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   Chapter 11 NO.11

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It was the start of December and the weather got really cool.

Life in karachi was nice. But I can't say the same for my married life. It's been a week since she asked me that weird question and since then, she hasn't approached me in bed at all. She's been sleeping in her study. In the morning I would find my breakfast waiting for me on the table and in the evening I would find dinner all set. All that was missing was my grumpy wife. If I wait for her, then she'll arrive at midnight and retire to her study and leave early before I would wake up.

It's been a week and this has been carrying on. I want to ask her but I can't seem to get my hands on her. But I think her birthday would be the best occasion. If I can't get her at home then I will catch her at her work place. I found out where her hospital was too.

Now all that I'm waiting for was 5th October. Thankfully I excused myself early from work and left for the jewelry store. I wasn't quite sure what she would like and knowing she has issues with accepting gifts, so I just bought a simple gold necklace for her.

When I arrived at the bakery, I was disappointed to know that they couldn't make the cake like how I had explained to them. I tried explaining to them in the little bit of Urdu that I knew but they just didn't understand.

"Listen, I'm trying to tell you to just write 'my dear grumpy wife' after happy birthday. It's that simple." I repeated my statement that I had been repeating for the last half an hour. But this guy was either too dumb or just plain ignorant. He began rambling in Urdu or was it something else, I couldn't understand and the worst part was that I came during the break so he was the only one around the bakery.

"I've had enough. I want to see the manager." I said in a tone an octave higher then normal because I was clearly getting pissed off at this guy and the time for Asr prayer was drawing near so I needed to hurry.

"Excuse me." Said a make voice from behind me. I turned around to face the man. He looked Caucasian, with turquoise eyes and brown hair with a stubble on his face. He looked like he was of my age. On this side, he was holding hands with a girl on his left and boy on his right--they looked like twins and bore great resemblance to the man.

"If you don't mind, I couldn't help but hear your predicament. Mind if I help out." He said in flawless Chicago accent.

"Of course, please." I relayed with relief. He nodded while the children ran off to the pastry counter. The man started with the attendent.

"What is it that you want exactly?" He inquired. I explained to him and he got it through to the idiot.

I know I shouldn't be thinking that the man was an idiot but what could I do, I was a bit agitated.

"Okay, he said that he'll get it done in five minutes." He told. I smiled and breath a sigh of relief.

"Thanks a lot. You saved me a lot of trouble." I voiced my concern. The man smile. "My pleasure but word of advice, this poor man is a newbie and he doesn't know how to speak in English. If you like this particular brand for confectionery items then I suggest you go to the central bakery. The employees there all know how to communicate in English." He informed.

"Thanks for the info." I said and shook hands with him. "Though it's partly my fault. I'm just new around here and even after two months of studying at an Urdu centre, I still can't get my head around urdu." I drawled and scratched the back of my neck as my ears turned red.

"It's quite understand."

"Anyways thanks for your help. I'm Zackriya Islam by the way." I told. He gave my hand a firm squeeze. But the kids were starting to fight so he turned his attention on then.

"Ibteshaam, stop teasing your sister. And only one item, bacho." He yelled but his tone was laced with tenderness for the children. "Wife's birthday huh?" He raised an amused brow at me. I smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, but she's not in a good mood so I planned a surprise for her. I'm Wanna make amends. Even though it wasn't my fault at all."

"I understand. But what can we do? Mine is pregnant and boy, the mood swings and tantrums she's throwing this time are unbelievable. So I came here and brought the kids with me so we could pick something for her to cheer up. Her cravings for sweets sets everything right." He told and chuckled and I joined him. "Many congrats, Subhan Allah."

"Thanks, Alhamdulillah. Anyways, I'm shehzad Atish." He introduced himself and gave me his name card.

"If you need any help, be sure to give me a call." He claimed and bid me farewell.

I was grateful for his help and placed the card in my wallet. I got the cake and thankfully made it in time to the masjid for Asr prayers. I also got time to get a fresh bouquet of flowers and red balloons.

Praying that my plan works out, I went to the hospital. Grabbing the things in my hands, I walked to the reception.

"Excuse me. Asalam alaikum, " I greeted the receptionist. He looked at me and replied back in English, to my utmost releif.

"Can you please direct me towards Amber Islam's office."

"I'm sorry but there isn't any Doctor here by that name. If you'd like, you can check the name list of the doctors over there." He instructed me towards the right.

That's when I realized that Amber still kept her surname as Zaid in practise. I should ask her why though later.

Her office was on the second floor. As I went up and got to her office, I knocked twice but there wasn't any answer. I tried opening the door and it easily clicked open. The lights were on and so were the various machines and intruments. I set the things on the coffee table near a corner.

Where was Bree?

I glanced around and found her dupatta (I think that's what it's called) on the back of

d smiled. She was looking at her hands. I gently caught her hands and turned her towards me.

"It's okay. But a little warning next time before you try to blow my head off." I joked and chuckled. She just stared at me blankly. She nodded and squared her shoulders, schooling her features.

"Thank you. For this." She remarked, her tone slightly laced with gratitude. I smirked my signature smirk. Her eyes slightly widened. Yes, she understood what I wanted.

"I think, a kiss would suffice for now." I muttered and leaned in closer to her. She understood and her blush brightened.

She sighed lightly and gave me a quick peck on my lips. My brows furrowed in unsatisfaction. I pulled her by her waist and leaned in to kiss her myself but she placed her small hand on my mouth to stop me.

"Not now. Tonight." She mused as her eyes were still on my lips. I kissed her fingers. "You're right. Then i won't be able to control myself." I chuckled and put some distance between us.

"But have you really been so busy that you couldn't sleep in our room?" I inquired. She was musing about it.

"Actually, it was my time of the month so I needed some privacy." She mumbled. I chuckled and her blush deepened.

I smiled tenderly and carassed her warm cheek. "I love it when you blush this much." I uttered and controlled myself from crossing the limit.

She ignored me and began to cut a piece of cake for me. I accepted it and whenever I would catch a glance of her, she was deep in thought and her fingers kept carassing the necklace on her neck.

From outside, I heard the maghrib azaan. "Would you like to come with me for prayer?" I asked and put down the plate.

"Um, I'm busy here. You go on ahead." She said and picked up the paper plates and disposed them in a dustbin.

Come to think of it, ever since I have been here, likes been almost two months, I have never seen Amber pray. I know it's not my business but still I can't help it. I know Amber is far from the ideal wife that I wanted but the only reason I wanted to marry a pure born muslim woman was because I thought that her ideals and values would be more firm then a convert.

"But Bree, " I started softly and caught her hand. "I want to pray with you. I want to remember the Lord together with you." I insisted.

"Look, " she said with an annoyed tone. "If I want to pray then I'll pray if I want. Now please don't ask me this again." She stated and jumped to her feet.

I was left dumbfounded.

Want? You pray when you want? No you pray because it's your mandatory responsibility towards Allah and oneself.

I approached her but a knock on the door caught her attention and she rushed out. I cleared my things from the office and went out towards the masjid. After i was done with the salah, I raised my hands and asked Allah to help Amber.

I think she needs it badly.

When I got home, the house was empty. Usually I get back 8 pm and her is also back and has dinner ready. But looking from her situation, she must he busy. The apartment was near the hospital so Amber would come back early to have dinner ready for me and then she would leave again.

Ive decided; I'm going to help her around with house work from now on.

I had dinner ready and texted Bree when she would be back. She texted that she'd be back in an hour or two so I decided to watch TV. Around 10 pm, I heard the door open. Getting up, I was near the door when the door flew open and Bree jumped on me, her lips colliding with mine.

"Bree?" I breathed when she released me and started to take her coat off. "We should have dinner first." I said, getting excited at her eagerness.

"For me, " she said and pulled open my button shirt, popping many buttons. "You're on the menu." She breathed and jumped on me again.

Alright then, i would have you at any time.


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