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   Chapter 8 CHAPTER 7- In Time D- Betrayed


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I was shaken to my core after that.

I prayed; I prayed to God, if He was there, to remove the images from my mind that plagued me for a whole week and I wasn't able to concentrate on anything. But sadly, like all my wishes, this prayer too was unanswered and I endured for I don't know how long. Cassie asked me many times why I had gotten so quiet; how could I tell her that it was because of her damn brother that I was in this dilemma.

I kept absolutely quite about it because I knew that she was completely oblivious of her brother's activities; after her parents were killed, her brother raised her and took over his father's syndicate.

I suppose, being lonely, we both found love with each other. And if she ever came to know of her brother's dirty tricks, she would be hurt and I could never hurt her.


Time was passing by and I tried my best to block out the memories that haunted me for I don't know how long until I finally gave up and shut myself away from all human emotions.

After my exams were over and summer break started, I went back to New York; Cassie also left for France; though I wanted to go with her but my grandfather asked me to spend the vacations with him. it was going just like it would every year—my father and grandfather would take me to their offices and would teach me how to do business—funny; that's how I thought. They were so sure that I would succeed my grandfather as Chairman of their vast empire. They never asked me what I wanted.

However, I cannot forget that one fateful night that changed everything for me.

It was a warm midsummer's eve; I was attending a soiree with

s she doing kissing another man. I wasn't thinking straight and I just caught the guy by his collar and started hitting him continuously.

"Shed! Shed stop!" she demanded and tried to release the guy from my grip. But I was just too mad and kept hitting him until she pulled me back.

"Shed!" she slapped me hard across my face. "Stop it just stop it!" she shouted.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

"What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you Cassie? That asshole was forcing himself on you." I pointed at the guy; he still had the gall to get up and look at me in the eye.

"No Shed, he wasn't forcing himself on me; I was kissing him!" she stressed. I was shocked.

"What?" I uttered in disbelief.

"That's right." Her green eyes burned and she looked me straight in the eyes. "I've had enough of you. I just can't deal with you anymore. I've had enough." She claimed and took the guy's arm as he wiped the blood from his nose.

I just couldn't believe it. She ended it? she ended the two years of love that we shared just like that?

She betrayed me?


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