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   Chapter 14 CHAPTER 13- Prayer


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I was still in my state of shock.

She can't see me?

But why? Was she in an accident that rendered her blind.

A nurse was passing by me so I stopped her. "Excuse me, what has happened to this person?" I asked and i wasn't surprised at how much my voice was shaken.

"I'm sorry but I wouldn't know." She said and looked at a paper pad on the wall. "You will need to consult doctor Ericson for this patient's condition." She informed. I nodded.

She left and I stayed behind. So Shekely wanted me to see his sister. But why? why would he want me to see the very girl who betrayed me so heartlessly. But. . . . Despite that, I can't go from here.

Despite what she did to me, I can't. . . . . no I didn't stop loving her. And now looking at her in this haggard state is just heart wrenching. I was called out of my trance when the called doctor approached me.

"The patient suffers from an unknown form of cancer. We can't diagnose what kind of cancer it is as it's origin of metastasis can't be located. Both of her kidneys have failed and many parts of her brain that control her important senses like her sense of smell, touch and sight have all but disappeared. Slowly all of her body systems are shutting down. She doesn't have much time to live now." He told me.

I found it hard to believe that Cassie was suffering like this.

"For how long has she been suffering from her illness?" I asked, feeling a lump arise in my throat.

"For almost 17 months now." He replied.

Seventeen months? That means she was already suffering from this disease when she met me. She was with me yet she didn't trust me enough to tell me about her illness. So that confirms it--I never really meant anything to her. She was only playing with me from the start.

"So, why did you make me come here." I asked when I saw him coming from the corner of my eye. "Because she wanted to see you." He affirmed.

"Though if it were up to me, I would never let you meet with my precious sister." Shekely said and his voice sounded strained. Of course he would be worried.

"Why? Why didn't you tell me earlier?" I almost shouted but controlled myself. I was feeling so many emotions all at once.





Why was i left behind? Despite what she did to me and despite what

s. My heart ached for her.

I placed my hand tenderly on her head. "Silly girl, " I muttered and kissed the back of her hand. "Did you never know how much love I had for you." I mused.

She tried to look at me with teary eyes.

"Oh Shehzad I'm so sorry. I wish I had recognized your love but I was blinded by my own convictions." She sobbed.

"But I pray that you meet the woman who will love you. I pray that she gives you more love then anyone else. I hope that she shines bright in your life and shows you what this world has to offer." She told.

I smiled.

That night, I prayed to God again.

Oh God, please spare Cassandra's life. She has to live. Please let her live.

I prayed to hard because with it was not only her life that was about to end. Of she were to die, I would die with her. I would never be the same again if she were to leave me. Even when she did, I was clinging on to that hope that perhaps she would come back to me on day and that was enough to keep me going. What was I to know that her life had significantly shortened.

I wanted a miracle to happen more then ever now. If God really existed, then He would allow this miracle to happen. My faith, my life, my love hanged in the balance.

If she were to die, I would never believe in love again. I would never allow myself to love another again. I would never ever pray to God again. Cassandra's prayer would be in vain. There will be no love in me to give to anyone again.

If I am helpless then so be it.




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