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   Chapter 118 NO.118

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"Please," she sobbed through the phone, her voice so broken and sad.

Shehryaar's chest tightened. He wanted nothing more then to leave and go to her right away.

Her heart wrenching sobs were heartbreaking. They were his undoing. He wanted to comfort her. He wanted to be there for her, embrace her tightly and kiss her senseless.

He loved her. And she was all his.

But he couldn't even if he wanted to, not if he wanted to keep her and the babies safe. And her begging wasn't that much of a help either.

"Baby I'm working on it." He sighed deeply, feeling the weariness of sleepless nights catch up on him. Without Anissa, he couldn't sleep a wink.

"Trust me, I'll come right to you." He assured.

"I miss you." She choked on her tears. At that moment, Shehryaar thought that his weariness deserted him as his heart burst with warmth and excitement.

"I miss you too, Tara." He drawled, his voice softening in order to make her feel calm.

"And I want you to come to me already. It's been too long. You promised a week but it's been two." She claimed.

"Anissa, baby please." Shehryaar pleaded. Feeling tired, he massaged his forehead. "You need to calm down. This crying isn't going to do anyone any good. I'm trying my best to sort this mess out."

Anissa sniffed, trying to keep calm.

"I know," she sniffled. "It's just that I can't stand to be without you anymore." she said, her tone filled with grief and longing.

Shehryaar felt his heart would explode. For so long, he wanted to know her true feelings. And even though she had said that she loved him, he didn't really believe her truly till now, when he knew that she was pouring her heart out. He had to be honest with himself though, he didn't believe her because his guilt prevented him. For him, it was unbelievable to think that she had forgiven him for what he did to her.

Even so, he was selfish; he still wanted her all to himself.

"You have no idea for how long I've wanted to hear those words." He confessed. He heard Anissa chuckle lowly.

"I know and it-" Shehryaar got distracted when he heard a loud noise outside of his office door.

"Hello? Shehryaar?" He heard a distant voice from the phone but Shehryaar was already on high guard now. His cell phone fell from his hand and he sprung out of his chair, gun at the ready and barking orders to his men from his ear piece.

"What the fuck is going on?" He shouted when he felt the floor shake and an explosion came from the floor down below, causing the glass of the windows to shatter.

"The building is under attack sir!" Shehryaar was informed.

"A truck ran over the gate and made a full collision to the main entrance. Around fifty men entered and started shooting at the employees and guards. They've come with bombs as well."

Shehryaar quickly made his way towards the stairs that led to the lower levels. His body guards came and cornered him immediately.

There was so much noise and so many bullets flying around as the bloodied bodies of his employees lay on the floor.

"Round the place up, get this situation under control!" Shehryaar barked, getting behind a thrown desk as his gun ran out of bullets.


The noise stopped as the guns stopped.

"Well well," Shehryaar chuckled dryly when he recognised that voice. "Did you finally get the guts to confront me." Shehryaar said loudly, feeling his rage take a hold of him.

"And why wouldn't I be?" Came the smug reply from his half brother.

"And to show for it, you made quite an entry." Shehryaar said as she loaded his gun.

"It seemed proper." Nawaz's voice came from a near point now. He was getting closer.

"Well then, how about I give you a proper farewell, this time a permanent one."

"Funny, I was thinking the same thing." Nawaz said.

Shehryaar chuckled, his guns at the ready.

"Sorry pal," Shehryaar straightened up, his stance strong and his shoulders squared.

"I've got a wife and kids waiting for me." He said and marched out into the battlefield.


"Ahhhhh," Anissa cried as another contraction hit her and shook her body.

But it wasn't the physical pain that was making her feel miserable, it was the pain in her heart that was making her go crazy with grief.

"Anissa, shhh, please calm down," Sadia cooed as she lightly rubbed Anissa's back. Anissa clutched the pillow in the arms and cried her heart out, the tears falling from her eyes in an endless river.

"It's all my fault." She sobbed. "When he was here with me, I caused him trouble. I didn't appreciate anything that he did for me. When he was with me, I didn't care. I took him for granted and now he's gone." She cried, sobbing loudly and then screamed when another contraction hit her.

Anissa had never known such devastation. She felt as if someone had punched a hole in her heart. It was so painful for her. She felt as if she had lost a part of herself. This loss was just too great.

"Why didn't I care? I loved him so much but I'm so selfish I only did what I wanted to do. I took him for granted and now I might've lost him forever."

The amount of pain and anguish that she was facing now was so great, unlike anything she had ever felt before.

'..... I swear, I'll be with you when you go into labour and I'll be holding your hand all the way.'

"He broke his promise. And he never broke his promise to me before." Anissa wailed. "He lied to me! He lied!" She bawled.

"Anissa please stop crying. You're making things worse." Sadia tried to pacify her but to no avail.

"I don't care! When he's not with me then life is not worth living anymore."

"Don't say that Anissa." Sadia gently patted her hair, feeling at a loss for words, Anissa's cries making her lose her focus as well but she tried to remain collected. "They are trying to get him out. I'm sure we'll hear some good news soon."

"No no no!" She screamed and cried, thrashing in the bed as waves of pain after pain was inflicted on her.


"Damn it!" Shehryaar hissed as he looked at his arm, a bullet lodged in it. It had been hours since they tried to fight off the enemy but apparently they came prepared, making their ambush perfect. Shehryaar knew that one day, it would come to this. Nawaz was too desperate for the position of Ameer and Shehryaar couldn't care less about it.

About a week ago, Shehryaar was officially announced as the Ameer in front of the whole Sikhai elders.If his father had given him the position then he couldn't refuse, it was more power and being a power hungry leader, Shehryaar accepted. And Nawaz swore to get back at him. That's why Shehryaar had hidden Anissa at the island, a place that no one except for Zameer and his family, knew about and now Shehryaar was glad about his decision. If Nawaz hadn't attacked him, he would've went for Anissa. And Shehryaar would be damned if he ever let that happen.

"Where the fuck is the back up?" He growled at Qadeem.

"They've seal off all the entrances after that explosion." Qadeem replied.

"I just got in line with Zameer!" One of Shehryaar's men shouted and quickly passed the walkie talkie to Shehryaar.

"Boss, i can't get in so I'm bringing a helicopter. Get to the rooftop!" He said. "You have a minute. We won't be able to hold them off for long."

"Get me to the rooftop!" Shehryaar ordered. His men surrounded him as they opened fired and made a break for the stairs. Shehryaar fired as the enemy advanced towards them. One by one, his men fell as the bullets flied everywhere.

As soon as Shehryaar made it to the top floor, he fell on his knees as his left leg was shot and grunted in pain.

"Fuck!" He hissed but got back on his feet and limped up the stairs.

"Not so fast!" Nawaz was hot on their trail, his men falling behind.

Shehryaar quickly made it to the rooftop.

"I want to see them." She whispered. Shehryaar obeyed and wheeled the incubators towards Anissa.

The babies were washed and cleaned. Sadia had dressed them in white jumpsuits. Their eyes were closed as they slept.

Carefully, Anissa opened her son's incubator and took him in her arms. Anissa sighed deeply, feeling complete upon holding her baby in her arms. Leaning down, she planted a kiss on the baby boy's capped forehead. "Dunham Allah, alhamdulillah," she murmured, her eyes filling with happy tears.The baby moved, his small mouth opening as he yawned, his fisted hands coming up in the air and his eyes slowly opened. Anissa felt tears in her eyes when she saw a familiar pair of grey eyes look at her for the first time.

"He has your eyes." Anissa muttered and looked at Shehryaar, her tears rolling down her cheeks. Shehryaar's eyes widened in surprise. He sat on his knees in front of Anissa and his son and took a look for himself. Indeed, a pair of steely grey eyes were looking at him.

"But he has your looks." Shehryaar observed. Anissa chuckled blissfully.

They both jolted in their place when they heard a shrill cry come from the other incubator. Anissa grinned in delight. "Looks like someone doesn't like being ignored." She mumbled.

"Here," Anissa gently placed her son in her husband's arms. Shehryaar froze in place, too late to react in time as Anissa went ahead and took her crying daughter in her arms.

Anissa quickly pulled her shirt up and placed her crying baby against her breast. The hungry baby took in her nipple and began to feed. Anissa felt so satisfied, feeling like a complete woman, exactly like how she had always wished to feel.

Upon looking at Shehryaar, she noticed that he was in the same place, frozen stiff, the baby clutched tightly in his arms.

"What's wrong?" She inquired when she saw the thoughtful expression and dazed look on Shehryaar's face.

He blinked and realised that he was holding his son. Carefully, he held his son to his chest and sat on the bed beside Anissa.

"They are so delicate." He muttered, his eyes fixed on his daughter now.

"They are." Anissa smiled.

"I fear that if I hold them, they would break." He said and looked up, staring into Anissa's hazel eyes. She was looking concerned.

"I'm not a good man, Anissa." He spoke, his eyes hardening and his expression growing serious.

Anissa knew this face.

"I know." She agreed.

"I've done vicious deeds."

"You did." She nodded.

"I'm a killer. Sometimes, I can be inhuman. I'm not normal."

Anissa remained silent, her eyes showing her agreement with his words. It hurt her to have him say all these things to her but she couldn't deny them, they were the truth after all.

"But this much I can tell you," he said and took his son in one arm while his other arm went up and spread on Anissa's shoulders as he pulled her closer to his side.

"I'm going to be a good father." He declared, his eyes staring at Anissa with determination. Anissa's eyes widened in surprise but she didn't say anything.

"You three, you're mine to keep and protect." He said, tightening his hold on his little family. "I know that it's a first for me but I'll try my best to be the best father that these two deserve." He avowed, his voice full of trust.

Anissa unleashed the tears in her eyes and leaned her head on Shehryaar shoulder.

"You will. I know you will." She agreed wholeheartedly.

"And I'll never let any of you go. You're my everything now. My whole world." He whispered.

"And you're mine." Anissa said. "I love you Shehryaar Ghulari."

He smiled, leaning his forehead against hers. "And I love you, Anissa Ghulari."

Yes, Anissa Ghulari and Shehryaar Ghulari.

It took them a great struggle to be where they were now, by each other's side, in love and now in the beginning of starting a family.

Fate had dealt with them so darkly yet so amazingly.

They were the polar opposites of one another; one basking in the light of the world while the other dwelled in the darkness.

This light and darkness collided, clashed, fought, struggled, almost destroyed each other but in the end, it survived and gave birth to something new.

That's how fate works. In completely mysterious ways.

Who could've ever thought that the two people, set out to destroy one another, would one day come to the crossroads of their destinies and decide that they couldn't even live without each other. And all as a result of the love that grew between them.

The love they shared, it was a manifestation of many events and emotions.

It started with a twisted malice, jealously, confusion, hatred, misunderstanding, anger, lust, obsession, pain, agony, revenge, guilt, regret, faith and then finally, love.

And this love that grew between them, it was more then something that bound them together: this love was a dark need, a deep desire that none of them could fight against and in the end, they fell for it.

And now, as a result Of this love, they had grown, matured and now, they were complete. They found their peace and in that peace, they found their perfections. Though small, but it was enough. As long as they loved each other, it was enough for them.

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