Chapter 21 CHAPTER 22-Getting To Know him.


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"Tell me everything. Start from the top." I said optimistically.

"I was born here in New York City. My father was the second son while my mother was the eldest. She was the daughter of a famous steels tycoon. My parents' marriage was also arranged by the Chairman and my step grandmother. But their marriage ended in failure due to religious factors. My mother was a secular Jew while my father was a less devoted Muslim, but nonetheless, it was primarily prejudice that bridged the gap between my parents. I didn't have a good childhood because of their constant fights. The Chairman intervened and he had me sent away to attend boarding in New Hampshire.

"But by the time I decided to come back, the situation had gotten worse. The corporation was in strict check and dealings weren't good so my father was always busy due to which he couldn't give enough time to his household. My mother couldn't stand that. Being a typical Lady wasn't her thing and she had this crazy wanderlust. She was adventurous so she finally found her new adventure in finding herself a lover in her solitude. Soon she ran away with him, leaving me behind. I was only eight years at that time." He told. His tone sounded monotone but I could notice the grief and anger in his words.

"When my father found out, he quickly divorced her and because they had signed the prenuptial agreement, even then my father never let her visit me for which I am very grateful to him."

"Why? She was your mother."

"So what? If my mother cared then she would've visited me by now. But she never made the effort."

I raised my head from his chest to eye him skeptically.

"Your mother is still alive?" I raised a brow at him.

He shrugged nonchalantly. "Yes but I have no interest in finding out anything about her either."

But how can he say stuff like that about his mother? Doesn't he have any respect for her?

"I returned back to New Hampshire and I got myself busy so that I couldn't think about anything related to home. I would visit my father once every year for the next five years until I was finally admitted in ST. Agatha's. But that didn't help to lift the rift between us. I despised my father but still I respected him. He was my role model as a man of substance but he never had the time of day for me. I grew up in complete isolation." That came out as sad and lonely words.

"So...did you ever fall in love?" I asked. His chest went rigid. I got upright and saw his eyes towards the ceiling.

"Well?" I urged.

"Hey...if you're going to be honest, like you have been for the last couple of minutes, then mind as well spill everything, hmm?" I gave him a small confident smile.

I sighed deeply. "Yes I did...once."


"Yes but she betrayed me. I was sixteen at that time. I was very serious about her but she wanted more so she left." He confessed. He sounded so lonely and distant. I could see the heartbreak in his eyes.

"But then I turned it all off, " he said composedly. "I really enjoyed being single until my father died two years ago and simple was over. I was alone always and even after his death, it just doubled."

"He betrayed you." I mumbled, completing his sentence."

He pursed his lips.

"Is that why you don't trust people?" I asked and looked into his

yourself. At first, you didn't react the way that I expected. Actually your behavior only surprised me. And then the times when you actually started to act like a good housewife, I was actually glad. I hadn't had a home cooked meal in a long time and when you made me eat all of your hand made foods, I was actually delighted." He stroked my arm with certain gentleness.

"But I still didn't give in to you. And the time finally came when you decided to leave me. I was relieved but then you told me that you were an orphan. I was completely taken by surprise.

"I couldn't believe that the two of us who were complete strangers to one another, were loners. Orphans."

"When why did you decide to leave me the other day and give up on everything?"

"That was just on a whim. It was rash. But the way you knocked some sense into me on that day and gave me the innovation and motivation that I needed to trust people again."

"So do you trust me?"

He was silent.

"Well?" I urged.

"Only time will reveal that." He muttered.

"Not yet...huh?'

"I trust you enough to tell you what I just told you."

"Well then, do tell me about today. What had happened? The police said that the car was wired." I felt the need to ask him directly, even though I had probably figured out most of the clues.

Just as he was about to answer, his cell phone began to ring. He attended the call and tried to get out of bed, but I held fast to his waist to try and stop him from leaving.

"I have to leave." He said after attending the call and gently removed my arms from his waist.

"But I don't want to be alone." I whined, still clinging onto to him.

"Don't worry. I'll be back t pick you up in the morning. So in the mean time, rest here peacefully otherwise if I take you home now, you'll probably get busy in your housework and chores." He told, gently caressing my temple.

Hesitantly, I shook my head in approval.

"Okay. But come quickly." I commanded sternly. He smiled a long enthusiastic smile which touched his light eyes and gave a complementary comfort.

After he left, I laid down and tried to get some sleep. I just hope that it will be a dreamless slumber.




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