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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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My eyes landed on her face and I swallowed hard.

Her figure stood in the door frame; her height almost 5'7 feet, reaching upto my 6'1. She was dressed in a large white lab coat and I could easily see the tight fitting clothes black shirt and tights underneath as well as the full length leather boots. I must say that she has good causal taste in clothing but why must she wear such clothes that reveal almost every curve of her body. I mean I wasn't thinking that her body was bad looking no far from it: Her body was curvy and healthy, but I wouldn't say that she's a size zero though.

Astaghfirullah, what am i thinking? I'm checking her out on our first meeting without any guard to my eyes. And on top of that, I was already being judgmental. What's she gonna think of me? How shameless of me. But I also needed to see her face because my curiosity was killing me then after that i will lower my gaze.

I fixed my eyes on her face. Her skin was tanned: practically glowing, fresh and healthy--it made me wonder how she would look with makeup. On her head she wore a white hijab. Her face was very plain looking, with a small nose, thin lips and high cheekbones. There were large dark circles under her eyes that made her look like she has been deprived of sleep for a long time.

However, as soon as my gaze got locked with hers, i noticed she possessed the most beautiful large onyx eyes. For a fraction of a second, I looked into them: they were hard and there was something about them that I couldn't pinpoint.

After my scrutiny was over and done with, I lowered my eyes to the bouquet of flowers in my hands.

"Asalam Alaikum, " I started and walked towards her.

"Walaikum Asalam, " she replied and surprisingly enough, her voice was very resonant and had a soft ring to it. Maybe I was expecting that her voice might be shrill and low. But i must admit that it suited her quiet well.

And to my surprise, she had extended her hand in front of me. I stared at it for a second: she's pretty bold. But the profession stern expression of her face said that i must comply to her request.

I gave her a small smile and shook her hand and to my utter shock, her grip on my hand was firm as she shook hands with me once and let go immediately.

"I apologize for my tardiness, I got held up at the ER at the last moment." She said and boy am i surprised to know that her accent was flawlessly American. I mean, shouldn't her accent resemble that of The Indian British accent especially if she is coming from the south Asian region. I hit me and I immediately extended the bouquet of flowers towards her.

She looked at the flowers and then at me and then at the flowers again.

"it's quite alright. Oh and these are for you." I said cheerfully.

Today's certainly interesting as the surprising moments won't cease and continue to amuse me.

"Thank you, " she responded and took the bouquet, her expression blank. But i saw her eyes and there was evident surprise in them. Is this the first time she's receiving flowers from a man? Maybe. And if so, then I'm glad that I get to be the first to do that.

"My name is Zackriya Islam, " I began with a swift smile.

"I'm Amber Zaid, " Came her brief response and that's when I realized that I had been under her constant scrutiny.

"What is your age Mr. Islam?" She asked, her tone laced with formality.

"Oh twenty five, " I replied as I was taken aback by her sudden bluntness.

"I see, " she replied and turned towards the Imam. "Excuse me Molvi sahab, may I speak with you?" She said. The imam nodded and they left the room.

I dipped my hands in my pant pockets. I must say, she is certainly an amusing woman. I didn't know that Muslim women can also be like that.

As for my opinion about her, I guess it's alright but from the looks of it, she seems like a control freak to me. But why did she ask for my age? Isn't she the same age as me? I mean she looks a year or so younger than me.

Oh well, we will have a lot of time to get to know each other: maybe we should just exchange rings for now and become engaged. Once she is my fiancee I will take her out and that way, we can get to know each other better.

My ears detected the sound of argument coming from the other room where they were. They appeared to be speaking in a language that i didn't understand.

After a few minutes, they came out. The imam sat behind his desk and gestured for us to sit on the seats in front of the desk. As she approached her seat, I immediately pulled her seat back. "Please, " I gestured with a smile. She gave me a blank look and a stiff nod and sat down. I also took a seat beside her. She crossed her legs and looked at the Imam.

"So the thing is Zackriya, Miss Amber has a problem, " he began. I frowned and looked at her from the corner of my eye.

"Apparently she has a problem in regards to your age."

"So? I don't see what the problem is, " I muttered with a slight shrug to my shoulders. The imam pursed her lips and looked at me.

"It appears that you are three years younger then her." He said. My eyes widened a bit in surpise. Did I mention that today was just full of surprises or is it just me?

"Oh, " I said. So if I am three years younger then her than tgat makes her twenty year years old. So that's why I detected a mature look in her eyes.

"Still i don't see what the problem is, " I uttered in a composed tone. I mean, she looks younger even more younger then me.

"Well, for Pakistani, marriage between a woman older then the man is very unorthodox."

"But not illegal, I mean age isn't even a problem. Wasn't Khadijah, peace be upon her, years older then our Great Prophet, "

"Peace be upon him, " the three of us said in unison.

"So are you saying that your alright with it?"

"Of course, why do you ask?"

"Well, " he paused as he looked at Amber. She also looked at him.

"For Ms. Amber, it's a problem." He said. I turned towards her and eyes her curiously.

"How so? I mean I admit that it's a bit odd, but it's no big issue. Age is never an issue when choosing a spouse. That's completely halal isn't it?" I said.

"Maybe for you it isn't an issue but for me it is." Ms. Amber said and looked at me.

"How so?" I asked, because now I was confused.

"Because in my society, it's strange. People talk."

Now that was indeed surprising; why does she care what others say?

"Well I don't care about what people say, " I replied with a light chuckled. She is indeed an interesting person. To be honest, I have never cared about what others might think of me. As long as my conscience was clean then I had no problem.

"As long as we are both in agreement then I don't see what the problem is. And besides, if you are three years older then me, then i would consider marrying you a Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him." I concluded.

"I can see that you have an idealistc streek in you.We live in the twenty first century Mr. Islam. You may not have a problem with it but I most certainly do. Therefore, I am concluding this marriage meeting." She finished and stood up.

"Now wait just a minute, " I began and jumped to my feet. That was completely uncalled for. Why I'd she rushing it?

"Now now, Ms. Amber, " the imam came to her side. "You must've be hasty. You should give him a chance." He said. I nodded in concurrence.

"If you don't have a problem with our age difference then what I am about to say is something that will get you to reconsider your choices, " she replied. Why is she so kean to avoid this conversation or rather this meeting? I'm getting the feeling that she doesn't like me or she doesn't want to consider me as a possible marriage partner. Is our age difference really that much of an issue? I just don't see how. But I was determined to see this meeting through to the end. Even if we don't come to an agreement then I at least want my first marriage meeting to end without any sour memories. Even if we don't agree with this marriage meeting then I still hope that we can be acquaintances or even friends in the future.

"Well, if you tell me what is disturbing to you then I'm sure that i can help out in that. I mean, I don't have any problem in marriage as long as it is with a Muslim woman." I said. She looked at me and this time, her gaze pierced right through me.

It was as if her eyes were trying to tell me to run while I still had the chance. Why do I feel that way?

"Alright then, Molvi sahab, can you please give us some privacy. I would like to discuss some private matters with my future husband, " she said. For some reason, it made me feel warm when she said 'future husband'. I smiled warmly at her remark.

"Very well, " he replied and left the room.

"So, then, " she clapped her hands loudly and turned to face me, stating into my eyes deeply.

"If our age is not an issue then I will get to the next part. I would like to make some demands, or rather, some ultimatums before you consider me as a possible marriage partner." She spoke fluetly. "So please think carefully on it, "

I swallowed and nodded.

"Alright, " I said. A strange look came in her eyes as she began.

"Before you sign the marriage contract, I want to make a few conditions--more like have some demands stipulated as a mutual understanding between the two of us, " she spoke most elequently.

I swallowed hard. I seriously have a bad feeling about this. Maybe I should back down now. Save my self the trouble and just reject this marriage.

No! I made this decision completely out of my freewill. No one is forcing me.

"Alright, I agree. Can I know them please?" I said politely. Well of course, its nice to set good first impressions or at least i was trying to.

She was quiet for a few seconds as she seemed deep in thought. Her features bore a frown that marred her forehead slightly creasing it. Suddenly, I saw color appear in her cheeks, pink against her soft wheaty complexion.

"Alright but remember that you are in full liberty to abandon this after hearing my demands. But, once you have heard them and thought them through, then there is no turning back. Once you have signed the marriage contract, you will be bound to respect my wishes as my husband. Otherwise if you fail, as stipulated in the contract, if you breech any of the conditions, then I can sue you in court of law." She said fearlessly, her boldness astonishing me even further.

And here I thought that Asian women were cultured and shy. Boy, was I wrong.

I breathed in deeply. I must say that it is somewhat generous of her to say that I can backdown but I think I know well enough that my manhood wouldn't allow that now. I am pass the point of no return.

"Alright, let's hear them shall we." I affirmed.

She began to look me straight in my eyes as she spoke. "First of all, once we are married, you shall shift with me to Pakistan and live with me in my house. You will be fully provided for and I can help you to easily get a good job. Second, once I am your wife, you will never stop me from practicing medicine. Thirdly, you must never inquire about my private life. You will be entitled to your privacy as I shall be of mine. Fourthly, if there is ever a possibility of divorce, then it shall be on my terms. And finally, you must never force your intentions on me." She stated resolutely.

All that I can think is WOW! This woman is beyond gutsy but proud and arrogant. How bold of her to demand such things from me.

She was still looking me in the eyes and I was held firm by her gaze. Her eyes were strong and unwavering. I tore my eyes away from hers and took a step back.

"Can I please have some time to think about it, " I asked. I sounded like a child asking for permission. Well, compared to her and the visible age difference between us, I think its safe to say that I am a child in regards to her. She is certainly more mature then me.

"Certainly, you have until next week to give me your answer." She informed and sat down on the chair, adjusting the cloth on her head.

A week. That's a short time.

Well, looks like I have some thinking to do.

Inshaa Allah, I'm sure I can be a little rational in regards to this.

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