Chapter 11 CHAPTER 12- Stakes At Vulnerability.


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My eyes flung open. I glanced at the clock and then at the other side of the bed. It was vacant. It was two in the morning, for God's sake and Shehzad hadn't come to bed—he must be in the study. I tried to get up, though I was weary with drowsiness. I shrugged into my robe and bedroom slippers and staggered towards the door. The corridor lights were still on. When I got to the study room's foyer, I heard Shehzad's voice. He was busy talking to someone. I lightly knocked on the door.

"I'm coming in." I affirmed and opened the door. He was casually sitting on the desk chair and talking on the phone.

"What do you want?" he asked when I came near.

"It's late and you're still working?"

"I was handling an important business transaction." He exclaimed. His voice was hoarse.

"Please don't strain yourself. I can see the dark circles around your eyes. Please come to bed all ready." I coaxed, leaning on the desk toward him. His face was slightly red.

"Humph." He breathed and obediently stood on his feet. When he came near me, he wobbled and almost fell on me.

"What's wrong?" I asked, helping him steady on his feet.

He moaned. "Damn, I think I'm coming down with something and it's your entire fault." He huffed and showed me a displeased frown. I touched his forehead. It was blazing hot.

"Oh my God, you have high fever." I gasped. His breathing was fast as well.

"Just bring me some pill and I'll be fine."

"Like hell you'll be! You need to rest." I said in a high voice.

"Come on, I'm taking you to bed. I'll call Suzan in the morning and tell her that you won't be coming for work today." I spoke impulsively. He scowled at me.

"You'll do nothing of the sort. I'm a very busy man." He exclaimed, pushing me away. But I grabbed his arm.

"I don't care. If you're sick then please let me look after you."

"I don't need help." He claimed tenaciously.

"Yes you do and don't you dare ignore me." I spoke firmly.

"Let go of me woman!" he shouted angrily and snatched his arm away. When he went through the door, he slumped on the wall and began to pant heavily.

I crossed me arms across my chest and watched him struggle to get to his feet. He was such a masochist. "Give up. Let me help you." I sighed and quietly helped him to his feet.

Putting his arm around my shoulders, we walked slowly to the bedroom where he collapsed on the bed and was sound asleep. I swiftly wrapped his body under the quilt and sat beside him.

His face looks so innocent and gullible when he sleeps. But when he's conscious, he always does those things that make me feel uncomfortable. I wonder; when will I get to know him—the real him. His face was peaceful with deep sleep and all the angry lines were gone.

Pity shook me.

His face had gotten a little skinny since the last time I saw it closely. His jaw line and cheek bones looked more prominent. I could tell that he got sick due to lack of rest. I believe that I can take care of him without consulting any doctor. All I needed were the right medicines. When I checked in the kitchen and bathroom, all I could find was aspirin and Tylenol.

Damn--He's so reckless. He doesn't care about his health at all.

Ya Allah, please help me.

That man is just hopeless.

I will have to go and buy the medicines myself; if I'm lucky enough to find any pharmacy open at this hour. I took Shehzad's valet and his car key. I noticed that it had a Ferrari emblem on it. It was cold outside so I had to take a shawl with me.

Wow—so he owns a Ferrari. I can't wait to see it. Wait a second......why am I getting so excited all of a sudden? Of course he has a Ferrari; he's a billionaire after all.

I cannot possibly call Hubert to drive me at this hour.

The receptionist was very surprised to see me so early in the morning. I asked him if he knew any pharmacy that would be open at this hour. He didn't have a clue so I quickly ran to the underground parking lot. When I pressed the unlock button on the key, I saw yellow lights coming from the vehicle parked in the second row.

It was a jet black Ferrari with beige color interior. It was awe-inspiring, Subhan Allah.

I remember seeing one of these in the posh districts of the defense in Karachi, but this one was probably the latest model.

I snapped back to reality and hopped inside. I had never driven a sports car before so I had to be very careful. After all it wasn't my Amanat –my property.

I had to look through midtown Manhattan and Times Square but everywhere, the stores were closed. When I crossed the Manhattan Bridge, I spotted a convenient store. Thankfully they had a small pharmacy section so getting a few meds for fever was more than enough.

The car worked so smoothly. I really enjoyed the ride back home—or maybe it was because I was feeling relieved about accomplishing my task. I had become so worried when I couldn't find a pharmacy.

I only

e must've really liked the kichari. Who would'nt?

"You went to a pharmacy to purchase these?" he asked—his face seemed confounded, all traces of a scowl or a glower were gone. He was actually being himself with me. His guard was down.

"Yeah. It took me a while but I finally managed to find a pharmacy so late at night." I said calmly. "I had to borrow your Ferrari so I hope that you don't mind." I said innocently. He blinked twice. His facial expression was calm.

"You can have it. It's yours now." He said casually.

"What?" I said in bafflement.

"You can have it. Think of it has a reward."

"For what?"

"For attending to me, of course." He claimed, sipping the herbal tea that I gave him.

I looked down. I was feeling queasy. I never expect any rewards from helping anyone. That is what Abu taught me. This is what my religion has taught me. I only expect an award from Allah.

"I don't want any rewards." I murmured.

"Then consider it a gift, " he posed. A small smile was displayed on his lips. "Besides, I already have many of my own, so I don't mind giving one away."

"I don't accept any charity." I snapped—feeling offended. It really irritated me that he saw me as a woman with such low standards. I needed to show him that my services are for free.

"Take it back. If you want to give me a car then I'll accept one that is new and not old and used. If not, then it's alright, I don't need anything." I declared fearlessly, though it sounded rather haughty.

He chuckled softly, his face looked amused. "Alright, okay. But for now, make do with this." He tossed the car key in my lap. I made a displeased face. I would be happier if he would share his thoughts and feelings with me rather than giving me material things.

"Do you always reward people who are useful to you?"

"Yes...., I reward those employees who show me results of their usefulness."

"Well, I'm not your employee now am I?" I arched an eye brow at him sarcastically.

I stared at the car key in my hand. This was the first gift that I was receiving from him—but I don't know why it was unacceptable for me.

Even though he was giving me the latest Ferrari FF, I still preferred chauffer driven cars due to my lack of orientation and sense of address in this foreign land.

He went back to sleep after finishing his food when I served him a second serving and taking his medicines. It was past 6:00 a.m. I left a message on the message machine for Suzan to inform her about Shehzad's current state. The drugs would keep him asleep until noon.

I also slumped into bed. Shehzad had dozed off instantly. I rubbed the back of my hand on his cheek. It felt rough due to the stubble that had grown, but today, I was feeling very light hearted. The bed was extra warm because of his fever.

I was feeling glad that my days where finally starting to bear the fruit of my struggles.

I was seeing a bright future ahead.


Is it really a bright future?

Is their relationship finally stable or is it just a timely gain on Khadijah's part or is she delluding herself?

Well, comment your thoughts and let me know what you think peeps (^.^)

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Stay tuned to find out more :)

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