Chapter 22 CHAPTER 23-Secrets.


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My whole shopping Saturday was ruined thanks to that good for nothing bomb blast.

And my Sunday morning swept me off my feet and as I was discharged from the hospital only to be captured by the questioning media in the hall way who just pounced at me as if I was their legitimate prey.

But thankfully, the chairman saved me and escorted me back to my apartment. I was met with all the in-laws who were seemingly very worried for me. even my school gang was there to see to my recovery.

Though I appreciated their center of attention, but I had my own plans for the day.

The Chairman appointed Arnold, one of his own personal bodyguards as my own. And he didn't approve of my going anywhere without Arnold.

Sure, by looking at him –in his suit and shades and his big buff form, anybody could tell that he is a bodyguard but the embarrassing thing about it was that I wasn't that much of an important person who would need a bodyguard. And having an unfamiliar 'Man' protect you at all times was bad enough and totally inappropriate, it was if my faith on Allah was being tested. If my time of death is decided and awaits me then not even a hundred bodyguards could save me.

.......When you have your calling, you have to go......

Sometimes, Abu would say that wherever he read Surat Al-Rehman from the Qur'an.

Yes were right. And I was so close to death that it could have been peaceful.

But I still have unsettled business in this Duniya.

I wanted to argue with the Chairman but if it gave him ease to see me in safety then there was no harm in it.

However, I had more important things to deal with. I wanted to finish the incomplete discussion with Shehzad. I needed to convince him that I was someone he could trust.

I had forgotten that he had a border line personality that caused him to distrust in people especially in women.

.....he finds it difficult to trust women.....

I recalled Courtney's words.

I knew that instinctively since the day I met him that he was a man who had a personal agenda. After all, all men have their own ulterior motives.

After all, it's just what the detective had said. Shehzad might have many enemies. His life might be in danger.

I was done with all the preparations by the time I heard the sound of the elevator approach the floor.

My heart was pounding and so were my cheeks.

This is it....I am going to confront him.

I raced towards the door and burst it open with a wholehearted smile.

"Welcome back!" I greeted cheerfully.

He blinked at me twice in surprise.

"What's with the outfit?" he pointed. I was wearing a soft pink dress with chiffon frills and a little bit of silver artwork. On my hands and net was my mother's solid gold jewelry set. My hair was set in thick curls which I had dyed burgundy today.

"What? Is it too much? Do I look strange?" I asked in uneasiness—feeling rather awkward.

He gave me a silent sigh and leaned forward to look at my face.

"The scars are gone? What did you do?" he inquired in astonishment.

Wow....I never thought that the stoic Shehzad Atish could be astonished.

It was pretty awkward a question. "Well there isn't anything that a little makeup can't fix." I said with a winked.

"How do I look?" I asked in anticipation. I only wanted him to look at me. His eyes should only look at me. I didn't lack any personal vanity. I was confident in my own appearance.

He shrugged. "Fine I guess." He said so casually under his breath.

My face fell.

Seriously, what does a girl need to do to get some attention around here? And what was I thinking? Shehzad isn't the commending type. He has never even said a single word of kindness or affection ever before.

"Are you going somewhere?" he impassively enquired, handing me his coat and his laptop bag.

"Not at all. I got ready for you."

He turned around and looked at me. There was

brows as a motion for me to start.

"Er, what I wanted to say..., " I stammered, flustering red.

"What is it?" he prompted. He was in his businessman mode now.

"Shehzad, let me inside your head." I demanded courageously.

It took him off guard.

"What?" he stopped his dance movements and came to a halt.

I gazed deep into his crystal eyes. There was apprehension there as well as uneasiness.

"I want you to trust me. I want you to disclose everything to me. as you can see, I have no one besides you, so I can never have any ulterior motives, so please...share your thoughts with me, please." I beseeched, very honestly and bluntly.

He only stared at me with hard cold eyes like a glacier.

"I can see what the flowers mean now." He grasped icily and was about to release me but I firmed my grip on his hand and shoulder.

"I'm not letting you go until you answer my question. You owe me that much." I coaxed, looking even further into his eyes which grew more terrifying and calculating with each passing second.

He jolted himself free from my hold and turned his back to me—rigid and tall.

"You still don't trust me. But you're forgetting that the major thing we need in matrimony is trust. On our contract, there were many vows upon which we agreed. I don't want to be your wife in just pare and name. I want to be someone whom you can rely on."

Saying that, I moved to the table and picked up a rose and zinnia.

"The pink rose signifies trust and the zinnia signifies loyalty and endurance, which I hold for you and all I want from you is the same." I implored, getting teary eyed all of a sudden.

"I won't leave you. Like you said, I'm tied to you. So for my own peace of mind, I want you to..., " I trailed off, feeling like whatever I was saying was in vain.

He turned around slowly to face me with a frown but suspense clouded over him. He was waiting for me to finish.

"What is your agenda? What are you after?" I asked in a very rigid tone of voice—standing and confronting him confidently.

"Why do you think that I have an agenda?"

"Because..., "

"You dare accuse me of keeping secrets and having an agenda, while you yourself are keeping things from Me!" he declared on a high pitched voice.

I shrank in fear. What was he talking about?

"Who is JTB?" he asked as he took something out of his pocket and waved it to me.

It was the handkerchief.

I gasped in terror.








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