Chapter 42 CHAPTER 43-An attempt.


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I opened my eyes at the sound of my cell phone's alarm. When I looked at the time, I realized that I had only slept for two hours. My head was pounding badly from a headache. My body was stiff and my neck was rigid. I carefully sat upright and stretched my muscles. I could hear my bones popping with each movement. My eyes saw the same dark night sky of New York and the Art-deco. I yawned and rubbed my face to wear off the drossiness.

My body shivered as the blanket fell off of me. it had gotten really cold in the last couple of days especially when October was finally over. I quickly went to the kitchen to fix up my food for the Sehr time. The events that occurred a few hours ago repeated in my mind. I pinched the bridge of my nose. I am in a vexed state of mind right now.

I know now that there isn't any bright future for the both of us as I had perceived. My sixth sense is warning me that there is still a storm to come. I balled my fists and tried to focus on my tea.

No. I will not anything bad happen.

I love my husband. I will win over of his heart. Now that my mind recalls it—Courtney told me that Shehzad had once loved. He had fallen madly in love with a girl when he attending boarding school. It makes my heart ache just thinking about some other woman in his arms beside myself. How was it that Shehzad accepted her and not me? Was she more qualified than me? Was she more devoted to him then me?

It makes my blood boil. I hate this. I cannot stand another woman coming even inches near Shehzad. I realized that the egg in my hand was squished. I sighed and washed my hands.

No, I will not let a mere thought and a memory come between me and my husband. I am feeling so contrite. I need to come clean.

My cell phone rang again so I hurried with my bell pepper omelet and after then I hurried to the bathroom. There were still ten minutes till the Fajr prayer so I brushed my teeth and performed the ablution. Before I headed out to the living room to seal my fast and pray, I lightly brushed my lips against Shehzad's semi soft ones.

I will find out about the woman who was able to steal your affections, Shehzad.


I stepped into the green house with my watering can. It has been two days since I came here. I took a camellia between my fingers and smelled it sweet scent. It had grown healthy and to the fullest so I carefully plucked it and cut off its leaves from the stem. I had prepared Shehzad an elegant pale grey suit. I carefully placed the flower in the button hole of the lapel. I also kissed it carefully and then got ready for school.

I was so weary but I couldn't miss another day of school. I have been falling behind and I haven't even done any revisions. Tests are going to start before the winter vacations and I think that I have been been slacking behind too much. I need to start studying from tonight. The last thing I want is for Blacksmith to out run me.

Shehzad was still asleep. He looked so relaxed and calm so I didn't feel like waking him up although it was getting late for him to get up. I flung my bag on my shoulder and went to the kitchen. I checked that his breakfast was ready and everything was in order. I breathed with satisfaction.

But something came to my mind; I remember the bruises on Shehzad's knuckles. I ran to the study and quickly opened the drawer of the desk and rummaged through it. It was gone. The gun was gone. So he really has been in fights; and they haven't been normal fights. He has been hustling and he won't tell me about it. Did he kill someone?

No. maybe he just took the gun to his office or was just using the gun for self defense. I think that after school, I also need to have a word with James his body guard.


I lightly yawned as I came out of the car and headed inside the building. Today was indeed tiring. But I am more worried about the new debacle that my married life will throw at me again tonight. It's just like this—one time we are happy and the other time, we are fighting, confused and quarrelling. When will this state of affairs end?

I stepped into the elevator as it opened.

"Wait!" I heard Courtney yell as she slid her arm through the closing steel doors. "Courtney." I shrieked. I quickly pressed the button for open door and let her in. she was in a state of dishevel as she panted while using her knees for support.

"Oh thank God, I made it in time. Do you mind if I prees the button for my floor, doll?" she asked, smiling warmly at me. I seemed to have forgotten my problems and I also smiled and nodded in the affirmative.

"I'm so sorry for this Kay, but when I was halfway I remember that I had left the roast in the oven so I rushed as fast as I could. I only hope that I'm not too late to save it." She said as she bite on her thumb nail in nervousness.

"I'm sure you'll make i

im confidently, waiting for his reply. I felt good that I had finally spoken my mind to him.

"I remember your challenge." He grunted. . . . I absolutely refuse to give myself to you until I come to love you and you love me back.

I remembered my words from our honeymoon night.

"You can't possibly be stuck with that? Give it up." I exclaimed wryly. He scoffed.

"I can't do that. It will go against every fiber of my being."

"That is not fair!" I shouted and stormed to the living room. I cannot believe the nerve of him. I want tyo scream so badly.

"What do you mean?" he came in after me and took my arms in his bid hands.

"You know exactly what I mean Shehzad. I want love in my life." I declared bluntly whilst staring into his blue green eyes which seemed to be shadowed now.

He sighed and released me.

"It's useless to fall in love with me Khadijah." He said under his breath. I frowned. "What do you mean?" I asked, a lump rising in my throat. He crossed his hands on his waist and mused.

"I mean, we can still live a good life without love. Even if you come to love me, it will always be one-sided. I can never love anyone. I can care about you but that's it. I don't have the time of luxury to love anyone. I can give you anything you want except for my heart. I can't let anyone in it." He expressed drly and coldly.

"Are you scared?" I snapped. I was very upset now but I will not show him my weakness. He gawked at me angrily.

"Are you scared of having your heart ripped out again? Is that it?" I rebuked further, which seemed to be infuriating him more and more. He again gripped my arms and stared deep into my eyes.

"What the fuck are you referring to?" he gritted his teeth and his stare intensified. I felt frightened. But something caught my eye. It was a red glowing dot on his forehead.

"Look out!" I shouted and pushed him to the floor with me. I landed on the floor on his chest. There was a sound that sliced through the air and shot at the black leather couch which released a few shards of leather in the air.

"Oh shit!" Shehzad exclaim. "Get behind the couch!" he ordered and pushed me behind it.

There were a few more shots.

He cradled my head securely in on chest. After a few poignant moments, he looked back. I also glanced to find that there were three tiny clear cut holes in the glass of the mirror.

"What happened?" I asked in a shaky voice.

"I don't know." He said and quickly took me to the bedroom. He switched off the lights and curtains. My breathing wouldn't slow down. He sat beside me on the bed and took out his cell phone.

"Larry, it happened again and this time in my Goddamned house." He hissed in a low tone through his teeth as he spoke on the phone. I was trembling badly but he placed his arm around me and closed me to his chest. He exchanged a few words which I was too frightened to hear and then ended the call.

"What just happened?" I asked. My senses were numbed with fear.

"An assassination attempt." He mumbled. I felt myself grow cold and fearsome.

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