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   Chapter 13 CHAPTER 12- Against All Odds


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"It's always nice to have rain in this weather." He commented as he dropped some cubed ice into his glass of scotch. "The pleasures that come with it are overwhelming." He smirked to himself in self indulgence as he took a sip of his drink.

"Though it tends to get out of hand sometimes." He kept babbling on and yet I had no idea what he was talking about, but the fresh hot meal that I was eating made me feel a little bit gratified towards him so I kept listening to his jabbering.

"Though I had expected that you would contact me sooner." He said, eyeing me. "But if you have contacted me after some time shows that you are desperate." He chided. I sighed and continued eating.

When I was done, I got up and walked towards him. Ever since I got here, I got a new change of attire as well as the finest food bought to me and the only thing left was for me to devour the best drink that he was having. I took the glass from his hand and drank the whole thing in one gulp. It was bitter yet sweet. This was the first time I drank something like it. I squeezed my eyes shut as it went down my esophagus and wiped my mouth clean with my sleeve.

"You can say whatever you want to say but I have one condition if I am to do your dirty work." I proceeded and looked at the devil in the eyes. I had already condemned myself to hell then why was my heart beating so fast. I always thought that i could make a difference. I thought that one white sheep among a family of black might make a difference. I didn't want to dirty my hands with the blood of the innocent.

But. . . . .

But. . . . . Who cares now? Who cares now if one person in the world goes bad. It wouldn't make a differences. Would it? so what if I am young; so what if I am only sixteen. It doesn't matter anymore. I have to be a man now.

This guy; Denzel Cress was always an intimidating person. He was tall about six five and his chest well built. He had the same apply green eyes as Cassandra. This man's very presence radiates power and corruption. Thus he was infamously known as the gangster Shekely who ran the syndicate of the Flyboys.

But you know what they say, that the first step takes all the guts that you have and after that everything becomes easy.

"Oh, " he exclaimed and poured himself another glass. "And what might that be?" he inquired. I sighed. "I want to be highly paid for my services. I want everything that gets me passes to all places. I don't want any restrictions on myself. Make me a false identity or anything, do whatever you think will work; it doesn't matter to me. Once I have it, you can have me do whatever you want me to do." I explicated. He breathed in deeply and raised a brow.

"Very well. Consider it done. You will see the results by tomorrow." He said lucidly. "Now then, I think it's time for you to fulfill your end of the bargain." He said and placed his glass on the coffee table.

"Follow me." He ordered and I obeyed.

We drove outside the city until we reached some thick woods. I had

the mission that is assigned to you. You will go there without any weapons and dress up formally." He commanded and handed an envelope to me. I sighed and took it.

I did as I was ordered and headed out by noon.

It was a hospital. Did he want me to kill someone there? Perhaps an old politician? No, I don't think so. How can I without any piece of weaponry? But you can never be too careful. I took my side arm with me just in case.

I headed to the fifth floor. The room number was also specified. It was a VIP room in the ICU. What the hell. Don't tell me that I have to visit his relative or something?

When I found the room, I gave a quiet knock to the door. No one replied. I sighed and this time I knocked a little louder. There wasn't any replied at all. I was getting annoyed so I decided to head in.

As I opened the door, as soon as my eyes landed on the person, it felt as if the ground disappeared beneath my feet and the sky fall on me.

It felt like the current me shattered like glass as I landed my eyes on the only person whom I thought I would never want to see again.


Was it really her? no it cant be. Cassandra was a beauty beyond compare. But this person. . . she looked pale and skinny to the bone. Tubes of different kinds ran into her arms. It looked as if all the meat from her body had vaporized and all that was left was skin and bones. Her beautiful flaming red hair lot its shine and glimmer and lay on her head all dull and lifeless. And her eyes—her apply green eyes were staring into space.

"Who's there?" she asked a weak voice without looking at me. Wait. Cant she see me? Im standing right here. Cassie, look at me.

I wanted to move but my feet wouldn't allow me to.

"Who is it?" she inquired again. Her voice was so weak.

That was enough to break me. I felt my knees tremble. For the first time in months, I felt my heart beat fast and I felt something, I felt. . . . Like crying as my eyes welled up.

Cassie. . . can't you see me?

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