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   Chapter 9 CHAPTER 9- The Date

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"Ah, " I sighed and stepped into my apartment. Thankfully everything was settled and the preparations for the charity were done. I placed my satchel on the couch and fell on it; my head in my hands. I wasn't tired as I had been for the past week and today is Friday so I should get ready for my usual Friday prayers and worship. I took a nice warm bath and then commenced with my Friday rituals. After three hours, I was done so I thought to make myself something to eat—rice for example Pulao is a great treat on Fridays for me.

I was taking off my head cover and folding my prayer mat when I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the full-length mirror. I walked towards it and noticed huge bags under my eyes and my lips and skin so dry and pale—my eyes were clearly saying that I was unhappy and I cannot deny it; I am lonely and sad and so unhappy. I miss the happy times and the glint of bliss in my eyes. I dug out my cell phone from my drawer and switched it on. I haven't spoken with Shehzad for the past three days ever since he barged in on me. My phone notifications had nineteen missed calls and twenty five messages from Shehzad.

"Khadijah where are you? Pick up the goddamn phone."

"Are you alright? Look I know that you don't want to talk to me but at least tell me that you're okay."

"Khadijah if you do not pick up the phone that I am coming over."

The former messages were from yesterday and the last message was send about ten minutes ago. Oh God, maybe I should call him and tell him that I am alright. After all, I miss him dreadfully and I want to hear his voice terribly. Maybe I have dragged on my sulkiness for too long. I should cheer up a little or my face will carry a frown even without me knowing it. I dialed his number but his voice mail was on.

"Hi, it's me Kay. . . . . I just wanted to say that I'm okay so you can be rest assured and work hard. Okay, bye." I sent the message and left for the kitchen. When I started sautéing the onions, I heard the ring of the elevator. I quickly draped my shoulders with the dupatta and crossed my arms across my chest and tried my best to conceal my smile and overwhelming happiness when I saw the handsome face and the beautiful masculine body of my husband walk out of the elevator.

"Hi, " he smiled his light eyes welcoming. I nodded and gave him a small smile. Black compliments his eyes so much.

"Hi, I'm fine. . . . That was fast by the way, " I remarked in English. His brows knit a little in confusion.

"I had sent a message about ten minutes ago and you came right on cue." I exclaimed. He nodded with an 'oh' expression.

"So what brings you here?" I asked nonchalantly and headed in the kitchen. "Well, if you read your messages, I said that I would come over if you didn't reply to my calls." He said, touching my waist. I felt his breath on the back of my neck.

"Have you eaten?"

"Why that's kind of you to ask that." He remarked. I elbowed him away from me and turned. "Would you like some Pulao?" I asked politely; something that seems so alien to me now especially in front of him.

"Sure, why not."

"Alright, please go and wait in the living room until I'm finished here." I ordered. He pursed his lips into a line and did as I said. I continued; soaking the rice in water and then making the mutton stew. When I was finally done, I called Shehzad to the table but there wasn't any response. I walked around in search of him until I found him sleeping on my bed. He looked so relaxed now that he was fast asleep but why didn't I notice that he was tired? Probably because I haven't being paying any attention to him ever since I left him. I noticed that it was 5:00 p.m.

I sighed and took his shoes and his scarf off. I unknotted his tie and covered him up with my quilt. I switched off the lights and switched the shades on the windows. It was almost Asr time.

After I offered my prayers, I was going to go to the kitchen but I forgot about my hunger and sat beside Shehzad as he slept so soundly. I ran my fingers through his soft silky hair and caressed his cheek with the back of my hand. He was indeed so good looking with his high cheek bones, long slender nose and full lips with beautifully set eye brows and not to mention his smooth hair. But who could've thought that underneath all of this lied the shattered soul of a boy who was writhing in hate and loneliness. I still want to help him with his dilemma but I mustn't jump the gun too fast. By the end of the day, he hurt me and he needs to learn my importance.

I went to the kitchen and took a plate of Pulao to where Shehzad was. I kept staring at him as he slept. The weariness slowly dissipated from his features as three hours passed. At sudden urges, I lightly brushed my lips on his soft cool ones.


"Khadijah, " Shehzad called in a hoarse voice. "Yes, " I responded, watching him in my dressing table mirror as he slowly sat up on the bed and rubbed his face to come out of slumber. I finished making my ponytail.

"How long was I asleep?" he asked. I went to him and sat at the edge of the bed. He stared at me unwaveringly.

"You were out for at least four hours." I told. He nodded and took off the quilt. "Have you been sleeping right?"I asked with concern. He looked at me smugly and smirked. "If you come back with me, than perhaps I will go back to our prev

ered. "Well?" I challenged.

"Because. . . I need you." He confessed—his cheeks lightly blushing that caused me to cheer up a little and chuckle. I squeezed his hand in mine and smile at him wholeheartedly.

"You have no idea how long I waited to here that from you." I told him. he also smiled warmly at me and touched my cheek with the back of hand.

"Tell me; was anything real between us before?"

"Not most of it. . . . But some were."

"Is this real right now?" I asked.

"I don't know. . . what you think because my head is in the game now." He claimed earnestly. "But let me tell you. . . everything now is very original."

I shook my head.

Our food arrived. I really enjoyed the beef steak that he ordered for me. but I still wanted to ask a few more things.

"So. . . how close are you to your goal?"

"Very close. . . the Chairman is very much near to giving me the seat."

"And what will you do when he does? Will your revenge take action then?" I inquired.

"Partly, " he replied briefly. I agreed. I didn't want to ask anything else.

After dessert, he offered to take me to Central park. I was really tired but I agreed nonetheless. We were walking arm in arm when I noticed that he was silent.

"Shehzad. . . what's wrong?" I asked out of concern. We stopped walking and he looked at me. "What are you thinking about?"

"I was thinking about us." He surprised me with his answer that I cringed.

"What about us?" I enquired. We patted my hand on his arm and carried on walking. "I was thinking when everything would settle down with us. I want to start a family with you as soon as possible." He blurted nonchalantly. My heart almost exploded and my cheeks flared up. "My. . . I never knew that you were this forward and blunt." I said.

He chuckled. "Hey, why don't we ice skate?" he said and just then my eyes fell on a frozen pond on which many people were skating.

"Oh no. . . I can't. I have never done ice skating before." I said nervously. But he told me that it would be okay and he pulled me with him. "Don't worry. I'll teach you." He smiled confidently at me.

He helped me with my skates. Thankfully the overcoat was comfortable otherwise my dress would get in the way. After Shehzad had donned his skate, he took my hands and we carefully started near the railing. I was constantly stumbling but I couldn't resist my laughter; I was having so much fun after so long. He took me in his arms and carefully led us. I embraced him tightly when I was about to fall and that's when I realized; I need to forgive him.

I saw his innocent smile for the first time and his laugh drove me to the edge of happiness. We skated until I could finally let him go and continue on myself. I cannot believe that I was such a fast learner. I laughed harmoniously. And Shehzad continued to cheer me on.

He took me home after two hours.

"Thank you. I really had so much fun." I complimented. He smiled. "Anytime. . . but aren't you going to kiss me good night?" he said. I flushed despite my freezing face.

"Okay, " I said. I was going to kiss him on the lips but my courage left me and I pecked his cheek instead. He looked baffled.

"I'm sorry. Good night." I said and stepped into the open elevator door. I saw him smile warmly at me before the doors closed.


Look. . . .. i know that i promised a long chapter but i am really busy nowadays so i'm afraid that the chapters will be short for this month :/

M sorry

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