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   Chapter 112 NO.112

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Anissa's eyes flew open, her senses going into overdrive. Without thinking, she quickly sat up only to end up feeling dizzy and collapse back into the pillow. She groaned as her head begun to spin. Her hand went up to her forehead and she massaged it gently, wanting the pain to go away.

But was it her head or her heart that was hurting? She knew the answer.

The moments, before she blacked out, flashed in her mind and bitter tears welled up in her eyes.

Me? Pregnant? But how? She thought as she inhaled sharply, her tears rolling down her temples. It hurt so much to think about it that she felt like her heart would stop at any moment.

Why? Why Allah? Why would you play such cruel tricks on me. She thought spitefully as she looked at the ceiling. She could've never thought that something like this would happen to her.

How was it even possible? She saw the evidence herself. The scar on her navel was proof and the image of the ultrasound was forever burned in her memory. Then how? How was it possible that she became pregnant? She hadn't had her period in these three years thus confirming that her uterus really was removed. Then how?

"Asalam alaikum, madam Anissa." Anissa opened her eyes and saw her lead gynaecologist standing at her right side.

Anissa looked at her with such painful eyes that the lady doctor couldn't help but feel so much pity for her. She had never seen her boss act this vulnerable and in a state of disbelief before. "I was told that you passed out after you found out about your pregnancy." The lady doctor said kindly.

"Stop saying that. I'm not pregnant." Anissa cried in denial. She didn't want to believe it. It just wasn't possible.

"But madam, why would you ever think that?" The doctor asked.

"Because its true. My uterus was removed!" Anissa cried, shedding tears of anguish.

"But madam-"

"Check me right now!" Anissa ordered abruptly. The only explanation coming to her mind was that of another ectopic pregnancy: if the uterus was removed then that only meant that the fetus had to have been lodged elsewhere.

The doctor obeyed and nodded to a nurse who was standing behind her. They helped prepare her for the ultrasound. Anissa reigned controlled on her tears and fixed her blurred eyes on the screen. The doctor spread a cool gel on her stomach, notably upon the scar and then started pressing the wand.

"Why are you passing it there? Just check the sides." Anissa ordered.

The doctor was bewildered with Anissa's unusual request. "But madam-"

"Just do it!"

"But madam, its protocol. If I really don't find anything there then most certainly I'll do as you say." She said as professionally as she could. Anissa squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to see what she already knew and dreaded she would see.

"Ah, there it is." Anissa's eyes flew open at the doctor's words and her neck snapped in the direction of the monitor. Her eyes widened in complete and utter shock as if someone slapped her hard across the face. Her breath was knocked out of her chest as if she was punched cruelly in the gut.

What she saw shattered everything she believed in so far. As if the very existence of the world around her had faded to the background as her mind registered the image she saw on the screen.

There, she saw not only the presence of her uterus but also two bean pods with cords passing through them.

Anissa couldn't breath. She just didn't possess the insight to breath anymore. As if she had forgotten that simple task. As if, everything around her seemed so small and insignificant.

Anissa's heart was beating so fast that Anissa feared it might explode. The cardio monitor by her side was beeping so loudly.

"Mashaa Allah, congratulation madam." The lady doctor said with a kind smile. "You're nine weeks pregnant with twins." She announced, rather cheerfully so that her boss may calm down as she viewed the monitor.

Anissa still couldn't believe that all this time, she still had her uterus perfectly intact. She wanted to ask. She had so many questions. But she couldn't find her voice.

"Mashaa Allah, you're completely healthy. The fetuses have a strong heartbeat." The doctor relayed. "I was given your earlier reports. You complained of breast pain and tenderness that you were mistaking for cancer." The doctor said. Anissa looked at the doctor with fearful eyes. The doctor smiled. "Fear not madam it most certainly isn't cancer. The breast pain and tenderness is most probably because of the changes that take place in pregnancy." The doctor explained. She was very surprised to know how her boss reacted to the news even though all these things were basic knowledge for any physician but now she understood a little that's why she thought to ease Anissa's worries.

"If you'd like, I can examine them for you. Just for your peace of mind."

Anissa was completely frozen, her eyes were back on the screen as she saw the two bean shaped pods. She was shaken to the core, not able to come up with anything sensible or coherent. Her mind was blank. Her heart was barely alive as she saw this.

The doctor kept babbling on and on about the scan as she pointed her finger and showed Anissa that everything was perfectly normal. However, the doctor's wand stopped at a certain location as she scrutinised it.

"What is it?" Anissa finally managed in a small voice, feeling dread creep in her for the safety of her babies even though she had yet to accept it but her maternal instincts kicked in almost instantly.

"This shadow right here. It looks like an implant." The doctor said.

And that's when it finally dawned upon Anissa. Her senses finally locked in but her emotions had yet to make an appearance.

The scan was done and the nurse wiped off the gel from her stomach.

"This scar, what do you make of it?" Anissa inquired, her voice sounding so hollow even to herself.

"Hmm, " the doctor examined the scar. By now, the doctor had inferred that Anissa was still under the same impression of having her uterus surgically removed.

"The length of the scar is according to protocol. But I would say that it's very superficial." The doctor said. Anissa squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her teeth tightly.

A fabricated scar. The scar was a lie. And for all these years, she had never examined it properly because she feared even looking at it. All this time, this scar was a constant reminder of her loss and her agony and that's why she couldn't be so brave as to properly see it.

But now, she had figured out a lot.

"The shadow. Do you really think that it's an implant?" She asked without opening her eyes.

"I'm not sure madam." The doctor replied.

Anissa opened her eyes and nodded.

She needed to sort this whole mess out. She carefully jumped out of the bed and was wobbly on her feet but she couldn't bring herself to balance out her body.

This all was just too shocking. She was still badly shaken, her wits scattering everywhere.

"Wa-was my husband informed?" Anissa asked.

"Yes madam." The doctor told. Anissa nodded and started to stagger on her feet.

Anissa carefully made it out of the ward and headed outside. Even if Shehryaar knew, he was away to Islamabad and it would take him time to get back. And before he did, she needed to figure this whole mess out.

Anissa ordered her guards to take her to the Ghulari private clinic. She distinctively remembered that she was brought in the clinic in the day of her first wedding anniversary. Her mind was still empty. She couldn't bring herself to think.

Anissa arrived at the clinic and made her way to the reception. The staff stood up in respect when they saw the wife of their boss head inside. Anissa didn't say anything as she made her way to the record room. The record keeper saw her and quickly stood up.

"I want all the files that you have on me. Right now!" She ordered, her tone curt and sharp. The man quickly nodded and ran inside. Within two minutes, he came out with a thin dossier.

Anissa quickly took it and started reading. She was brought to this clinic many times. She quickly went to the first pages. And what she found was something that she had expected.

Her records said the same thing that she was made to believe. Now she understood. The truth was deliberately hidden from her so that even if sh

give me strength to overcome the challenges that await me in the future." She prayed.

Anissa jumped from her spot on the ground when the bedroom door flew open. She turned and saw Shehryaar breathing heavily as he entered the room, a look of sheer worry and dread marred on his handsome face as his eyes scanned the room, looking for Anissa. As soon as he saw her sitting on the prayer mat, he strode towards her. Anisaa quickly got to her feet and before she knew it, Shehryaar had pulled her to his chest, his hands gripping her arm and the nape of her neck tightly as his lips came crashing down on her, locking her in a fiery passionate kiss.

Anissa was surprised but she quickly melted in his embrace, feeling that same warm feeling engulf her as she felt Shehryaar's warmth.

Shehryaar pulled away and cupped her face. Anissa saw so much concern and worry in his eyes for her.

"Where the fuck have you been? I've been calling and you weren't answering your cell." He said breathlessly.

Anissa smiled sheepishly. "I'm sorry. I forgot my cell at work."

Shehryaar eyed her, looking for anything out of the ordinary. When he found none, his shoulders sagged and he took a long sigh of relief.

"What happened? I was called and told that you had fainted at work."

"Oh about that, I was feeling very tired and hypotensive, that's why." She lied through her teeth."

"Oh God, " he muttered and hugged her tightly, feeling her warmth and presence, her soft scent entering his nostrils. "I got so worried." He kissed the crown of he head. "I got here as soon as I could from Islamabad." He said.

Anissa felt so happy knowing that he cared so much for her that he went so far as to cancel everything and come quickly from so far just for her. She hugged him back as tightly as she could, feeling so comfortable and at ease in his strong arms.

The feeling that she felt before for Shehryaar emerged and was more strong now.

"I'm sorry for making you worry. It was nothing serious." Anissa mumbled.

Shehryaar pulled away. With one last look, he felt content that she really was alright. He sighed and loosened his tie.

"I'll go get you some coffee." Anissa said but Shehryaar stopped her.

"No, you should rest." He said and went to the bathroom. Anissa quickly took her dupatta off and folded her prayer mat. She went to the small fridge in the corner of the room and took out a cold bottle of water. Shehryaar emerged from the bathroom in just a pair of black sweat pants, his wet hair indicating that he just got back from a quick shower. He went to an armchair and sat down, sighing deeply. Anissa went to him and gave him a glass of water. Shehryaar accepted and drank. Anissa watched him.

This was the man that was her husband. But he wasn't just that. He was her destroyer and her healer.

He made her go through hell and back.

All this time, she had never expected anything from him other then understanding. But now she knew, he cared and understood more then she could ever know.

He truly loved her and protected her. Even if he didn't say it or if he showed that he was indifferent, she knew what was in his mind and heart, after all, her was Shehry, her Shehry.

Suddenly, Anissa wanted to be close to him. She wanted to feel him. She wanted to know that he was there with her.

Anissa took the glass from him. Shehryaar relaxed and closed his eyes. Anissa surprised him by sitting in his lap. She further surprised him when she wound her arms around his neck and hugged him.

Shehryaar's arms came up and gently hugged her back. They stayed like that.

Anissa took in his scent, feeling his hot skin under her touch. His hard body was so stiff. Carefully, she pulled away from him and looked at his face. He looked so weary. Anissa's hand went up and she gently stroked his cheek, her other hand combing his hair from the back. His eyes stared at her with amusement but she could tell that he was still guarded because she rarely touched him or showed this much openness.

But that was before. Now, all that Anissa wanted was to be close to him, touch him, feel him. His arms around her waist tightened and brought her closer, eliminating the distance between them.

"What's wrong?" He inquired in his deep voice, a ghost of a smile playing on his lips.

Anissa realised how much safe she felt in his arms. How much she loved his smile. And most of all, how much she loved his eyes because they showed her his heart and soul.

Now she understood what she was feeling for him. It wasn't gratitude. It was something far more deep. This feeling was precious as it made her feel so complete.

This feeling was something that she wanted for so long.

Anissa brought her lips to his and kissed him softly, a chaste and pious attempt to make him know and convey this feeling to him.

Anissa pulled away and smiled brightly, not hiding anything as her eyes stared deeply into his with so much affection. She felt her cheeks flood and color crimson. Her heart fluttered and she felt butterflies in the pit of her stomach.

"I love you." She murmured, pressing her forehead against his.

Shehryaar's eyes widened as he inhaled sharply. He couldn't believe what she just said to him.

"I love you." She said again and brushed her lips against his. Shehryaar remind still as a statue, not knowing what or how to feel.




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