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   Chapter 20 CHAPTER 19- Will You Give Me Another Chance


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"Hey, may I come in?" he asked while standing at the frame of the door. I looked at him and closed the book in my hands. "Sure, " I said dryly. He came inside and left the door ajar.

"Are you warm enough? Should I turn on the flames a little more?" he asked. His voice was low on account of the sleeping Emaan in my bed. I shook my head to negate his claim. He smiled and sat on the ground near my chair.

"How are you feeling toda-"

"What are you here for, Yusha?" I inquired.

He flinched slightly at my off-handed question. Perhaps he must've noticed my mood. He gave me a small humble smile. "No, nothing in particular. I just came here to see how you were doing. That's all." He said.

I sighed deeply. When he came back to the U.S, he asked me if we could meet. I told him that I was staying with a relative and told him to meet me at Umeed's house. If I had known that he would nag me so much, I wouldn't have told him.

But his reaction was the same as any when he saw me. At first he looked as if he was going to cry and pity and sympathy clouded his expression and was evident in his eyes. I absolutely hated that!

Why must people look at me with so much pity? Why do they commiserate with me just because I have become an invalid? I just can't stand it.

"So what are you planning now? Will you return to your husband or back to your country?" he inquired. I again gave out a weary sigh.

"I don't know. For the time being, staying with Emaan and Umeed gives me a sense of peace. I want to be with them for as long as I can."

"But still. . . ., is running away from Shehzad really the wise choice?" he asked in a concerned tone. I stared at him for a few moments.

"What ever do you mean?" I said, feigning ignorance. I just didn't want to hear that from him. especially keeping in mind that I was the one who lectured him on not running away from his problems.

"Oh Come on Diya, you know exactly what I mean. For how long do you plan on staying here. You need to go home sooner or later." He implied. I gave him a stern glare.

"Look at me: what else can I do, Yusha? I have no choice but to run away at this point. I cannot go back to my country, that's the first place where he'll look. I cannot go anywhere else, because I have no where else to go. I know I am intruding into the lives of others but at the moment I have no choice. I need to keep myself away from Shehzad, for his sake. There is nothing else I can do now." I alleged.

"But why? After everything that has happened, is it okay for you to just leave him now?" he queried.

I shrugged. "I have nothing left to lose now except for him. The only way I see it, he deserves happiness and now it's become evident that if I stay with him, I will only cause him misery and suffering." I concluded.

He looked at me with a deep stare. "Tell me, if speaking from your perspective and how you are now, you cannot even eat anything without the assistance of another. At a time like this, isn't it better to have the support of family and loved ones by your side?" he stated.

I clenched my teeth hard and my hands balled into fists. Why did he have to go there. I felt my chest tighten and tears rising in my eyes.

"Just shut up, " I hissed harshly. "I don't need anyone. If you think that by making me feel guilty of needy is going to accomplish anything then you're wrong. I'm not going to change my mind. I can help myself. I don't need anyone's assistance. I have been alone for so long. I can stay that way from now on. After all, it is my punishment. I have accepted my fate. So please, the least you can do it divert me from it."

"It's not like you Khadijah, " he said and jumped to his feet. "You don't need anyone? Not even Allah? I can't that you just said that. You aren't the Khadijah you helped me find y way to Allah. Umeed told me that you don't pray anymore. The very mention of Allah gets you irritated. Why is that? The Khadijah I knew always had Allah even if the whole world would abandon her. What happened that made you change so much? is it your daughter's death? It's okay if you aren't comforted or you cannot accept that tragedy as something that was meant to happen, but Khadijah, it was indeed

given me so many chances. Won't you give me another chance?" he inquired, his voice smooth and comforting to my hurting heart. How I longed to touch his face, his lips. I wanted so badly to stare into his eyes. And I could. I only have to open the door. My resolve wasn't strong enough to deny him so many times.

Another chance? He wants another chance?

For what? At life? For us? Is there even a 'US' now or is it gone? Is it too late?

"It's not. It's not too late Khadijah. Please open the door." He begged. "And I promise, I will show you something that you have never seen before." He avowed.

"Please, Khadijah."

That's it. My hand automatically turned the lock and the door flew open.

Cold air flowed in but there was also warm air hitting my tear stained face. Also, his large hands grasped the sides of my face and a pair of blue-green eyes met with mine. And this time, they weren't filled with pity, worry or sorrow or rather they were filled with relief and delight. He was still wearing the spectacles. I was told that Shehzad had cried so much during the incident that his vision was greatly affected because of it and he had to wear spectacles from now on. I slowly took them off so I can openly stare into his deep eyes.

"You silly girl, " he murmured as he passed his hand affectionately on my forehead. "Here's the strawberry cupcake that you wanted, all the way from Hattie's Deli. It's still hot." He said while whipping my tears away. That night, I had asked him to bring me some from my favorite deli in the city as an excuse for him to leave too so that I could make my escape.

I looked down. I felt a little ashamed. I have given him a chance and yet its purely out of selfishness while he is showing me affection and care so carelessly.

He went to my closet and bought out my coat and wrapped me around it.

"Come on, do you trust me? If you do, then take this hand." He said, stretching his hand to me. Without hesitation, I took it. He smiled and took me into his arms.

"Oh, Umeed, "

"Don't worry, they understand." He showed me a warm smile. "Where are we going?" I asked him as he carried me out of the inn. He seated me in the back seat and quickly got to the driver's seat.

"Where are we going?" I repeated my question.

"Home." He replied, looking at me in the back mirror. "You have given me a chance. I will spend it wisely because Khadijah, we are going to clear all misunderstanding today. We will demolish every single wall that hinders us from being together. Today, we will resolve everything, together." He stated strongly.

All I could do was wait and see what happens next.

So sorry for the late updates guys

But trust me, the story is closing to the end. so just bear with me a little bit more ok? :D

Thanks for all the love and

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