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"Alpha brown, are we clear for landing?" The pilot said through his headgear, directing the helicopter towards its destination.

Anissa looked out the window, her eyes gazing at the green mountain peeks of The Swat valley. The beauty of the valley was majestic, with white fluffy clouds touching the peeks.

I'm sure it's going to be chilly. She thought to herself and immediately looked into her arms. Her one year old son was sleeping soundly. Carefully, Anissa adjusted the blanket around her son as well as the headphones so that the noise of the helicopter may not disturb him. Anissa smiled, her eyes going to her daughter who was wide awake and playing with her father's cuff links. Anissa grinned when she saw Shehryaar trying to put her headphones back on her ears but to no avail, her daughter was as stubborn as her father. But Anissa couldn't help but be proud.

They were two precious souls. Their two children: Shaheer and Shehrezaad.

"When will we get there?" Anissa inquired.

Shehryaar turned to face her. "In a few minutes." He replied, finally getting his task done. Shehrezaad tried to get the headphones off but Shehryaar gently tucked her hands away and held her up in his arms but still stubborn, she quickly took them off and threw them away. She pouted and began to thrash in Shehryaar's arms.

Anissa gasped lightly and looked at her daughter in shock.

"Azaad, that's no way to behave." She gently scolded her daughter but the cute pout on her lips had Anissa's dismay dissolving in no time.

Shehryaar was also surprised at Shehrezaad's behaviour but he chuckled lowly, finding his daughter's tantrum amusing, his grey gaze shinning with adoration and pride. Anissa was glad that Shehryaar spoled their daughter.

"Oh it's alright." He kissed his daughter's cheek and hugged her closely. "My shehzaadi can do whatever she likes." He said. Shehrezaad let out a shrill giggle as Shehryaar lightly tickled her belly.

It warmed Anissa's heart to see her husband and daughter act so nonchalant and lovingly. Shehrezaad had taken after her father, with her chocolate brown hair and silver grey eyes, the only features she had inherited from her mother was her plump lips and small button nose as well as milky pale skin. Even her personality went after Shehryaar: she was stubborn, demanding, used to getting what she wanted and had an aura of elegance yet regality about herself and already at the age of one.

Shaheer, on the other hand, was the same as well except that he had inherited Anissa's soft features, light brown hair and nose. As for personality, Shaheer was very quiet yet observant but he already had an air to himself that demanded order and authority. But he was more attached to Anissa for his sister was more attached to her father.

"Sir, we have approached our destination. Please brace for landing; make sure that your seat belts are fastened." The pilot announced. The couple obeyed, making sure that their seat belts were fastened. Anissa's grip on Shaheer tightly while Shehryaar sat Shehrezaad on his lap. Anissa looked outside as they slowly landing.

After a smooth landing, Shehryaar and Anissa got out of the helicopter with their children in their arms.

They had retreated to the hilly resorts of the Swat valley where Shehryaar had finished up many hotel projects. This Particular hotel was located on the mountain peek, with a clear view of the entire valley. And as expected, the view was breathtaking with chilly winds flowing in the afternoon air.

Anissa was absolutely dazed. The fresh air and the clear blue horizon had Anissa sighing deeply.


Anissa jumped slightly when she felt Shehryaar come near her, his arm drapping over her shoulders as he hugged her by the side, holding Shehrazaad in his other arm.

Anissa shook her head and leaned against Shehryaar's shoulder. "I'm just enjoying the breathtaking view." She muttered.

Shehryaar's hand tightened on Anissa's arm. Anissa felt Shaheer stir in her arms and when she looked down, Shaheer was rubbing his face as his mouth opened wide in a yawn.

"We should head inside." Shehryaar posed and led his family inside their cabin. Anissa let the children loose in the bedroom as she went to the bathroom to freshen up. When she came out, she saw the kids running around and observing their new surroundings while Shehryaar sat in the sunroom, busy on a call.

"Oh no, Azaad!" Anissa called and ran after Shehrezaad. "Don't take off your

moment was ruined when Shehryaar's phone rang. Shehryaar pulled away and took out his phone from his pocket.

"I'll have to get that." He groaned when he looked at the caller ID.

"You go on ahead." Anissa said. With an irritated sigh, Shehryaar jumped to his feet and went away. Anissa missed his warmth but the breathtaking view help her captive so she stayed behind.

When it got too dark and too cold, Anissa walked back into her cabin. She was sure that the twins would be up by now but to her delightful surprise, she found Shehryaar asleep with Shaheer by his side and Shehrezaad on his chest.

Anissa also laid with them.

And with smile, she also closed her eyes, feeling complete. This little family was her world. And she would do any and everything to keep it that way. After all, she had seen the worst and the best that the love of her life could offer. And she was aright with that. And she had God to thank for that. As long as her faith was strong, she knew that she could overcome any hardship. It was her faith that saved her from so many wrongdoings, it was her faith that helped her and gave her courage. And for her strong faith and Belief, God awarded her with this life, a blessed life with children and a loving husband.

Shehryaar opened his eyes when he heard the sound of the prayer call from the nearby mosque. He felt a presence beside him. He smiled when he saw his wife sleeping soundly by his side. He felt at peace. He was with the three people that made him happy and satisfied. And he would do anything to protect them and make them happy. After all, he was a beginner at family and his raw emotions were too intense but with time, he had learned to cope with it. And that's because his Tara was by his side and he was grateful to God for blessing him. He always believed that he didn't deserve anything good, he always believed that he would go to hell in life and in the next. But now he knew, no matter what, Allah is merciful, because God even blessed a sinner like him and now, he vowed to do some good so that if karma got to him, his good deeds would make his family a good future and fortune.

Life might've been cruel to them. But they had made their peace with it. They had made their place.

They shone.

They flew.

They grew.




Well, there you have it.

Mafia indebted comes to an official end. The sequel is Mafia collateral which you can find on Radishfiction. The rest of my Mafia series are exclusive to Radishfiction. Even the bonus chapters shall be made into a separate book on radish.

Thank you so much for all the kind love and support till now. I hope you enjoyed the story.

Rest assured, this is not the end of Anissa and Shehryaar. Their story shall continue in the bonus chapters and a small short story in which the missing 3 years shall be accounted for. Stay tuned to Radishfiction. You will only find these stories there.

Again, thank you so much.

Allah Hafiz!

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