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   Chapter 113 NO.113

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'Where are you taking me?' I asked Shahzeb as he dragged me out of the training basement.

'Trust me, you're gonna be surprised.' He told me and let go of my wrist. We were now running towards the estate. I followed behind Shahzeb but I had already figured out where he was taking me: he was taking me to our mother's room. I stopped in my stride.

Shahzeb sensed that and stopped as well. He turned around and saw me. "What's wrong?"

"Honestly, I'd much rather be training then go visit her." I said dryly. I wasn't really feeling in the mood to meet with the woman who was called our mother when she never owned us.

'Not even to see our little sister?' He said.

My eyes widened in shock. 'Little sister? But we don't have a little sister.'

He smiled and his eyes became bright. 'We do now. She was born a few hours ago and trust me, she's so beautiful.' He told. My interest was piqued.

'Wow really?' I don't know why but I felt excited. I really wanted to meet her then.

'Yeah, come on. Let's go and see her.'

I nodded and followed suit. We carefully entered our mother's room. She was fast asleep and she looked so exhausted. Shahzeb walked a little further until we came across a small cot by the bed. In it, we saw a small creature wrapped in a white blanket. It was awake and it's small round brown eyes looked up. It was quiet.

'This is her.' Shahzeb told. My eyes widened in shock. This small creature was our sister?

'This is our sister?' I asked, my nose wrinkling in dismay.

'Yes, isn't she beautiful?' He drawled, his eyes glued to our sister.

'But she looks like a monkey.' I mumbled under my breath. Shahzeb looked at me with irritation. 'No she doesn't. She's adorable.' He claimed, his voice low so as to not wake up mother. But it was already too late.

'What are you doing here?!' Mother screamed and tried to get up but she was feeling so weak that she couldn't get up.

Her eyes were filled with so much hate and anger as she looked at us. I never understood why she hated me and Shahzeb so much.

I was about to respond but Shahzeb beat me to it and stood in front me, his protective response for me.

'Nothing ammi. We just came to see our sister.' He replied in a gentle voice, trying to gain ammi's trust.

'Leave now!' She ordered bitterly, her voice full of Venom. Just then, our nanny entered the room.

'Take then out of here.' She shouted at Amma who immediately obeyed with her head bowed down and she took mine and Shahzeb's arms as she lead us out of the room.

'Why is ammi so angry with us Amma? We just wanted to see our sister.' Shahzeb asked. Amma smiled tenderly at us as she lead us to our room.

'She's just tired mera chanda.' She said. 'I'll take to see your sister when your mother is feeling well. You know how irritable she gets when she's tired.' She pronounced.

I didn't ask anything since I wasn't that much interested now since ammi yelled at us for no reason. She just loved yelling at us. I don't understand why.

I decided to sleep early since tomorrow Saeen had ordered us that we needed to go with him somewhere.

Before midnight, I heard a lot of noise from the hall. The noise was coming from Ammi's room. Shahzeb went out to see. I didn't really care since I was so tired.

I finally managed to sleep but Shahzeb woke me up.

'What?!' I yelled at him. I hated whenever he would wake me up like this.

'I have a bad feeling. I think we need to go and see Ammi.' He said.

I frowned in confusion. 'Why?'

'Th Saeen and Abu were here to see her a few hours ago. Something happened and ammi was screaming and crying. I want to see if she's alright.'

'Then go and see. I want to sleep.' I said irately but he pulled me out of bed and practically dragged me out of the room. I was already irritated but now that I was out, mind as well go with him.

The estate was dark. Everyone was asleep. I was sure that ammi would be asleep too.

'She must be sleeping. Let's go and sleep too.' I tried to dissuade him but with Shahzeb, one could never deter him once he's anxious. I seriously hate that about him. He says that it's his sixth sense that makes him very perceptive. I never Underwood why and it annoyed me. That trait about him annoyed me because he always tried to drag me along with him.

'No, I seriously have a bad feeling.' He claimed and dragged me along with him. We were outside our mother's room now. The light was on. I found that strange.

Shahzeb carefully turned the knob and opened the door.

Ammi was awake. She wasn't just awake but I saw her disheveled appearance that left me astounded. Her usually braided hair was s mess, her face was tear stained as her hands worked. She was standing on top of a table, her height making her able to almost reach the ceiling. She stood close to the ceiling fan. The fan was off and a strange white cloth was wound about the fan hold. Her hands held a border of the white cloth and she had tied knot as if it was a noose.

Her eyes snapped at us when she heard us. And what I saw, I don't think I will ever forget.

The amount of hatred and loathing that I saw in her eyes and the disgust that marred her expression as she looked at us.

I was frozen in place with confusion. I knew that she hated us but what's with the disgust? I heard Shahzeb gasp.

'Ammi?' He said in a small shaken voice, his eyes welling up with tears. 'What are you doing?' He asked as his tears spilled out. My confusion was further deepened. Why was he crying?

My attention went back to Ammi as she began to laugh hysterically.

'You two monsters!' She seethed, her tone venomous. 'You are evil. You two should've never been born!' She screamed and immediately rounded the noose around her neck. I saw her tightening it from behind. Shahzeb moved but it was too late.

I saw her jump from the table and a strange crack sound came as she hung from the ceiling fan.

I saw her face. Her eyes were open, going lifeless.

What just happened?

Shehryaar's eyes flew open. The first thing to come in his line of sight was the white ceiling of his bedroom.

Shehryaar brought his hand up and rubbed his eyes. He was covered in sweat.

He got up and his face fell in his hands. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and combed his fingers through his hair.

That memory. Why did he dream of that memory? All this time, he had never once thought of that night. Then why now?

He looked to his right side and saw Anissa sleeping sounding, her body turned in his direction. She looked so peaceful. Carefully, Shehryaar laid back down and studied her face.

She was a sight to behold. A lovely creature. Anissa was the most beautiful woman he had ever encountered. And she was all his. Only his. His hand carefully went ahead and caressed her cheek. Her skin was so soft and smooth, her beautiful brown hair was sprawled on the pillow.

'I love you'

His hand immediately stopped moving on her face when he remembered what she had said to him a few hours ago.

She loved him? Really? So she finally came to love him.

But why?

This was all so shocking for him. He didn't expect that.

All this time, he had gained her trust, her care as well as her gentle spirit. Bitvwhat he had not gained in all this time was her love.

And now, suddenly, out of the blue, she declared that she loved him? Why?

Shehryaar felt like he needed a drink. A strong one. But then he remembered that he had stopped drinking. For her.

Sighing quietly, he got up and got out of the room. He needs fresh air.

He went to his office and stood outside in the balcony. He gazed up the dark night sky, the stars shinning in plain sight.

He didn't know what to do.

He was confused.

She loved him? But how? And why?

Wasn't he the one she used to hate so much? Was he the one she loathed to the point of betrayal? Then why?

Yeah sure, all this time, they had worked out their differences but he had given up on the notion of ever having her love.

He was content with the way life was going.

Anissa was there with him. She stayed by his side. And it was more then what he deserved. This whole time made him honestly realise his shortcomings. So now, she was with him so he was satisfied with that. Yes, he wasn't happy. But he was alright. This life wasn't just survival now. He was actually living.

But what now?

Just a few days ago, she had asked him about his feelings. That

snorted. "Tell me something I don't know sweetheart."

Anissa knew that he wouldn't take this seriously.

"Come home. I want you to come home!" She quickly demanded.

"Are you out of your mind Anissa?" He asked in bewilderment. "I can't just up and leave in the middle of-"

"I don't care! I miss you. Please come home to me." She cried, her heavy years falling as her hand clutched on her shirt above her small protruding baby bump.

On the other side, Shehryaar was shocked to hear what she had just said to him. She had never said something like to him.

"Please Shehry, " she hiccuped. "I miss you too much. These past few days, without speaking to you or talking to you, I can't bear it. Please, come home." She was practically begging him.

Shehryaar was silent, stunned with the turn of events. Anissa kept crying and begging him.

Shehryaar felt as if his cold heart threatened to melt. And for once, he couldn't bring himself to not feel. The way that she was saying everything, it really went straight to his heart.

"Okay." He whispered in a silent agreement. Anissa cries ceased a bit.

"Really?" She asked so innocently, her sweet voice so low.

"Yeah, I'll leave by tonight. I should be there by morning." He told.

Anissa chuckled through her tears. "Okay."


Anissa kept wringing her fingers together as she waited.

She had never felt like this before.

Even though Shehryaar was mostly away on his business trips, she had never missed him because she would also keep herself engaged in her work.

But now, everything was different.

As soon as heard the noise of various vehicles entering the estate, Anissa jumped on her feet and ran to the main entrance.

Her eyes fell on Shehryaar as he got out of the SUV.

Without thinking, Anissa ran to him. Shehryaar saw her coming, his arms automatically opening for her.

Without giving any regard to the various guards around them, Anissa hugged Shehryaar so tight as if her life depended on it.

Shehryaar wrapped his arms around her and drowned himself in her heavenly scent.

All the guards turned away from the couple, giving them a moment.

Anissa was quick to burst into tears as her emotions got the best of her. Shehryaar pulled her up and carried her bridal style. Anissa buried her face in the crook of his neck as she cried heavy tears of sorrow and anguish.

Shehryaar carried her to their bedroom. He sat on the edge of the end as she Anissa sat his lap and cried.

Shehryaar's heart clenched. Her tears were always his undoing. He could never bear to see her in pain or in tears ever again.

"Shhh, baby, I'm here now. Stop crying." He cooed softly into her ear.

Anissa's eyes snapped open, her tears ceasing. She tried to reign control on herself. She let go of Shehryaar and her palm flew to his face, slapping him sharply across the face. Shehryaar was left stunned.

"You bastard!" She screamed. "Asshole!" She shrieked, punching his chest with feeble fists and slapping his face. Shehryaar was quiet as he got out of his shock and took everything that she was giving him.

She kept hitting him and yelling profanities at him until she gave in and cried her heart out.

"I missed you so much." She weeped. "And you don't even care. You left without a word and this whole week, you didn't even bother to speak to me." She complained.

"How could you be that insensitive? How could you be so cold and cruel? Didn't you do enough damage to me already?" She cried.

"I know." He only whispered as he held her tight.

"You're horrible." She whispered, placing her head on his chest.

"I know." He tightened his arms around her.

"You're terrible." She said.

"I am." He concurred.

"But I still love you." She sniffed. "So much." She whispered. He stiffened, not moving at all.

"I missed you." She cried, feeling her tears start afresh. "So much." She whispered.

She felt Shehryaar gently cup the back of her neck as he pulled her away. She looked up at him and he was looking at her with an unreadable expression but his eyes were showing her and saying to her that he wasn't unaffected. That he cared.

It was almost as if he wanted to tell her something but couldn't. She could sense that he was being stopped by something. Pride maybe. He was being stopped from accepting her feelings.

Shehryaar brought his lips to hers and kissed her passionately.

Pressing his forehead to hers, he looked deeply into her eyes.

"Why do you love me?" He whispered huskily.

"Because i can." She replied.

"That isn't an answer I can accept."

"That's the only one you're getting." Anissa responded softly. "I can love you if I want. I don't need a reason for it."

Shehryaar gave her a hard look. "There is always a reason for loving someone." He said.

"What was your reason for loving me?" She asked back.

Shehryaar was taken aback. But he had a response to it.

"You made me feel human." He murmured. "And you complete me."

"And you complete me as well." Anissa claimed. She saw confusion flash in his vivid grey eyes, his handsome face a mask of disbelief.

Anissa smiled. "I had prayed for it. Now I have it. I won't deny it." She gently cupped his face. "You're to me, what no one else can be. You're my first love." She proclaimed. And for the first time, she saw a genuine small smile crack on his face. His eyes softened as he gazed at her with adoration.

"Isn't that enough?"

"Yes, I suppose it is enough." Shehryaar replied.


Ammi; mother

Mera chanda; my dear

Saeen; their grandfather who was the boss then

Abu; father

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