Chapter 23 CHAPTER 24- Trust Is The Key.


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"To Whom does this handkerchief belong to? It most certainly doesn't belong to any Pakistani that I should assume that you got it from there." He asked sternly.


"Where I got it from? That's simple, it was stashed in your belongings very keenly and carefully." He said even firmly. I gulped.

"Let me explain, Shehzad..., "

"Khair, you don't need to explain anything and I won't ask you anything because you have your secrets and I have mine. We better keep it that way.

I wanted to speak but he raised his hand to stop me.

"I think that this much conversation was enough for tonight." He said dejectedly. He placed the handkerchief on the table and began to retreat to the living room.

I grasped the handkerchief in my hand.

"You're right. It doesn't belong to anyone whom I know in Pakistan." I said out loud. He stopped in his tracks.

I will tell him the truth. After all, I didn't do anything wrong.

"It belongs to a man that I don't even know. I met him a few days ago in central park when I ran away in fear and fright when we had our fight about the dress. He offered me a few words of advice and kindness. He also offered me some money. He helped me. That's all I know. I don't even know what the initials these initials mean." I confessed everything that I knew.

I know that he is a jealous type of personality. He doesn't like it when men approach me or say anything to me. He was well aware of my whereabouts ever since I got here. But even so, he still didn't learn to have a little bit of faith in me.

He turned around and I could see a few signs of relief on his visage. I breathed deeply.

"I'm your ally Shehzad. I had many reasons and opportunities to leave you but I didn't. And it's because I want to stay by your side." I murmured in a soft alluring voice.

"Please." I begged even further. He wasn't even budging.

"Do you want to know that badly?" he queried in a cold low voice—his expression inert from any emotions. All I could see was an arrogant business tycoon standing in front of me, ready to make negotiations.

"Yes." I whispered and gulped.

"Even though if you knew, you will come to hate me. Are you prepared to face the consequences?" he jeered in a hollow voice, his eyes piercing and gawking at me. It was unnerving and frightening.

I pursed my lips. His eyes were like a drug to me—so powerful and captivating.

The butterflies in my stomach were fluttering. A chill ran down my spine and the color drained from my face. I had never seen this side of Shehzad ever before.

But I gathered my wits and nodded in the affirmative.

He sighed in defeat.

"I don't want to get you involved in this." He said dejectedly.

"I'm already involved and here's a fruit for thought. I'm always ready to die. I'm eager for it and I'm not scared so...even if what you're about to tell me is so confidential that if it got out, then so what? You can consider me a supportive ally. "I assured, touching his check. He closed his eyes and gently removed my hand from his face. Taking a few steps back, he looked at me with a very strange expression.

His eyes looked far and distant. It made me sad because he showed a partially sad expression that reached his eyes.

Abruptly, he gripped my forearms and gazed deep into my eyes. "Fine then. If you have to know them I'm telling you. My agenda is to seize the Atish Group of Companies. And I will do anything to get it." He declared with a sense of power lust.

"My ambition started with my hatred for all the Atish family members. You must've been told that my father died but in actuality, he was killed. The Atish family did not show me, an orphan, any amnesty. And that sowed the seed of many grudges in my heart. They didn't treat me right because I was the son of a Jew and from a broken family. They planned on taking away my inheritance but I didn't

" he coaxed, lowering me to his face.

"You're very complicated and sophisticated. But I like that part of you too. You're a total mystery wrapped in an enigma." I implied.

"Okay. I guess that it's fine then." He chuckled and set me on my feet. But I saw an amazing scene. He gave a wide, bright and spectacular smile that flabbergasted me. He looked so charming with a smiling face. So much like his own age—young and twenty, having fun. We were finally on the same page now.'s been so long since the last time I saw him smile.....

I recalled the Chairman's words that he told me when we had a meeting in his rose garden.

I smiled too.

My heart raced. I felt a strange feeling at the core of my heart that it almost hurt. It's overwhelming.

I feel so light and ...accomplished. As if the whole world is in my hands. This is completely strange. I'm getting over excited over nothing. I should go to the hospital again for a check up.

Shehzad went to bed but I was feeling extremely awkward. I pushed myself to the edge of the king size bed and tried to keep a distance between us. I was afraid to go near Shehzad for some reason.

I worked so hard to get close to him but abruptly, my heart felt like bursting if he came any closer to me or even touched me and for some odd reason, I was feeling happy. I wanted him to touch me. I liked this feeling although I couldn't comprehend what it was about.

My hormones were kicking in. maybe this was all just a hormonal gimmick. But the strange thing was, I have been feeling this way since yesterday. And although I discovered Shehzad's dark secret, something that should have repulsed me, had caused me to be brave and supportive.

I could have burst with fury when Shehzad told me and admitted to having used me as bait but at that instant, I had a change of heart and decided to forgive him. This is very unlike me because I can't stand manipulating people. I hate people who use others for their own personal benefits.

But...I couldn't bring myself to hate the man who could have been the culprit behind my death but I couldn't be angry at him at all.

What is this feeling suppressing me?

I see it as a white shade—a gleaming warm shade of white—of mystery and suspense and surprise.

I like this shade of white.


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