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The Marriage Demands By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 6856

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It wasn't the sound of my alarm that woke me up because I am damn familiar with it. I opened one eye and glanced at the clock placed on the side table. It has been an hour since I woke up for Fajr and I was sure that I still had three hours before my horrifying alarm would ring.

I groaned and sat upright. Taking my cell phone in my hand, I glanced at the screen. It was from Molvi Razak, an imam of the Brooklyn Islamic centre. Why is he calling me this early?

"Asalam alaikum, " I answered, my voice heavy so I quickly cleared my throat.

"Walaikum asalam, I'm so sorry, did I disturb you?"

"No no sir, its alright. I was almost going to wake up soon anyways, " I replied though I badly wanted to retort back sarcastically but that's wouldn't have been decent of me so I controlled the urge.

"I'm sorry again brother but I just wanted to inform you that I have an answer to your request." He replied. He sounded excited.

"Oh? And what's that?" I inquired, rubbing my eyes.

"I have found a good candidate. Actually, she had also requested me some time ago but I had completely forgotten until you gave me your request a few days ago and when I remembered I immediately called you." He verified.

"Okay, " I said and jumped out of bed. "So if you want, I can arrange a meeting between you two today."

"Uh, today?" I said skeptically because I have a very busy schedule for today. I mean today is a Monday after all.

"If that's okay with you. You see, the young Lady wants to meet with you as soon as possible." He informed.

That's a bit pushy. Oh well, I suppose I can make some time. Maybe I might be free by maghrib time.

"Okay, how does after maghrib sound?" I told enthusiastically.

"Splendid, then I will see you tonight. Asalam alaikum."

"Yes walaikum asalam." I concluded and hung up and threw my phone on the bed. My body was still heavy with sleep. I switched off the air conditioner and stood up. After stretching my limbs and back, I yawned hard and staggered to the bathroom for a cold shower. The summer heat will really get to me once I step out of my apartment. It tends to get so hot in July in New York.

But more then the heat, I was concerned about tonight's meeting. I wonder what she is going to be like. Stupid, I didn't even bother to ask her name from the imam. About a month ago I had graduated from Columbia and had landed a good job at the Lawson firm. Life was going good but I was getting bored alone and I wanted companion ship.

Now i was nervous. Even i was surprised at that. Calm down Zakriya: there is nothing to be nervous about. Its been like what? Two years since i have been with a woman. And I was twenty five so I thought why not, now is the best time to settle down. But i had no idea how I should court a Muslim lady. So I had to request a marriage meeting with a potential candidate from the Imam. He promised to help me out and I didn't hear anything from him till now. It didn't matter to me if the woman was pretty or rich or whatever. What matters is the bigger picture. I left this matter in Allah's hands a long time ago. I'm sure that Allah has something great in store for me.

After converting to Islam almost two years ago when I was studying at Columbia University, I, Zackriya Islam, decided on settling down with a pious wife who was born a Muslim so that my later generations can be secured.

But now that the time is fin

ally here, I was very anxious now. I had no idea how i should present myself. It's been a long time since i talked to any woman or even so much as saw one. The first thing i learned after my conversion was humility. Islam taught me to keep my gaze down when ever a woman was in front of me and not to get irrelevant in any way, so it's sort of habitual now. The only female I know of was my friend Jessica who converted to Islam before me and left for Los Angeles. I haven't seen her in these two years.

Wow, suddenly i feel like an inexperineced virgin. A chuckle slipped through my mouth at my internal joke. When it concerned the opposite sex, well I was a pro at handling women back in the day. Oh well, that in the past.

After getting out of the shower, I stood in front of the mirror and passed my hand on the fogged mirror screen. I inspected the short messy stubble on my jaw. I think I should be clean shaven today. I took the razor and gel and started shaving off the messy hair from my jaw. I have decided on growing a beard as it is a Sunnah but not right now. Maybe after marriage.

After I was done, I smirked to myself. I was secure from my side. I'm sure that jo lady can resist my charm. I headed to my closet and took out a white collar shirt and Grey pants. I got dressed and donned my shoes. I felt a little hot because it had been some time since I switched off the air conditioner so I went and opened the window of my room. The sun was slowly beginning to rise. I went to my dresser and wore my wrist watch and glanced at it. I still had a lot of time till office hours. I went to the kitchen and switched on the coffee machine. I took out my breakfast tray from the fridge and started on breakfast. The fresh smell of coffee and fresh fried eggs with chicken slices filled the air. My stomach was literally growling. Oh I can't wait to have all these duties taken care by my wife.

I chuckle when I think about it. My lonely is finally gonna end. I can't wait for my married life. I'm sure it'll be awesome. Me being woken up every day by wifey darling, me getting ready and catching her in the kitchen busy making me food. I can picture it now, she's standing here by the counter, her back to me, an apron hugging her body as she's so absorbed in cooking that she wouldn't notice my presence as I would sneak up from behind her and wrap her arms around her waist.

"Hahaha, " I laughed humorously. I can't believe that I'm starting to think like a hopeless romantic.

When what can I say? I used to see my grandparents act that way when I was growing up. They had been married for over fifty years and they loved each other so much. Grandpa would always repeat is daily mantra of wrapping his arms around my grandma and would plant a kiss of her cheek as she prepared him his eggs and toast.

There was so much love between them. I wish I also have a relationship like that with my future wife.

Speaking of grandma, I recalled that i needed to visit her today. I quickly ate my breakfast and gulped down my coffee. Thank Allah I had some time today to visit her early.

I left the apartment by 6 A.M and headed to my car. Grandma I'd surely gonna be surprised when she sees me visiting her so early.

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