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   Chapter 40 CHAPTER 37- Silently Departed

THE DARKER SHADES OF WHITE- A love Story By NSH_SHAHEEN Characters: 12079

Updated: 2018-05-15 11:14

I couldn't tell how time flowed from that moment onwards as the whole world took us in a frenzy and a thrill. I can't recall a single time that I had to stay at home and spend some time with myself or Shehzad.

Ever since my debutante ball, the phones haven't stopped ringing; I have been in a continuous swing of the society; with various alls, functions, talk shows and interviews going on, I completely lost track of time. But as far as my time with Shehzad and my wonderful marital life is concerned, winter turned into spring as two months passed by.

Every day and every night was like magic; in his warm embrace and soft encirclement around me that would wrap me in passion and zeal was no short of something miraculously incredible.

Everything just fell into place from that moment onwards. Larry and Courtney were well and her pregnancy was progressing very peacefully.

Constance and Sophia were alright and there wasn't a day that I didn't go to see my precious little sister-in-law. After my New York City debut as the wife of the Jackal of the NYC, I was always in public eye and that's how I got to meet with Caroline, Shehzad's cousin with whom he had once decided to marry; she was surprisingly pleasant and sweet—she held no grudge against me and actually invited me twice for dinner which I had to attend alone because Shehzad refused to meet with her. I think that he was ashamed that's why but I couldn't tell.

Yusha had left for the Muslim world—at first he visited Makkah to perform the Umera and after that he visited the city of Madinah; its been some days since I last heard from him via e-mail. He had told me that when he told his family about his reversion to Islam, his mother was, just as he had expected, very hostile towards him due to his decision. Only Jacob and his father supported him while the rest of his family practically boycotted him and disowned him—he told me that this news caused a rift to be formed between him and his family. His father decided to live separately from his wife until she had decided to accepted Yusha back into the family. He was very upset but also relieved to have his father come away from his mother because of the influences that she had on him. Jacob had decided to stay in New York City and work as a maestro in the New York Opera house.

As for Shehzad, he's been as busy as a bee, delved into his work but still. . . . our lives have just started together so I'm not complaining because I have finally found the happiness that I thought I would never get, Alhamdulillah.


I passed my hands over my face as I finished my prayed and completed my cycle of supplications. Now that my last prayer of the day was over, I could just dive into my comfortable bed and fall asleep for as long as I like. The week was stressful as my schedule was constantly filled up with social events but thankfully, Shehzad's PA cleared it up for me for the weekend so that I may rest. I was particularly tired nowadays and not to mention sometimes nauseous but thankfully I didn't gag even once and dizzy; the fatigue was getting to me; maybe my stomach was upset or something because I had to attend a party a few days ago which was held by the Pakistani Women's convention and I might've had some bad meat. I had been wanting to see a doctor for consultation but I was just so busy that I couldn't. Maybe I should ask Shehzad to take me later this weekend.

I folded the prayer mat and released my hair from the dupatta. When I got to bed, my cell phone began to ring. I groaned and attended the call.

It was Constance.

"Hello, Cons

would've jumped up and down with excitement.

When I told her all about the trip, I noticed her staring at me.

"I also have something for you, " she said and took off her charm bracelet from her wrist and tied it around my wrist. I looked at it in disbelief because she had never taken that bracelet off; it was her most prized possession and now, she had given it to me.

"I want you to have this." She said. I smiled and held it to my chest; under normal circumstances, I wouldn't have accepted something so important as this from someone due to less confidence in myself for protecting it but since she was giving it me with so much zest, I just had to accept it and take good care of it.

"Thank you. I'll take good care of it. It will always remind me of you." I said. She smiled meekly. I felt a pang hit the pit of my stomach.

"Excuse me, " I mumbled and made a run for the bathroom and vomited in the water closet. Now that I recall, I had wanted to visit the doctor but I completely forgot and whatever disease I have now is progressing. I should definitely go tomorrow. I had forgotten because I didn't wanted to be away from Sophia for even a little while. When I came to the room, Constance and Shehzad were also there. I excused myself because I didn't want them to be concerned about my trivial sickness. Sophia was all that mattered now.


I groaned and slowly sat up. I couldn't sleep because my stomach was so upset. I had sudden urges to drink some milk which I had never had before because I disliked raw milk. I slowly got off the bed and went to the bathroom. After vomiting for like the third time in one day, I quietly went outside the room to go to the kitchen. When I had gotten my milk, I decided to see Sophia. Everyone was fast asleep so I carefully made my way to the ground floor of the house. When I reached her room, i saw her lying peacefully. I smiled. The nurse was by her side fast asleep.

I went inside but. . . . she was pale and white. Her chest wasn't moving. The glass of milk fell from my hands as I gasped when my eyes saw the flat line on the monitor.

Chills ran down my spine as I checked her pulse; she was cold and there was no pulse.

"No, " I whispered, my mouth hanging open.

"No! Sophia!"

How quickly did this angelic girl silently departed from us.

Oh Allah, You took her from us so soon.


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