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I sighed as I collapsed on the bed and straightened my back.

Routine has finally settled. I joined work and also the Urdu learning centre. Thankfully, everything has been running very smoothly alhamdulillah.

Today had been a long day as well. My introduction at the office and work started off lightly but them things got fast as the day progressed. And before I knew it, the week passed in a blur.

I liked the environment and most of all the people- they were pretty nice. I sighed and tried to relax.

Thinking of Bree, she's been so busy herself that I didn't get to spend as much time with her as I should. I only got to see her at breakfast and after she would drop me off at work, and when she would pick me up by evening and then only at dinner I could make some small talk with her. And thinking about her, I learned that she's a hardcore workaholic. She spends twelve hours in the hospital and when we get home, she engages herself in chores and dinner and after we are done, she locks herself in her study and starts work all over again.

But I was getting sort of frustrated-- first of all, we didn't have a honeymoon so I've decided that as soon as I've settled down in the job and saved enough money then I'll take Bree on a honeymoon to the Maldives. And the other thing was that I was absolutely dependent on my wife for my transportation. I wanted to take a bus or taxi but Bree didn't agree. She told me that as long as I need to go anywhere then she'll take me there. But that's not the issue. I'm a man and I can't stand that my wife is doing so much for me out of her and I'm causing her so much inconvenience. I needed to sort this problem out. Thankfully in this week I memorized most of the familiar routes from home to the office and I noticed a Honda showcase on the way. I even paid it a visit during one of my breaks from work and already ordered a brand new car. I was surprised though, that I could easily afford a brand new car here and within the range of $5000 whereas in the US that seems like a long shot.

Thankfully it's a Saturday tomorrow and the car will also arrive. I'm sure that Bree will also be at home. I can't wait to surprise her.

I don't know when I dosed off but when I woke up it was morning already. I rubbed my face in frustration when I realized that I didn't attend my Fajr prayers. I couldn't find Amber on the bed. I got up and freshened up. I got out of the room and headed towards the kitchen. Taking a glass of water, I looked around.

Bree, where are you?

I went to the study and I was surprised to find Amber sleeping on the ground with so many files and papers surrounding her. I sighed and went to her. Her face appeared restless but she slept so soundly. Her hair was tied in a braid. I carassed her cheek. Carefully, I held her and wound her arm around my neck. Slipping my arms beneath her shoulders and her knees, I got up but stumbled. Whoa, she's heavy. I didn't notice it till now.

I tried to be as careful as possible but she's was so heavy that I began to stumble and she woke up.

"Kia?" She breathed and got down. "What are you doing? There wasn't any need for this." She snapped, her cheeks and ears turning red. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you. I was only trying to get you to bed." I explained, scratching the back of my head. I don't know why she was getting angry.

She composed herself and put on her pokerface. She always does this.

"There's no need for it. You should've woken me up instead." She said and headed towards the door. "I'll have breakfast ready, get freshened up." She said and exited the study. I just stood there dumbfounded. Maybe she's just shy. After all, maybe she hasn't been held bridal style yet.

I went to the kitchen and she was already there making breakfast.

"Bree?" I called her. She still hasn't gotten used to my pet name for her but she responds to it nonetheless.


"We haven't had a honeymoon yet. I'm thinking that we should." I started.

"We don't need one." She said in monotone and gave me my plate. Hmm, she made fresh pancakes. But i was astounded at her statement.

"We don't need one? Are you kidding me?" I said in disbelief. "Bree we are a newly wed couple, we need one." I said. She sat across from me and raised a skeptical brow at me. "Why?"

Wow, this woman is either clueless or she loves to question eveeything. I was beginning to feel a bit agitated. "Of course so we can get to know more about each other, both personally and intimately." I said rather alluringly, taking her hand in mine. "We need this. We haven't slept together since that first time. And because of work we aren't able to give each other the time that we deserve." I said, drawing circles with my thumb on her hand. She released her hand and took a sip of her tea. Her eyes were hard as always.

And what I've noticed is that she hasn't smiled once ever since I've met her. I want to make her smile.

"I don't think it's possible because I just started at the hospital and I don't think I'll get a leave of absence very soon. I need to establish my practise and it'll take me around six months doing so." She told me honestly. I smiled. "It's okay. We can go whenever we have time. But it's a must. We need to do it within this year. And I understand about your sit

drain when he came back and smiled brightly.

"Bree, start eating otherwise it'll get cold." He said. I just stared at him in disbelief.

Maybe he isn't so bad. He isn't egotistic that's for certain now. And that's going to help me plenty with my plans.



I can't believe her.

First she refuses my wedding gift for her and now she's being so egotistical as to not show any interest in getting to know me or me trying to get to know her.

It's almost as if she doesn't want to establish a relationship with me at all.

Why? Is it because of her marriage demands? Does she think that she doesn't have the right to answer anything that I ask her after I signed on the contract?

But the contract said nothing about not getting to each other. What's going on.

I was so angry at her response that I needed to leave her and get some fresh air to cool myself down. It's strange. I haven't been this angry or rather this annoyed in a long time. It's like she knows exactly how to push my buttons.

Ever since I converted to islam, I have learned a great deal to control my emotions especially my anger. Back in the days, I used to be violent and I would easily get angry. But when I became a muslim, one of the virtues that I adopted were to control my anger. After all it is a sunnah.

But why? Why am I getting angry? And at Amber? Yeah sure she refused my gift and she has every right to and even now, she has every right to deny me information about herself then why? Why am I getting so worked up?

Maybe I'm just getting too desperate to know my wife. And it's because I want to grow on her and I want her to feel the same way about me.

After all, I want to grow to love her. I want to fall in love with her.

But she's making it hard. It's almost as if she doesn't want me to get too close to her. As if she's built walls around herself and she doesn't want anyone to breech them.

Were her marriage demands just a means of protecting herself from something? Perhaps her heart? She doesn't want me to know her or her past. What's she hiding?

I don't know. And most importantly, why do I get this feeling as if she only wants to use me? That she only wants me to be a husband and nothing more.

But isn't a husband your soulmate? Aren't you suppose to consider him as your best friend and lover. Because that's certainly what I consider my wife. After all, I have sacrificed so much for her.

These thoughts helped me to dissipate some of my anger and I breathed in and out to let go of it.

Maybe, if I give her some space then she'll get around and open herself to me.

I turned around and started to walk back to the cafe. I hope she doesn't think that I'm so angry that I would leave her here all alone.

As u approached her, a thought came to my mind.

What if this is a contract marriage? I hope not but her attitude and disinterest in me is hinting towards it.

No. I'm probably just over thinking things.

I mean, it's only been a week since we've been together. I think she needs space. I was wrong for pushing her too much. I'll wait for her to open up.

These thoughts were rather astonishing for me because I wasn't like this but what the heck; if this marriage requires change and compromise then I have nothing against it after all, I'm a muslim now and Islam has taught me so many virtues and one of those virtues is to be patient and be grateful.

And I'll do exactly that. Inshaa Allah, Allah will surely reward me for it.

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