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   Chapter 28 CHAPTER 27- Answers


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"Yes, I might be late so cancel my morning appointments." Shehzad ordered on the phone and hung up, his eyes staring straight on the road but I could easily read his expression—he was deep in his thoughts.

"Shehzad?" I breathed and reached for his hand. My touch caused him to come out of his trance and stare at me. "Hmm?" he raised a brow at me.

"Are you Okay?" I asked.

"Yeah. . . I'm just wondering what Sutherland found this time." He mused.

This time?

"What do you mean?" I asked in confusion. He sighed and scratched the back of his neck. "Almost a year ago when the Chairman was Attacked, I had sent him to Pakistan. You remember? He made the connection that maybe your family's accident wasn't an accident. Maybe it was homicide. So I sent him to Pakistan to do some investigating. But he came back when he didn't find anything however, after your accident, he requested me to send him back again and now he's back." He commented and ran a hand through his hair. I squeezed his tightened knuckles on the steering wheel.

"Don't worry, inshaa Allah we will know soon enough." I said in a dim tone. He passed me a smile and focused his attention on the road.

After we arrived at the Bronx, I was rather surprised to see where we had arrived. It looked like an abandoned three storey building standing alone in an area consisting of different small buildings.

"Where are we?" I asked when the car stopped. Shehzad removed his seat belt and leaned in to remove mine. "This is where Sutherland works." He told.

"In an isolated area?" I said, glancing around the area. "He says that he works in loneliness 'cause he wants to stay out of FBI's range. Working in downtown would only make him more conspicuous. He even left the NYPD because of our case." He said in monotone and jumped out of the car. I swallowed hard. so the detective gave up his career for our sakes. That's very admirable.

The car's jerking movement brought me out of my train of thoughts. Shehzad came to my side and helped me into my chair. As we entered the building, I saw the detective's figure approaching us. I still remember the first time I met this man. It was the day when I had my first accident around two years ago when Shehzad had used me as bait to get some leads on the culprits. I cant believe that so much has happened since then. I had hoped so much back then that things would get better soon but I was in for a surprise.

"I apologize for calling you out this early, " he said as he came towards us. I noticed that the Detective had lost a lot of weight. The last I saw him, he was bulky man with a good healthy built. But now, he looked beyond exhausted.

"You okay? You know that we could do this after you had some rest." Shehzad said as he shook hands with him.

"No it's okay. First, I wanted to pass my deepest sympathies for what has happened to you, Mrs. Atish." He said, peering down at me, his eyes full of pity. I lowered my eyes down, feeling my chest tighten.

"It's alright." I said quickly and looked to my right. He must've noticed my disposition as he called us inside.

"I'm sorry that I had to call you guys here so early but it's urgent that I tell you this right this minute." He said as he led us into a small apartment. I wrinkled my nose as the strong stench of tobacco and alcohol collided with my senses. My eyes landed on the disheveled room as Sutherland led us to a small room. It was covered with papers and news papers everywhere especially on the walls.

"I'm sorry for the mess. I just left in a hurry a few months back and didn't do any cleaning." He claimed as he cleared a sofa for us. I felt suffocated in the polluted air.

"At least open the windows." Shehzad said irately.

"Sorry Shed, but whatever I am about to tell you must remain within these four walls." He said and that's the first time I realized that he was wearing an expression of terror and fear. It wasn't the weariness of the twenty hour flight at all. I looked in Shehzad's direction—he also noticed it but was quiet. He sat me down on the sofa and sat beside me, sliding one arm around my waist. His grip on me was strong.

This means that Sutherland must've found something relevant.

"So your Grandfather is finally going to give the verdict in a few days, huh?" he started. Shehzad gave him a stiff nod. "Then I won't waste anymore time; Shed, I think I have solved the case." He exclaimed. I felt Shehzad's body stiffen beside me as well as his breath hitching in his throat. I saw his Adam's apple bob up and down, his eyes a storm of emotions. I swallowed hard.

"It took you six years to figure this out." I heard him say in a low voice.

"Trust me Shed, this whole scheme has been well played and the culprits weren't easy to catch. So rest assured, your money has been well spent on the right reasons." He tried to justify.

"okay, just get on with it." Shehzad commented restlessly. I saw Sutherland flinch as Shehzad glared on him. He scratched his bold head and sighed deeply.

"Okay, so my investigations have lead me very far. It first started with your Grandmother's assassination almost twenty years ago. But the culprit was n

er investigated and came to know that these lands and villages that were bought and allotted belonged to a very powerful and influential leader, Hassan Ameed Ghulari." He concluded, circling a large part of the Sikhai region on the map. "As far as we could see, we inferred that maybe he could help us because he had willingly sold of the Sikhai land to the Builder's Association. But when we approached him, he treated us kindly. We didn't get any information from him but he was willing to cooperate and even fund our search. But when we arrived back at Karachi, someone came after us and the detective got killed that night. I fled immediately after that incident and came back to the States. But shortly after a month, I went back and found out that the journalist went missing. I tried my best to get in touch with her until I came to know that her name was listed in the missing persons list for the past one month. I felt dejected 'cause I was back to square one, but thankfully, I received an a parcel at the hotel I was staying at and it contained all the proof and documents we needed for the Sikhai Project. This confirmed my suspicion—I mean, we get attacked shortly after visiting Ghulari. This convinced me that Ghulari is an immensely powerful man and I concluded that maybe his business was threatened with the emergence of the Sikhai project because the dams would've brought a lot of prosperity to the region and it's people but not to the local leader, who stood to gain nothing from it. so in order to take care of the profound threat, he wiped out all of the Builder's Assocaition's board of directors, erased every evidence of the Sikhai Project and silenced those who tried to solve this mystery." He finished.

"Wait, " shehzad said after a moment of silnce passed between us. "Are you saying that Ghulari is behind all of this? Do you have proof?" he asked. Sutherland shook his hand.

"Not yet and this brings me to my second theory. We can only get the proof we need once we have found the mole in your family. They are the guilty party responsible on this end." He said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

He looked at me. "Think about it, Ghukari maybe powerful but his influence couldn't possibly reach here in the US unless he had some help from an ally. Sure enough, your rivals and enemies are fair enough to offer such help but of course, from your Grandmother's and father's assassination and your accidents couldn't be pulled off by an outsider. It has to someone in your family who is working with Ghulari on this. I mean think about it, you pose a threat for possible candidacy for the Chairman's position but did your wife and child had to do with it? seeing as how he wiped out the board members without sparing their families shows that this is a personal conflict. And seeing as how Mrs. Atish wasn't killed with the rest of her family, " he stopped and gave me a look. I nodded for him to continue. "I think, they are trying to finish the job as well as you. It's; like killing two birds with one stone. We can only get the evidence we need once we have apprehended the mole in your family." He claimed.

"But how will we ever know who the mole is?" Shehzad asked. Sutherland was silent for a second.

"Shehzad, do you know the real reason why your Grandfather left Pakistan?" he asked out of the blue, his eyes sincere and serious.




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