Chapter 37 CHAPTER 38- Complications.


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My days are getting busy and fun but thankfully, I am alive and well till now. The arrangements and preparations for Sonia's wedding were done and I have to say that I felt proud of myself.

I had also discussed about the impermissible contract that my school had signed on without my permission. I was quite stunned to know that the school had only given my name. It was Mr. Jacobs who selected me. Oh well, I suppose that my hobby was coming out to the stage and plus, I shall be making a handsome salary out of it as well.

Friday approached really fast. The month of Ramadan was supposedly starting from tomorrow onwards if the moon is spotted in time tonight. And so was thanksgiving that would give me three days off from school.

I arrived home really early so that I can visit the Islamic centre. It has been some time now since I visited that nice imam—I can't even remember what is name was.

I dressed myself humbly is my linen kurta since it was getting cold. I hope that Shehzad arrives early as well.

That reminds me. . . and it made me laugh to myself.

I don't even know the cell phone number of my own husband. It seems that my vow of never disturbing Shehzad during his work really got to me.

"Madam." Charlotte called from behind the bedroom door. "Come in Charlotte." I said loudly. Her frail and old frame came in and she immediately fell to my feet and started weeping.

"Charlotte, charlotte what happened?" I asked in worry, my heartbeat speeding with anxiousness.

"Oh madam, it's my son. He got into an accident." She sobbed.

"Oh my God, is he alright?" I asked in dread. She shook her head. "I just got a call from Jacksonville that he was hit by a car and he has been taken to the hospital."

"Then you should go to him Charlotte." I said. She shook her head again. "Madam how can I go without any money. My I haven't received my paycheck yet and I can't ask for an advance. Oh madam, please help me." she choked on her tears. I quickly ran to my closet and took out all the money from my purse.

"Here, " I braced the money in her palm. "Please go, your son needs you. Please go to him and don't worry, you can take your time. I will inform your agency about you and your problem. So go and don't worry. I'll pray for your son's health. God willingly, he will be just fine." I assured. She looked at me, stunned.

"Oh madam thank you." She quickly embraced me. "Thank you so much. I wish that there were more people like you in this world. God bless, madam, God bless." She said and quickly ran to the exit. I smiled and sighed with relief whelming over me.

Yes, may Allah bless me and my family indeed.

I glanced at my watch and noticed that I was late. I quickly donned my sandals and went flying to the door only to bump into Shehzad.

"Whoa, Hold your horses sport." He exclaimed humorously. I beamed at him.

"Thank God, you're here just in time. I was heading out. You want to come along with me." I said. He arched a skeptical eyebrow and advanced inside.

"Oh and before I forget, please give me your cell number." I said, taking out my phone.

He chuckled. "Sure." I'm surprised that he didn't retort back at me.

"By the way, I was thinking that we should go to the mosque together. Inshaa'Allah there is going to be some celebration after the moon has been sighted. We can be there together and listen to the Khutbah and join in the celebrations. There will be a lot of food and people will. . ."

"I don't have time for such nonsense." He snapped. I was left bewildered.


"Yes." He snapped further and loosened his tie. "But. . . "

"Listen, I appreciate the concern, but I don't have time." He said. I came to him and gently touched his arm."Its okay, people don't need to know that we are a couple if that is what you are worried about. Besides, you have been so busy lately; a little spiritual mind rest will prove good for you. Especially when it is among your own people." I smiled. He frowned deeply at me and jerked my hand away.

"Listen, let's just cut the bullshit Okay and let me make something very clear to you. I am not from among people like you neither am a hypocrit

r word.


Thanksgiving weakened came and a lot of my homework was piled up that I had to clear in the next three days.

We didn't speak to each other for the whole of three days. This time I wasn't being the polite one. He wounded my pride more than he ever had and offended me so much that there is just no way that I will forgive easily until he realizes that he was mean to me, I was going to be stubborn and not talk or communicate with him at all.

My third fast was completed today. I prepared my iftar and ate in lonesome silence. Shehzad was sitting in the living room, reading newspaper and watching the CNN. After I was done eating my Fruit Chaat, I took my books to the living room. I expected him to leave but he didn't. We sat there avoiding each other.

I concentrated more on physics in my lap. Who would understand these electric and magnetic forces of a moving charge? These are just impossible for me to comprehend. I sighed and started reading the question out loud.

"The magnetic force." Shehzad spoke from behind me. I rolled my eyes at him. I just felt the need to be seriously sarcastic around him nowadays.

"Forces. . .i suppose that you believe in such forces huh?" I retorted. He didn't answer that only annoyed me more.

"You believe in these forces just because of a few scientific discoveries. I bet that you just believe in them with your eyes closed."

"Will you just shut UP!" he snapped. I swallowed but I didn't let that get to me.

"Sometimes I wonder if you even believe in God or not." I muttered, more to myself. I heard him rustle the newspaper violently and it landed on the coffee table with a thud. His heavy steps retreated to his private quarters.

I sighed deeply. What have I gotten myself into?

I got to my feet and ran to the door of his room.

"Shehzad, open up!" I demanded firmly. There wasn't any answer coming.


He didn't respond. "Shehzad!" I shouted.

I heard him approach fast and unlock the door with full force. "What the fuck is your problem?!" he bellowed. I was scared but I held my ground.

"You! You are my problem. Why are you so annoyed with me?" I asked in a high pitched voice.

"Don't you raise your voice in my house!" he shouted so fiercely that I recoiled back in fear. He scowled and was about to turn back again but I caught his arm.

"I'm not letting you go until you tell me your issue!" I demanded. I almost ripped his shirt off from the shoulder.

"Let go!" he shouted and raised his hand at me. I quickly released him and shut my eyes. I expected him to hit me and prepared my body for it, but he didn't. The air of the closed door hit my face instead and I opened my eyes to find the hard dark wood of the door at my face.

This is getting complicated.


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