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   Chapter 34 EPILOGUE


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"Good evening everyone, I hope that everyone is having am excellent and eventful evening. As you might know, tonight we have a very special guest joining us. She and her family have remained out of the public eye for the last six years. But tonight, our show has had the pleasure and honor of being the first to interview Khadijah Atish. So without further ado, please give a warm welcome to our special guest tonight ladies and gentlemen."

And with that said, the cameras were focused on me and the audience exploded into applause. I smiled warmly at the camera and nodded my head.

"Thank you for having me tonight, Kimberly." I said firmly and sat comfortably in my seat. My host, Kimberly smiled at me tenderly. "So khadijah, to begin with: six long years. Wow, how would you describe them?" she inquired.

I smiled as I started recalling everything. "Yes, it's been six long years and so much has happened to me. Sometimes I can't believe that it's been so long. Time passes by without a halt."

"Indeed. Six years ago you were a rising star in the New York sphere of socialites and now, you are a top rated celebrity in Pakistan."

I chuckled at that. "Oh I wouldn't call myself a celebrity. I would just call myself as an individual who's trying to make a difference in this world."

"I see but, as I understand, you had an accident and then you disappeared out of public eye. So please tell us about yourself. How are you coping?"

I gave out a dry chortle as I gripped my left thigh slightly beneath my kameez. "Yes well six years ago, I had my first child, Huria. But unfortunately I lost her in an accident and that accident crippled me as well." I confessed. I heard many gasps coming from the audience as many shot me sympathetic stares but I tried my best to avoid them.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear that. Is that the reason you have remained out of the limelight for so long?" she inquired. And of course, this matter has been completely hidden away. Even after six years, the mere mention of my beloved child still breaks my heart.

"I suppose you can say that, I needed time to heal and recuperate. At the time, my family was also going through tough times."

"Oh yes, do you mean the selection of the Chairman of the Atish industries." she inquired. I nodded my head. "Yes that's right."

However, that was just a public story that we had decided to go with. We never revealed to the public about any of the drama and bloodshed that occurred in the family. The chairman made sure that our cases, once solved, were buried forever. No one knows about Bano's involvement in the murders or conspiracies. The accident was simply accepted as a hit and run with the truck driver never caught while in reality, Sutherland was able to get leads and caught the driver who was later executed on charges of attempted murder. And that was the turning point in Bano's case and after that she too was executed. When we left, Anwar became the Chairman two years later and Dada Jaan moved in with us.

"I have had a tough time dealing with physiotherapy but Alhamdulillah, with diligence and hard work, I made it through. I can walk just fine now except for the occasional limping in my left knee." I related. It's true that after three years of physiotherapy and using crutches, I was successful in walking again and after another knee surgery, now I can walk just fine.

"And please mention about your family, Khadijah." Kimberly asked enthusiastically. I looked at her for a second and sighed; I wonder how in the world I got here? When I agreed to this interview, I didn't know that it would be so inquisitive. But it had to happen sooner or later. My annual visits to New York city for my charity work always got me out without being spotted by the media but thanks to Courtney, who insisted that it was about time that I made myself known, landed me this interview. Of course I wasn't comfortable with it but I had to do this-after all, we were out of the danger zone now. It was time that we freely expressed ourselves.

I chuckled and focused my eyes on Kimberly, who was a young woman with curly blonde hair and a heavily makeup face."Well to start off, me and my husband moved to Karachi and shifted into my parents home. I was pregnant at the time. A couple of months later, we were blessed with our fraternal twins, Iqra and Ibtishaam. After that we decided to remain out of public eye as we value our privacy. My husband started his own business and resumed the project that his late father had started."

And I can never forget the difficulty that we faced then. Apparently, Constance had named her shares in the Brundidge Corporation in my name as well as Shehzad's. Using that money, together we started the Builder's Association again as well as M.A investments-we named the company in honor of Shehzad's late father Mansoor Atish. This was Shehzad's first achievement as an independent Atish.

With the new assembly of the Association, we were able to raise enough awareness that it became a case that we presented to the high court, condemning Ghulari and accusing him of the death of the previous board members. Even that, that cunning old man used his political power and got out of the case. Thus making Shehzad and I the centre of media attention that year. But using this opportunity, we were able to make a good reputation and attracted a lot of investors.

With the investors, came fame and money however, also came enemies and rivals. And we weren't completely oblivious. When Bano was having her trial in courts, there was a warrant issued for Ghulari's arrest however, he managed to escape and his case was forgotten but we knew better. By moving to Pakistan, we landed ourselves right amidst the enemy's territory. But it was necessary because Shehzad wanted to settle matters with Ghulari once and for all. We knew that Ghulari would try to stop the project and we anticipated his every move. Sutherland remained our trusted friend and ally who, after refusing to join the FBI, started his own security agency with Shehzad and has been responsible for our safety for the past six years. He himself eventually decided to settle down with us in Karachi with his family.

Ghulari made a total of three attempts on our lives, especially the lives of my darling children. But of course, that's a private matter never to be discussed in public.

"I resumed my studies that I had left in Columbia University here in New York City. After two years we were blessed again with another beautiful daughter, Hira." I told as my peripheral vision caught a picture being displayed in the background of my angels. "Now I hold a degree in business administration and I'm the managing director at our company, M.A investments." I told, my heart swelling with pride.

"When we came to Pakistan, I had inherited a few lands from my grandfather in Punjab. We used those lands properly and set up a few factories there. Now by the grace of God, they are part of the large scale industries in raw material refinement." Who knew that the useless lands that my grandfather had given me when I went to ask him to give me back my inheritance to pay back the billion rupee debt, that these lands would provide so much in my favor.

And of course, with Dada jaan's determination and power, we were able to retrieve most of the stolen lands and properties that the Ghulari family had stolen. That was a great asset for us in restoring the Sikhai region back to stability and with the Damn projects started by the Builder's Association, loads of capital flooded in, making the Sikhai region developed and drawing investors. Education, healthcare and jobs were provided and people in that region are now thriving. Now there are a total of three major industrial cities and settlements set there and all come under the private jurisdiction of M.A investments.

Alhamdulillah, I believe that everything that happened happened for a reason. When Shehzad had declined the Chairmanship of the Atish industries, many mocked him that he was leaving behind a billion dollar business and called him a fool. We expected that we might have to struggle when trying to rebuild and we did however, never did we ever dream that Allah would give us back ten times as much as we had lost. Now, Shehzad, at the age of twenty nine, was the richest man in Pakistan with a net worth of 35 billion dollars, making him one of the youngest powerful and influential men in Asia. I always laugh to myself even I think that the magazines termed me and Shehzad as the most power couple in South East Asia.

And of course, I was active as well; sharing in with my husband's work.

"And last year, I was blessed with my son, Haroon." I finished. Of course, our family has always been our top priority.

"Yes they are indeed lovely." Kimberly concurred as we saw the

s he made it to the crib. A smile crept on his lips as he bent down and kissed Haroon. After he was done with his son, he tried to take off his tie.

"Let me do that for you." I said lowly, catching his attention. I saw him flinch slightly when he realized that I was also in the room. The thing about the corner couch is that they are great for sneaking up on my husband while it gives me a clear view.

I smiled slowly as I got up and strode to him, moving my hips sideways-I know that he finds this absolutely arousing.

His eyes glistened and darkened as I made my way to him and began to take off his tie in an extremely slow pace. I know that he's still sulking and so am I so I'm going to torture him a bit with my slow moves. This is the only way for us to reach a cease fire (not that we need one after a lover's quarrel).

I smiled even more widely when I felt a bulge hit me o my abdomen.

"There, " I murmured erotically in his ear while my lips brushed against his earlobe and my hands skillfully but slowly removed the tie and took the coat off his back. My lips lightly rained kisses on his beautiful neck while my hands carefully opened the top buttons of his dress shirt. Taking in his musky scent, I kissed his Adam's apple that bobbed up and down slightly, indicating that he was trying to contain himself.

"Wait, " he whispered as he removed my hands off of him. A disappointed expression marred my face at his sudden and unexpectant gesture. "If you're gonna do this then let me leave Haroon in his baby room first, " He said in English, smiling at my dismay. I quickly nodded and folded my arms on my chest.

Oh God, he just ruined the mood. He carefully took the baby in his arms and planted another kiss on his forehead while walking out of the room. I wait anxiously while tapping my foot.

When he entered, I turned my back to him. "I'm not in the mood anymore." I grumbled. I heard him chuckle that only made my mood fouler.

"Oh babe, I know you want me." He whispered from behind me and suddenly, I was in his arms as he carried me to the bed. I shrieked and laughed heartily as he pushed me gently on the soft plush bed.

"Shh, you wanna wake up the kids?" he warned. I pursed my lips together.

"Oh, sorry, " I chortled and tuned down. He smirked and hovered on top of me, capturing my lips violently. I gasped, opening my mouth for his tongue. As we battled for dominance, he quickly took off his shirt. Releasing my lips, his lips made their way to my jaw, down to my neck as his hands removed the robe from my body.

"Oh baby, this is new isn't it?" he inquired as his eyes raked at my lacy lingerie. "Mm hmm, " I agreed. He smirked and continued to kiss my neck as his hands unclasped the bra. I gasped and whimpered, getting aroused. I felt his smirk against my neck as he cupped one of my breasts and nibbled on my earlobe.

"I'm sorry, " he whispered in my ear.

"I'm sorry too, " I whispered back and glanced at him. He smiled lovingly at me and intertwined his fingers with mine, burying his face in my hair.

"Don't make me wait. Make love to me now, " I demanded in a breathless voice as his continued to kiss me on my neck.

"You don't have to tell me twice." He murmured and quickly jumped on his feet to remove his pants.

I smiled as I saw my handsome husband in all his masculine glory.


The soft sounds of the shower from the toilet woke me up. I glanced at my side clock. It was almost fajr time. I slowly got up and looked around for the robe. After enclosing my naked body in the robe, I went to the bathroom when I noticed that it the shower was off. I entered to find Shehzad wrapping a towel on his torso.

"Hey, Subha Bakhair, " I greeted warmly. He smiled and came to me.

"Subha Bakhair, " he whispered against my temple and kissed my temple. "Get cleaned up, I'll be waiting for you in the study." He instructed, closing the bathroom door behind him. I smiled and did as he told me. After the gusl, I dressed into new cloths and made my way to the kids room. They were still fast sleep. Satisfied, I went to the study. Shehzad had two prayer mats set in the direction of the Qibla. It fills my heart with pride and joy when I see my husband so dedicated to our deen. Dressed in a plain white Shalwar kurta, he gestured for me to join him.

Oh he always looks so dashingly good-looking whenever he wears that.

This has been our routine for the past six years. We always pray the fajr prayer together since all the other prayers are offered in different locations where we can't be together.

After offering our prayer, we started reciting Surah Yunus. After we were done, Shehzad carefully took the Quran and placed it at the top shelf.

"Hey, let's go for a walk." He suggested. I smiled and nodded. Loosening the tight scarf around my face, I wore my shoes. Shehzad took my hand in his as we exited the house.

"Did you wake up Dada jaan for Fajr?" I inquired.

"Yes I did, " he replied and began to walk. I took a hold of his arm as we walked on the street. I glanced at the sky. It was still dark. The street lamps lighted our way as we walked.

"Life, " I said.

"Yes, it's amazing." He replied.

"Much like a dazzling shade of white, " I murmured, my eyes glued to the sky.

"What?" he inquired. I looked at his confused expression and smiled.

"Nothing." I said.

He shrugged and released his arm from my grasp and wrapped it tenderly around my shoulders.

"Is that your personal metaphor for life?" he said, his blue green eyes shining.

I laughed. "I guess you can say that." I replied as I continued to laugh.

Yes, life is tough. It beats you, it gets you down, but one thing I'm certain of is that as long as you have full faith in Allah, then your different shades evolve from darker to dazzling.

All you have to do is be brave enough to change them.


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