a little upright. I realised that I had fallen asleep on the leather chair. Rotating my stiff neck and stretching my arms above my head, I glanced out the window. It was morning. Glancing at my wrist watch, I realised that I had fallen asleep in Amber'a office for over over twelve hours. There was a blanket draped on my chest. Removing it, I folded it and placed it on the desk.

It was 8 am now. I get guilty for missing my fajr prayers. I gazed around the office and found it empty.

Adrenaline shot through me and jumped to my feet. Where was she? Has she run away from me again?

I was frantic however, when I walked out of the office, I heard faint noises of children coming from somewhere. Following the sounds, I walked into a hall room where I saw many children seated in front of a long table and eating. It was almost as if it was a dining hall. I spotted Amber standing by a row of children who were busy eating.

My breath got hitched in my throat when I saw her: holding the same baby girl in her arms, she smiled so brightly at the children whom she was talking too. I haven't seen her smile in so long.

She looked breathtaking, her smile beautiful and content. I couldn't help smiling myself. My chest tightened and I faced away from her, trying to regain my composure. I felt so overwhelmed, so relieved, so happy to see her in this state. I kind of understood her impatience to get pregnant now: she loved children and her treating them with so much love and affection was my proof. No doubt that she would make a wonderful mother.

However, there was still an issue at hand that needed to be dealt with. Controlling my emotions, I schooled an expressionless face and walked towards her. She was talking to the children in Urdu, which I didn't bother catching.

"Amber, " I started, touch her arm. She faced me, the wide smile fading. I stared at her blankly. She understood that I needed her alone so she kissed the baby's forehead and handed her to the same lady that I met y

ith my depression. I'm miserable. I just want the pain to stop."

I sighed and grabbed her shoulders. Staring at her with seriousness, I stroked her cheek. "I know what you've been through. I met with your sister Aaliya. She told me what had happened to you." I told her. Her eyes widened with apprehension.

"I know I violated one of your demands. But you have to understand Amber, I did it because I wanted to know what caused you so much pain so that I could help you through it. All I want is to take that pain away from you and make you happy." I gushed.

A fresh set of tears wells up in her eyes again. "Then you know and understand why I did what I did."

"I do but Amber, drugs is not the way. What happened happened and it's in the past now. Maybe there was some reason why Allah put you through all those trials. I think you should accept them because Allah opened so many other paths for you instead. You were alone for so long but not anymore. I'm here with you now. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere even if you make me." I confessed.

"After all this time, if my feelings for you were insincere, I would've left you by now but I didnt and do you know why?" I inquired. She shook her head.

I smiled and leaned in, brushing my lips softly on her salty teary ones. "Because I love you. And I'll never leave your side."

I know it's short but inshaa Allah, after exams I'm gonna give long updates.

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