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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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"Ah, Sonny!" I heard my grandma chirp as soon as I entered through the door and the next thing I know; my back is hunching down and a pair of soft squishy arms are wrapped around my neck. She started kissing my cheeks and I kissed hers.

"Its good to see you too, Grandma, " I said and hugged her tightly but not too tightly. Her small squishy body easily adjusted to my hug and she patted my back.

"Oh Sonny my boy, you always brighten up my day with your visit. But why don't you come and see me any sooner?" She complained and released me from her hug. I smiled warmly at her. This gentle lady surely knows how to warm up my heart.

"Now what are you talking about Gran? Didn't I come and see you just a few days ago?" I said and took her hands in mine but her left hand slithered to my cheek and pinched it hard.

"You call two weeks a few days?" She scolded in a nonserious way. I chuckled and took her hand in mine.

"OKay okay I'm sorry. I promise that I will visit more often from now on." I avowed and looked her in the eyes.

"Good, now come in Hubert is waiting. I had tea and cookies prepared because i had a feeling that you might come today." She declared and proceeded to sit in the corner of the room which held a small sitting area. she started setting the plates for me. My eyes scaned the table: the plates were arranged for two people while Gran continued to set my plates on another side.

I see.

So she still thinks that Grandpa is with her. This lady of seventy five years of age is the most beautiful woman in my life. After we lost Grandpa a year ago, it was hard for her to move on because she loved my grandfather too much. She was depressed and I worried for her so I moved in with her during my sophomore year of college and took care of her. It took her a long time to accept the reality of the situation and get over her grief.

Of course I wouldn't consider that she ever got over it. She still acts like grandpa is with her that it worries me sometimes. However, she admits that she is well aware that Grandpa died so that left out the possibility of her suffering from Delussions. Just about in my senior year of College, she requested that I admit her in a Senior Shelter because she didn't want to burden me or hold me back. Of course I was opposed to the idea but in the end I had to give in to her request. I had her admitted to the finest senior home located in Long Island.

Whenever i am lonely or sad, I always come to my Gran. She is my best friend as well as my closest confidante. I can happily say that she's the lady who practically raised me and taught me everything that I know. I suppose my humble nature was nurtured because of her careful grooming. Of course I was never a trouble child when I was small, rather I was very coy and reserved. I always had my nose in books and maps. My Grandfather was a Colonel in the US army and he had a huge library in their home. Whenever I would visit, I would immediately retreat to the library. I loved reading so much that my grandparents took me in when I got into junior high and from then on, I have lived with them throughout my adolescent years until college.

Grandpa's death was a huge loss for me as well because only my grandparents supported me when I converted. The rest of my family. . . . Well, I suppose I have been disowned by them I guess. But it doesn't make that much of a difference to me. It's not like they were cared or noticed me to begin with.

"What's on your mind Sonny?" Gran shook my shoulder. I realized that I had been staring at her.

"Oh nothing special, " I breathed and sat on a chair. "So how are you feeling today Grandma?" I asked.

"The same as always I guess, " she mused as she poured me a cup of tea. Ah, chamomile. Although I seriously hate this flavor of tea but unfortunately my Grandma loves it so I also have to suck it up and drink it without complain.

"Would you like some rum cookies? They just arrived fresh from the bakers today." She informed. I shook my head. She always forgets. "No Gran I can't. But thanks anyways, "

"Sonny you loved rum cookies that's why I had them brought today. Why don't you eat them anymore? Even last time you came you rejected eating them." She asked dejectedly.

I sighed. "Gran I told you before that i can't have rum cookies anymore because they are made of rum. That's alcohol and i can't have alcohol anymore." I told her gently.

She quickly nodded her head. "Oh yes, I forgot that you had developed an intolerance towards alcohol. But Sonny having rum cookies won't hurt you." She pressed and forwarded the plate towards me. Yes, rum cookies used to be my favorite that's why she always orders them for me whenever I visit but i suppose that she never understood when I told her that I had reverted to Islam. She was fine with me as long as I was happy with the path I had chosen for myself. Grandpa noticed my change in lifestyle and he understood when I told him that I couldn't eat their meat or drink alcohol again but Grandma just took as if I had develop

ed intolerance towards such things and she respected that.

I took the plate and placed it back on the table and kissed her hand. "Okay I will have some later. Now, there is something very important that i want to tell you." I started and moved my chair near hers. Her blue eyes began to twinkle with excitement. "Oh Sonny, whatever could it be?" She asked in excitement. I smiled.

"I have decided to marry." I told her discretely.

"Oh my God!" She almost shrieked and if I wasn't holding her down right now she would be jumping. "Oh Sonny this news has just made me the most happiest woman in the world. I waiting for you to finally settle down. So who is she? Why didn't you bring her with you?" She gushed gleefully.

"Don't worry I'll bring her to meet you very soon." I promised and squeezed her hands in assurance. She grinned and gave me a tight hug. "Please be happy. I wish you ever success and happiness. Oh I wish that Hubert could see this day, " she mumbled.

"Yeah I wish for that too, "I murmured. "So tell me her name and everything about her, " she began and i panicked internally. Thankfully, I saw my watched and realized it was beyond my time to leave.

"Some other time Gran. I'm late for work. I'll come back soon okay?" I said and planted a kiss on her cheek.

"Alright but please come back soon. I want details alright?" She demanded childishly that caused me to chuckle. "Of course, " I winked at winked and hurried towards the exit.


I yawned deeply as I parked the car. Work was busy and tiring but that wasn't enough to put me down. I jumped out of my car and headed inside the shop. Gazing at the different flowers in front of me, I had no idea what kind of flowers I should buy.

"Excuse me, " I asked the counter girl with my eyes glued on the flowers. "Can you please help me choose some flowers for my fiancee, " I asked politely with my gaze down as I turned towards the girl. I must admit that saying that woman that I'm going to meet for the first time in my life and labeling her as my fiancee is indeed strange.

"Sure, what is the occasion?"

"Well, I'm gonna ask her to marry me so which flowers would suit a proposal occasion?" I inquired.

"Hmm let's see, " she said and I saw her disappear in the huge flower jungle in front of me. I waited impatiently. My left foot always taps whenever I am anxious or just plain restless. I was so enthusiastic about this marriage meeting. All day I kept thinking about it: what's she's going to be like, how she will look like, what are personality is going to be like. It was so amazing to experience this: I was as excited a school boy getting an ice cream for the first time.

Its amusing. Very.

The girl came back within a few minutes with white roses wrapped in a transparent sheet. "Here you are. I'm sure that she will like these 'cause the white rose is very subtle." She commented. I smiled and purchased them quickly. After I was in my car, I gently placed the roses on the back floor and sped to the Islamic center. Once there, I glanced at the rear mirror and passed a hand through my hair, setting it on the right side casually. I jumped out of the car and straightened out my suit. I took the roses in my arms and entered the Mosque.

I must admit, my heart was beating very fast. Maybe I was nervous. Heck! I was nervous!

I entered Imam Razak's office after the knock was answered. He was sitting on his desk and immediately glanced at me when I entered.

"Asalam Alaikum brother. Welcome!" He greeted wholeheartedly. I smiled and embraced him. "Walaikum Asalam."

"You are early. She hasn't arrived yet. She just called me to tell you that she will be here shortly, " he said. It dimmed down my expectations a bit. I had really hoped that she would be here waiting for me. Oh well, it will give me some time to compose myself and clear my head.

"Can I know her name?" I blurted out unexpectantly. Weird.

"Of course. Her name is Doctor Amber Zaid, " he responded. I nodded. Amber? What a minute.

"Is she a convert too?" I inquired, my eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

"Uh no. She is a Pakistani Muslim. The name Amber is a very common Muslim name in that country." He replied. I raised a brow in concurrence. I see.

I was surprised when I heard a knock at the door. All of a sudden I got timid and my heart beat quickened. I even felt my eyes become hot.

Calm down Zac. Keep your cool. You are fully prepared for this. Come on dude you were once a player, don't let the prospect of a female get you to lose your cool. Don't let your two years of player absence to dissolve your resolve. Remember that you are Zackriya Islam!

I breathed in slowly and quickly put on my cool guy expression. Plastering my killer smile (as the ladies used to call it back in the day) I stood up right with my shoulders squared.

"I think she is here, " he claimed and openned the door.

My breath slightly hitched in my throat when I laid eyes on her.

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