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   Chapter 30 CHAPTER 29- Gulshan


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"Do you know why your grandfather left Pakistan?" he repeated his question, bringing me out of my reverie.

"Of course, " i heard Shehzad snort nonchalantly. "He left to work here in the US." he replied as a matter of factly.

Sutherland shook his head in disasgreement. "That's partially the reason, however, my suspicion leads to me to a different conclusion. however, my suspicions will be confirmed after you hear this." he said and got off from the sofa. he left the room and came back with his laptop.

"After a little thorough digging, i'm damn convinced Shed, but regretably, i dont have any proof." he stated. i saw Shehzad's hands clench into fists. "Jut get to the point Sutherland!" he almot shouted, his expression irate.

He sighed and passed him his laptop. we saw a picture of a young man with three small children; a girl and two boys. the picture was in blank and white and from their clothing, i infered that the picture was dated from the 30's. for some reason, the man looked familiar. he wore a traditional Sindhi attire with a heavily decorated turban while the children were dressed in the same attire of flok-like sherwanis while the girl was dressed in a long Lengha. they all looked with ten years of age, with the girl being the youngest. it was like veiwing a picture of one of the families of the PRinces who used to rule in different princely states back in old British India.

"That man is Ghulaam Ameed Ghulari, Hassan Ameed Ghulari's father." he said and pointed towards the young boy who looked like he was the youngest son. "He was the youngest son while eldest son was about four years older then them. then comes their youngest sibling, the girl. that is your grandmother, Gulshan." he declared. that revelation really took me by surprise. i looked at Shehzad and he was just veiwing the picture with an expressionless face. what i know of Gulshan is from the Chairman--he had once shown me a picture of himself and with her in the early days of my marriage.

"What does my grandmother have to do with anything?" he asked perplexed. "Was my grandmother Ghulari's sister?"

"Yes, that's right." he responded. "Now tell me, what did your grandfather tell you about his relationship with Gulshan?" "I have never seen my grandmother before. All that i know is that i met Rebecca, my grandfather's second wife a total of three times in my life." he replied.

"Can you tell us anything, Mrs. Atish?" he inquired from me.

"Oh. . ., " i swallowed. "All i can say is that he told me once that he was deeply in love with his wife. when i first arrived here, he showed me a picture of himself and his wife and told me that he named the rose garden behind the mansion after her. he told me that he was bethroved with her from childhood and after seeling all of his property in Pakistan, they immigrated here in the states. i'm sorry, thats all know." i said. i felt Shehzad squeeze my hand lightly. i smiled at him.

"Okay, so from what you tell me, you say that he told you that they were arranged to be married from their childhood? am i correct?"

"Yes, i suppose." i replied. Sutherland rubbed his chin and sat beide Shehzad. "From what i know, the Ghulari family were once a part of a royal family in one of the princely states of India. they had immigrated later after Partition. they settled in the Sikhai region. from what my sources tell me, they prospered, owning land and rebuilding the area. however, there was another family there in the regio that was more dominent and they competed with each other for fifteen years until the 50s. the Patriarch of the Ghulari family held a years old grugde against them; the rivaling family was the local Atish clan of the Sikhai clan. when the Ghulari family had settled in the Sikhai region, the Atish family took great care of them, treating them like brothers. i think it was partially because the Atish Patriarch was a kind and naive man and his family constituated only of himself, his wife and only son. and taking advantage of this the power hungry Ghulari Patriach riled him up and used him. slowly, he began to purchase the most imporatnt lands from the Atish family and because the Atish Patriarch was a weak and naive man, he sold it t them without question. however, the Ghulari's betrayed them. they not only bought the major portions of the properties but also usurped a lot of land until the Atish family was left with little." he said.

"From what i can tell, the Atish Patriach had only one son." he said as he showed us a picture of a couple along with a small boy who looked like he was in his early teenages. "That is Fayaz, your grandfather." he declared. my heart almost skipped a beat. the Chairman was adorable as a boy. i never imagied that i would see our old man in his young form. to me, he sometimes resembled Steve Jobs.

"Ghulari had promised to wed his only daughter to Atish's only son in order to un

e. "Whats the plan?"

"Let's think of something. i have no idea what's coming up. but from what i can guess, we need to be very very careful." he replied. Shehzad nodded and pulled out his cell phone. "I think i know someone who can help us." he said as he held the phone to his ear.

"Hey, it's me, it's time for that favor and confirmation that you owe me."


My heart was beating a thousand miles a second. i was rooted to my position and y voice was completely lost. how i wish i could run up to my husband and protect him from the peice of weapon that nakedly pointed tiwards his heart.

I wasnt believeing until this very moment. so this woman is responsible for all the misery that has befallen us. i still cant believe that she was this too faced while she was the one who looked after me the most when i depressed after coming out of my coma. how could she put up with that facade? right now, the Aunty Bano whom i saw a kind and gentle woman was nowhere to be seen. instead, there was a woman standing at the entrance of our room with glacier cold eyes fillied with hate and loathing as smug and vile smirk raised her lips.

I felt so angry at her. i felt hatred coming from the core of my being as i channel all of my emotions towards her.

"I never thought that you would be the mole, " Shehzad said as he raised his hands in the air. the gun was still pointing towards his chest.

"As if you didnt, " the she-devil snorted as she quickly locked the door behind her while the gun still pointed at Shehzad's chest.

I guess that Sutherland was right about his suspicion. i just hope that the plan works from now. the only difference is that we didnt anticipate that we would have to face this problem this soon.

"So, you mind telling me why you are here to kill us?" Shehzad inquired, his hands falling to his sides; his voice suprisingly calm. he caually walked to me and sat beside me on the bed, pulling me staright into his chest while his eyes were glued on the gun.

"Of course, you have no idea how happy i am that i get to do this myself. i finally have the pleasure of killing that bastard's son with my own hands." she decalred fearlessly, an evil chuckle escaping her mouth. i so badly wanted to slap her. i badly wanted to ask her why she tried to kill shehzad so many times, why she put me in a wheel chair and most importantly, why the hell did she take Huria away from us?

"Why?" i choked out. i just couldnt hold it in. "Why are you doing this? why did you do this to us? what did we ever do to you!?" i screamed as thetears rolled down and if it werent for the strong arms that held me in place, i wouldve lurched at her if only i could use my legs.

She immediately pointed the gun at me. "Keep your voice down, you vixen! do you want to wake up the house?" she hissed at me.

"Hey, point that thing here. dont you dare brandish it in front of my wife!" shehzad spat venomously. she immediately complied and point the nozzle of the gun towards Shehzad once again. i hugged him tightly in defence. a self satisfactory grin spread across her loathsome face.

"you want to know i'm doing this?" she snickered.




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