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Their kiss was fiery as they engaged fiercely.

Anissa's hands went to his shoulders and took off his suit jacket. Shehryaar's hands went to the hem of her kameez as he dragged it up to her chest. He broke the kiss long enough to pull her kameez off of her body and as soon as it was off, his lips went back on hers, ravaging her mouth hungrily.

Anissa's slender fingers quickly unbuttoned his dress shirt, her hand gliding inside to touch his broad muscular chest, feeling every part of his exquisite build.

Their clothes were off and they both fell on the bed. Their kiss broke when they became breathless. Shehryaar's lips travelled from her lips to her throat. He sucked, bit and grazed his teeth on the delicate smooth skin of her neck.

"Shehry, " Anissa moaned, her back arching off the bed as his lips traveled from her neck to her breasts. He mouthed her hardened peeks, his teeth bitting and sucking hard, increasing her pleasure. His hands went to her panties where he wasted no time in foreplay. All he wanted was to be inside of her. He let out a loud animalitic growl when he felt her wetness at her femme. Anissa's heart jolted and her cheeks brightened into a shade of crimson when his fingers gently massaged her lips, his thumb rubbing slow torturous circles on her clitoris.

The pleasure was building up in the pit of her stomach. But a thought crossed her mind and she fought against the sexual haze in her mind.

"Shehry, " Anissa caught his face and stared deeply into his eyes, the haze of lust so evident in her eyes.

"Make love to me." She stated breathlessly. "Don't fuck me tonight. Make love to me." She made a demand. Shehryaar's body went stiff. His eyes looked at her solemnly. She was being very serious. Every intercourse between them was a solid fuck. But this time, Anissa wanted to explore another territory.

She hadn't used the terms 'making love' since her first time with Shehryaar and the way he had claimed that he only 'fucked' had hit her hard. But now, things had changed.

She knew how he felt though he was being very stubborn and dense about it, but she knew that there was huge difference between making love and fucking.

Their sexual relationship needed to go to the other level: Anissa didn't want it to remain just a physical need or a bland superficial relation.

It shouldn't just be about sex.

It should be about their hearts connecting.

She wanted to show him how she felt. She wanted to connect with him on an emotional and spiritual level.

Anissa let out a cry when three of his fingers entered her weeping core without warning. Shehryaar closed his mouth on hers as he swallowed down her cries of pleasure. Anissa's hand went to his pants and tried to free him of it but Shehryaar quickly pulled her hands away and captured her wrists, trapping them on top of her head. He just wanted to enjoying feeling her and pleasuring her.

Anissa screamed as she experienced an earth shattering climax as his fingers pumped into her in slow yet deep and hard thrusts.

When she came down from her high, she smiled at Shehryaar as he released her hands and propped on her elbows. Gently, she pushed him back until he was lying on his back. Anissa quickly did away with his pants.

She didn't know why, but she was feeling very bold. Maybe it was because of her new found feelings for Shehryaar.

Her hands quickly unleashed his throbbing manhood from his boxers and pumped it into her tight fists. Shehryaar hissed and his cock jerked in her hands.

It was her first time touching him this intimately. Usually, it was Shehryaar who did all the touching and foreplay but Anissa felt like she should also return the favour.

"Fuck!" Shehryaar hissed, his eyes glaring at Anissa as she pumped him. "Don't torture me like this." He groaned. Anissa smirked, feeling pleased with the effect she had on him.

Climbing on top of him, Anissa settled on his pelvis. Shehryaar quickly caught her waist and steadied her. Taking his thick member in both her hands, Anissa lowered herself on him until he was buried deep to the hilt and both of them let out a moan of ecstasy. Anissa's hands went to his chest as she balanced herself.

Stating into his smokey grey eyes, Anissa slowing began to ride him. Shehryaar's neck arched back in pleasure, moaning and groaning as Anissa moved on top of him. But since it was her first time being so bold as to ride him, her ministrations were slow and torturous for Shehryaar. He as used to fast and hard fucking but since she had wanted to make love, he had no choice but to go along with what she was doing.

His hands shot up and wrapped around Anissa; one hand behind her neck while the other arm wound around her waist, lowering her down so he may claim her mouth. Anissa's hands cupped his broad neck as she kissed him back. Their kiss was gentle and slow but Shehryaar had started to thrust into her more hard from down below.

They could feel each other so much. Anissa felt at peace as she let her heart free. Shehryaar felt as if he could no longer keep himself composed for he knew that his emotions were threatening to explode at any moment.

This moment that they shared together, where they were connected, felt as if the world had stopped around them.

Nothing mattered anymore.

It was only them. The two of them together.

"I love you." Anissa whispered, her lips close to his and her hazel eyes boring into his.

Shehryaar felt as his heart would explode. And his pride went out the window. He damned his doubts for all that he wanted now was her and her alone.

Suddenly, Shehryaar rolled Anissa onto her back as he hovered above her, his manhood still inside her. Carefully, he cupped her face with one hand, his grey gaze piercing through her.

"No one can ever love you as much as me. You're my everything." He confessed. Anissa went into a state of stupor when she heard him say that. As her mind registered it, her lips broke into a bright smile as she felt her eyes well up. She couldn't believe that he finally said it what he felt for her.

A sob escaped her lips and she made no effort to hide her it. The relief that she felt then was so compelling and so overwhelming that she though her heart might stop.

"Oh Shehry, " she choked out, cupping his face

rful balloons as she entered the room with a huge smile on her face.

He didn't expect this at all. This was all too surprising. But pleasant nonetheless.

"Asalam alaikum." She greeted jocundly. Shehryaar quickly composed himself and cleared his throat.

"That'Il be all. Make sure that we are not interrupted for the time being." Shehryaar ordered strictly to his PA. the young man nodded and immediately exited the room.

Before Shehryaar could say anything, he saw Anissa place the bouquet on his desk and tie down the balloons by his desk.

"You didn't come home last night." She started, walking around his desk and standing near him. She was dressed in a casual red kurta, her hair loose upon her shoulders, her face clean of any makeup.

"Yeah, I had to go to Khaaspur for an emergency. One of my warehouses got raided and burned down by Nawaz." He told, his eyes fixed in Anissa's face: she had a calm expression on her gorgeous face.

Her hand went up and gently tucked away the rebellious strand from his hair on his forehead. She looked down at with a soft smile and shinning eyes. He couldn't help but admire her beauty.

Anissa went ahead and carefully sat on his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck and embracing him tightly, breathing in his strong manly scent.

"I missed you." She murmured, her lips laying a kiss on his shoulder.

"I did call you not to wait for me." He tried to clarify. He was expecting her to through a tantrum like she had been doing for the past month since she confessed her feelings to him and he would gladly make it up to her.

"I know." She occurred and pulled her head back.

They stared into each other's eyes: grey to hazel.

"What's with all this?" Shehryaar asked, his eyes going to the balloons and flowers.

Anissa grinned and leaned forward to brush her lips upon his.

"I have a surprise for you." She murmured against his lips. She kissed him again and pulled away. She stood up and took his hand in hers and gently placed it on her belly, upon her small baby bump.

Shehryaar frowned. He didn't understand at first but when he felt that her stomach wasn't flat but rather, the surface was raised slightly, he couldn't help but place both his hands on her stomach as he began to inspect. For someone as observant as him, he couldn't help but berate himself for not observing this small change in her even though he made love to her every night. How could he not have noticed this?

"What?" He muttered in confusion, not understanding. When he looked up, his eyes widened when he saw Anissa looking at him, her face sporting a lovely grin along with a blazing blush on her cheeks.

"I'm pregnant, Shehry." She announced. "I'm three months pregnant with twins." She said, her voice cracking as she made her secret known, her eyes welling up with happy tears.

Shehryaar stared at her, his thoughts coming to a screeching halt. It took him a while to register her words.



Now he finally understood everything.

Now he understood her change in behaviour. It wasn't for nothing.

This was what she was keeping from him. Why she chose to reveal it to him now that he didn't know. But now, she had made her motive known.

Suddenly, his expression became blank as he pulled back his hands.

His heart clenched in his chest upon knowing that everything that happened till now was because of Anissa's selfish agandas. She had a reason to be so open and emotional. And now he knew. And sudden numbness passed through him. His doubt and distrust was beginning to consume him.

Anissa was still looking at him, her smile fading. She had expected this much.

He was unresponsive. She had anticipated as such. She knew that he wouldn't take this news positively.

Shehryaar saw that Anissa was still waiting fro a response. So he quickly schooled a composed expression and pulled up his most superficial smile.

"I see." He said, his voice clear but monotone.

Anissa's regained her smile and quickly sat back on his lap.

"Oh Shehry, I'm so happy." She claimed.

Shehryaar forced himself to smile. That's all he could do for now.

"I'm glad." He responded, not knowing what else to say.

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