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   Chapter 117 NO.117

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Anissa grinned like the Cheshire Cat when she saw what Shehryaar brought her.

A huge box of Tuescher's chocolate that was delivered straight from Switzerland.

"Oh my God, thank you so much!" She squealed in excited gratitude as she unwrapped the gold cover from the box.

"You know I would get you anything." Shehryaar said with a small smirk as he stood by her side at the kitchen counter. Anissa grinned with delight and opened the lid of the box to reveal the delicious chocolates laid in the box so decoratively.

Carefully, she took out a piece. It was so delicate and beautiful that she didn't have the heart to eat it but her cravings got the best of her. She was eight months along now. Her due date was around February, in a month's time.

The twinkle in her eyes as she looked at the chocolate with greed had Shehryaar chuckling in amusement. Anissa smiled at him with gratitude. She came to him and wrapped her arms around his waist, laying a chaste kiss on his clothed chest, drowning in his strong manly scent.

"Thank you so much for ordering them for me."

Shehryaar smiled and wrapped his arms around her, the only small distance created between them was Anissa large swollen belly. Shehryaar looked down, her belly was touching his pelvis and he couldn't help but look at it in wonder. In these past three months, since her belly has grown to its full size, Shehryaar had been with Anissa every step of the way. For her sake, he really tried to take an actual chance. And he succeeded. He became to fascinated as he saw the changes in Anissa's body, her behaviour. More then anything, he loved the way that she had started to glow with happiness.

After that night three months ago, they had made their peace.

For Anissa's sake, Shehryaar learned to let down his guard. After that night, there were no more barriers between them. And Shehryaar accepted the new blissful change that was transforming their lives.

Now, not only did he accept it but he was also looking forward to the birth. The sonographs of the twins didn't fascinate him as much as the fact that he would soon see them.

"You know that I would get you anything you want, Tara." He whispered in her ear, leaning close to her, his hands grasping her rounded stomach on the sides. Anissa giggled and went back to her present.

"But you should probably stop eating so many sweets." He said rather seriously. "You've gained a lot of weight."

"Well then, you shouldn't spoil me so much." She pointed. And she was right: And now, Shehryaar was spoiling her. For him, her craving tantrums were beyond adorable and he would move heaven and hell to get her whatever she wanted.

"Yeah well, you should watch your weight. You're getting too fat." He said solemnly.

Anissa smiled with delight. "I wouldn't have it any other way." She claimed. She was perhaps the only woman in the world who didn't mind putting on pregnancy fat. And why would she? For so long, her deepest desire was to bear children, to put in weight that would bear witness do the struggles of her motherhood and to have a big belly swollen with Shehryaar's children. And now that her wish has finally come true, she would eat to her hearts content in order to have strong and healthy children.

"And besides," she took a hold of a chocolate tart. "You still find me irresistible don't you?" She winked at him.

Dropping the small chocolate delight in her mouth, she moaned deeply as she savoured the flavour, the treat melting on her tongue and exploding with flavour.

Shehryaar watched in fascination. Anissa's throaty moans were setting his loins on fire.

He quickly grabbed her from behind, folding his arms around her as he grinded his now hardened erection in the small of her back. "Damn," he growled. "See what you do to me." He hissed in her ear, causing Anissa to shudder in delight, cold shivers running down her spine and making her core moisten and clench with need.

Abruptly, Shehryaar took Anissa in his arms bridal style and began to take her to their bedroom.

"I haven't finished," she kissed his neck. "Eating," another kiss. "Them yet."

Shehruaat groaned. "I want to eat you first." He claimed, taking the steps quickly. "Besides, those are your last ones. I won't get you anymore." He said.

Anissa went stiff on his arms. "What?" She shrieked sharply.

"No no no!" She began to hit his chest. "No you won't do that Shehry. I won't talk to you if you do that." She threatened. Shehryaar smirked mischievously at her, kicking the bedroom door open.

"As if you can survive without me." He said cheekily. That hit the right spot, making Anissa sentimental for no reason. Suddenly, tears welled up in her eyes and she began to wail hysterically. Shehryaar wasn't surprised, he was used to her mood swings by now.

Anissa was in full blown wails when Shehryaar gently placed her in the bed and kneeled in front of her.

"You really won't get me those chocolates anymore?" She asked innocently, fat tears rolling down her red cheeks as she Looked at Shehryaar who bore a serious expression yet his eyes were full of amusement. He was focused on taking off her clothes.

"Yes I am. I don't want you gaining more weight. It's already so difficult for me to carry you."

"No no no! Please don't Shehry! I love those chocolates."

"Well too bad. You'll have to make due without them." Shehryaar was only teasing her but he said so in such a serious manner that Anissa was completely buying it. He knew that she was super sensitive because of the pregnancy and he couldn't help but tease her.

She was his innocent wife. He discovered just recently how much fun it was to tease her and he took every opportunity to do so. And he found more pleasure when he would have to cheer her up. This was all new to him. He never had a home life like this before so he indulged wholeheartedly in it.

"But I want them." She cried.

"No, you're looking like a cow."

"I don't care! I'll have those chocolates even if I have to steal them!" She shouted, slapping his hands away as they wandered on her naked skin. She tried to push him away as he came near her but he didn't budge, kissing her neck as he slowly pushed her down until her back was plastered on the cool sheets.

"Let go!" She screeched, trying to push him away but fell prey to his advances as he kissed down to the left cup of her bra.

"You know that you want me." He rasped against her skin, tearing down the cup of her bra and taking her pebbled nipple in his mouth.

"No! I don't!" She groaned as he bit in her hot skin. "Not until I know that you will still get me more of those chocolates." She mewled, her neck arching as waves of pleasure coursed through her body as Shehryaar touched her.

"No," he murmured defiantly, sitting on his knees as he took off his shirt, giving Anissa a delicious view of his tonned chest.

"I'd rather you lose all that fat now. Through a good rough fuck." He said huskily.

But Anissa was so lost in the despair of possibly having her favourite chocolates taken away from her that she didn't feel Shehryaar's seduction as soon as he created some distance between them.

She broke into a fit of tears, much like a child. Shehryaar realised that he might've gone too far. He sighed as he raked his hands through his hair, scratching his head.

Anissa was crying so badly that it caused his chest to tighten. He felt like an ass for doing this.

Carefully, he leaned down and started planting kisses on her belly.

Immediately, Anissa's trembling body stopped and her cries died down to hiccups. He knew this would calm her down.

He kissed every inch of her pregnant belly, his hands going up to wipe her tears as he looked at her from her belly.

"Meri pyaari Tara," he muttered. "You know that I can never deny you anything." He said softly, coming up and kissing her tear stained cheeks.

Anissa heart flipped and she felt butterflies in the pit of her stomach when she heard him call her Tara, her body started heating up.

"I was only teasing you." He clarified, gently cupping her face.

Anissa's cries had died down. It was as if she hadn't cried at all as she looked into his teal eyes with her misty hazel eyes.

"Say that again." She muttered.

"I was only teasing-"

"No, what you called me. Say that again." She demanded.

A smile crept on his sexy lips as he bent down and pressed a passionate kiss upon her lips.

"Tara," he whispered sultrily. Anissa's heart pounded and she smiled.

"It wasn't funny." She sniffed and hugged him closely.

"I know." He uttered and hugged her back.


Anissa breathed in deeply, her arm sliding under Shehryaar's waist as they both sat in the tub, enjoying their ba

en though Anissa talked with Shehryaar everyday, almost more then ten times, it wasn't enough to fill the void in her heart. She tried to be mature and support Shehryaar in his efforts but she was failing miserably. As the days to her due date came close, she missed Shehryaar and craved for his support and his warmth.

"Please," she sobbed, begging Shehryaar through the phone.

"Baby I'm working on it." He sighed deeply. "Trust me, I'll come right to you."

"I miss you."

"I miss you too, Tara." He drawled and tried to calm her.

"And I want you to come to me already. It's been too long. You promised a week but it's been two." She tried to control herself but she couldn't help it, she was falling apart.

"Anissa, baby please." Shehryaar beseeched, his voice sounding tired yet desperate. "You need to calm down. This crying isn't going to do anyone any good. I'm trying my best to sort this mess out." And Anissa could sense that he really was trying hard.

"I know," she sniffed. "It's just that I can't stand to be without you anymore." she choked on her tears.

"You have no idea for how long I've wanted to hear those words from you." He confessed. Anissa let out an involuntary chuckle.

"I know and it-"

She stopped talking when she began to hear commotion on his side of the line.

"Shehryaar?" She called but the line went dead suddenly. Anissa's heart hammered in her chest.

She tried to dial again but he wasn't receiving. She tried to dial his office but it was going off. She found it strange.

She went to the living room and found Sadia there. She smiled when she saw Anissa but her smile faded when she saw the look of worry on Anissa's face.

"What's wrong?" She inquired.

"Can you please call Zameer bhai. Shehryaar isn't answering my calls." She said. Sadia nodded and went to her bedroom to fetch her cell phone.

Sadia called Zameer in her bedroom. She knew that Anissa's condition was delicate so she stayed away. She herself was having a bad feeling about something.

Zameer attended the call and told her to lock her door and turn on the TV. Sadia locked her door and turned on the TV. Putting it on mute, she switched on the news. The remote fell from her hand as Sadia gawked at the TV.

She read the news strip: Indus Enterprises under siege.

"Za-Zameer," she swallowed hard. "What's going on?" She inquired as she saw in the news that the tall building of Indus Enterprises was under attack: the cameras were focused on the Windows, the inside had caught fire while some floors showed some men with gun as they opened fire.

"Are you safe?" She asked quietly, her eyes flying to the door.

"I'm outside. I'm trying so get in. Shehryaar is inside." He informed loudly against the noise in the background.

Sadia read the news strip: CEO still inside the burning building.

"We need to get him out. But in the meantime, make sure that Bhabi doesn't know." He yelled. But it was too late as Sadia heard a loud scream from the lounge. Sadia ran out and what she thought had just come to pass.

"She just found out." Sadia informed on the phone as she saw Anissa crying on the couch hysterically, rocking back and forth as she hung her face in her hands.

"Just take care of her and tell her that we'll get to Shehryaar and we'll pull him out." He yelled.

"Be safe." She said as Zameer hung up.

"Oh God!" Anissa was crying loudly. Sadia quickly switched off the TV and went to Anissa.

"Please pull yourself together Anissa." She hugged Anissa and rubbed her back.

"No no no!" She sobbed loudly. "This can't be happening. He told me that he'll come back to me soon." She claimed, weeping uncontrollably.

"Anissa please calm down. They are trying their best to have a control on the situation." Sadia tried to console her.

"Please calm down,"

"How can you expect me to calm down?" Anissa choked on her tears, the devastation she was feeling was plain on her face.

"You shouldn't be stressing out so much Anissa, please you need to calm down." Sadia tried her best to calm Anissa.

Anissa could've never thought that her life would change this way. One moment she was happy along with her husband and enjoying peaceful times and the next thing she knows, the love of her life left her and jumps into the jaws of danger. This was not how she had thought things would turn out.

She knew that too much emotional stress could lead to complications but she didn't care.

She wept for hours as she saw the news on the TV. She refused to switch it off. The situation was not coming under control.

"Anissa please calm down." Sadia tried her best to take care of Anissa but she wasn't listening. However, as soon as she saw an explosion that caused the building to blow up, Anissa felt as if her heart stopped.

At that moment, she felt as if the whole world around her stopped.

She couldn't breath. She couldn't think. She couldn't see. She became still, like a statue as she heard loud deafening ringing in her ears.



His face appeared in front of her vision.

'My bright shinning star, you're my Tara.'

'You're the centre of my universe..., '

'As long as my heart is beating, I'll be by your side, always.'

You lied. She thought. You lied to me.

"Anissa?!" Sadia went to her when she saw Anissa's shalwar become wet as fluid leak between Anissa's legs and pooled at her feet.

A scream erupted from Anissa's mouth when she felt a sharp shooting pain in her stomach and cramps in her pelvis.

Anissa fell on her knees as she grabbed her belly. Sadia rubbed her back as Anissa cried.

"What's happening?" She cried.

"I told you to calm down." Sadia said as she helped a crying and screaming Anissa to her feet. "You've taken too much emotional stress and now you're going into premature labor."

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