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3 years later

Anissa woke up at the wound of her buzzing alarm clock. Groaning, her hand went forward and she harshly shut down the alarm. She looked at the time and date and realised that it was the 12th of June.

A slow smile crept on her lips as excitement coursed through her.

Today marked the day of her third wedding anniversary. Technically, fifth since it had been five years since Anissa had been married to Shehryaar, but three since they true became a couple. And Anissa felt her heart warm up with happiness. Today was truly a good day.

Anissa got up and sat upright. She looked to her right and was saddened to see the side of the bed empty.

It had been two weeks since Shehryaar was gone on his Australian tour, extending his business in that country. He called her everyday but she missed him. Even though they face timed everyday, she missed him. She took his pillow in her hands and pressed it against her face: his musky scent still lingered there.

Anissa smiled to herself. She couldn't believe that so much time had passed. She had never imagined that she would be at a point when Shehryaar would mean so much to her.

Today was a Saturday so she had many things planned out. She was glad that she didn't have to go for work today.

Anissa decided to pursue psychiatry instead of surgery and medicine. But before she could become a doctor, this time, she had to be a patient. Anissa had undergone intensive therapy to help her cope with her new life with Shehryaar.

It took years for her to get over her trauma. A part of her still feared Shehryaar and his sociopathic self. But a huge part of her, forgave him a long time ago and learned to trust him. Now she openly accepted him.

But of course, the past and all the painful memories could not be erased from her mind. But one thing that therapy taught her was that, those memories could be masked as long as enough trust was developed.

These three years were a real struggle for her and Shehryaar. They had fought many battles and won but the war was still ongoing, the only difference was that they did it together. These three years were another phase of their lives but it made them into the people that they were. They were better versions of themselves.

More pain was given and endured, more anguish was fought against. But they both persevered. There was once a time that things had gotten so bad between them that it became so apparent that things would end between them. But they overcame it all. Together.

And now, they were finally seeing good times.

Anissa never knew that time could change so many things around her: she had changed and so had Shehryaar.

It is true that time heals all wounds. The scars are left as a reminder but they are there to show how strong and patient a person had become.

Anissa and Shehryaar has been through a river of fire and ice. They didn't come out unscathed but they did survive.

The war was still on.

And they both healed and grew together. They were both still hurting, but that's the thing about life: it's beautiful and gives you strength.

And because she had managed to hurt him on almost an equal level, it wasn't hard for her to mask those memories with new ones when she was more then willing to.

In her belief, because he had broken her, only he could fix her.

But it wasn't easy. Not for the initial two years. Shehryaar had completely dissociated himself from her and would not associate himself much with her. And Anissa would also give into her pride when Shehryaar would not see her efforts. They were both literally on each other's throats, refusing to be the first to give in. But Shehryaar was more intense. So in the end, she had to swallow her pride and go after him. But even then, she had to fight for her rights that's why the struggle was still on. The moment when their opposite sides would clash, those were the moments when things would get so delicate

Even Shehryaar needed therapy. But he refused it vehemently. So, Anissa performed passive therapy on him, setting boundaries and limits. And that's when she decided to pursue psychiatry. And in these three years, she practiced passive anger management therapy on Shehryaar. Due to which, he had a lot of control on his emotions. He understood how to react and respond properly on an emotional level.

He never raised his hand on her again, never hurt her. Although he had claimed that he would hurt her, she knew that he wouldn't.

Slowly, step by step, they progressed. In the beginning, it was really hard for her to make him come out of his shell. He only addressed her with her full name and looked at her with cold eyes. It also took her some time to built a new perspective of him. But almost a year ago, after two years of effort, the day she called him Shehry and smiled brightly at him, as if he meant so much to her, that was the day the ice around him melted and at least he didn't look at her coldly. And since then, she's been working hard on making him see her like the way he used to before her betrayal.

And slowly, but surely, they were both making progress. She realised, that he only took a step forward when she did. He was finally treating her like his equal, maybe even more. But in all these three years, he never opened himself to her. He always kept everything to himself.

And it did little for him to trust her even now.

He was only open sometimes when it came to expressing his feelings about certain matters. But other then that, he remained dissociated.

So, now, Anissa was working to have him open up to her. All she wanted to know was what he thought of them. But Shehryaar was cold and detached at most. Anissa understood that the heartbreak he felt because of her wouldn't allow him to be as open and carefree about his emotions as he used to be.

But Anissa wanted to know. No, she needed to know. Anissa still didn't know whether she loved him or not, but she knew that she cared deeply for Shehryaar. The three years that they spent together were a testament of that.

The only good thing that happened to them in all these years was that they understood each other. Anissa knew Shehryaar, she knew everything about him.

There was even a time when things had gotten so worse for them but they still managed to pull through.

If nothing, Shehryaar may have been cold and distant but he still felt the same for Anissa. He didn't say it but his actions always expressed his possessiveness and affection for her. And that was enough drive that enabled Anissa to completely open up her heart for him.

Anissa got up and went to the bathroom. After freshening up, she got out and turned on the TV.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair is short to above her shoulders: a sign of her choice, rebellion and equality, much to Shehryaar's chagrin. But she maintained it, even going so far as to have a long fight with Shehryaar over this matter. But she remained steadfast.

"Oh I wouldn't call myself a celebrity. I would just call myself as an individual who's trying to make a difference in this world."

Anissa heard a familiar voice on the tv screen that had her attention. Anissa sat on the couch as she saw Khadijah Atish sitting on a flush sofa in the set of a morning interview. This was the first time Anissa was seeing Khadijah Atish on a live interview. Other then the few times she had seen her on the news along with her husband, the couple remained out of public eye for a long time.

"I see but, as I understand, you had an accident and then you disappeared out of public eye. So please tell us about yourself. How are you coping?" The host inquired.

Anissa kept her eyes on Khadijah Atish. After that whole debacle, Anissa didn't allow Shehryaar to ever approach Khadijah and her family. Throughout this time, as Anissa got to know Shehryaar, she understood his hatred for his father and the little remaining Ghulari family. Hassan Ameed Ghulari had went into hiding again when Shehzad and Khadijah Atish rose to prominence in Pakistan. Their own struggle allowed many doors to open. The moment finally came when they came after Shehryaar but they were indebted to Anissa for her help so they weren't able to expose Shehryaar but along the way, Anissa had managed to convince Shehryaar to join Shehzad Atish's Builders' Association as a way of destroying his family. Shehryaar wasn't accepting at first but Anissa had managed to get through to him. But that didn't mean that two families had gotten closer or anything. They weren't friends but Anissa and Khadijah held respect for one another.

As Anissa stared at Khadijah on the screen, she couldn't help but admire the woman as she got lost in her thoughts.

"And please mention about your family, Khadijah." The host asked enthusiastically.

Khadijah chuckled. "Well to start off, me and my husband moved to Karachi and shifted into my parents home. I was pregnant at the time. A couple of months later, we were blessed with our fraternal twins, Iqra and Ibtishaam. After that we decided to remain out of public eye as we value our privacy. My husband started his own business and resumed the project that his late father had started."

And Anissa knew exactly what had come to pass. The Atish couple became powerful over the years. With the new assembly of the Association, they were able to raise enough awareness that it became a case that they presented to the high court, condemning Hassan Ameed Ghulari and accusing him of the death of the previous board members. Even that, that cunning old man used his political power and got out of the case and since then, he's been in hiding. But using this opportunity, they were able to make a good reputation and attracted a lot of investors for themselves, Shehryaar being one of them.

Anissa was brought out of her thoughts on the sound of Khadijah's reply.

"I resumed my studies that I had left in Columbia University here in New York City. After two years we were blessed again with another beautiful daughter, Hira." Khadijah told. Anissa's heart cl

just me or have your tits gotten bigger?" He inquires huskily.

Fear exploded in her mind so she quickly diverted his attention and kissed him passionately. Shehryaar gave in, his hand finding her feme. His talented fingers worked to arouse her. A low growl erupted from his chest when he found that she got so wet from a little bit of his touch.

"Only I'm the man who has this affect in you." He whispered in her ear.

"Yes." Anissa replied as she blushed a deep scarlet when he slid two fingers inside of her and pumped vigourously. Anissa was on the edge when he removed his fingers. Anissa whimpered but bit her tongue when she saw him move and remove his swimming boxers. He parted her knees and settled between her legs. With a smirk, he teased her as he rubbed the tip of his cock against her folds, not entering her.

"Shehry!" She whined, looking at him with pleading eyes.

"You want it? You want my cock deep inside of you?" Shehryaar asked, his voice rough with lust as he settled his heated gaze on her.

"Yes." Anissa murmured, her core weeping by for him. "I want you." She whispered as her cheeks turned brighter.

"Then take me." Shehryaar ordered. Anissa submitted, her hand going down between them as she gripped his rock hard manhood and slid it between her folds and into her awaiting core. They both let out a moan of pleasure as they made their connection.

Shehryaar embraced her tightly as he pumped into her roughly with every thrust.

"Oh, Shehry, " Anissa moaned, her nails digging into his shoulders. Shehryaar's mouth went down and devoured her swelled peaks into his mouth. Anissa moaned in pain, the tenderness of her breasts intensifying but the pleasure she was receiving was too great that it easily balanced out the pain.

Shehryaar grunted as he went on with a quick pace. Anissa felt her climax as well as his erection swell inside of her. Anissa screamed as her orgasm hit her hard. Shehryaar also found his released and planted his seed deep inside Anissa.

They both panted as they felt drained and spent. But it wasn't enough. They both needed more.


"Shehry?" Anissa said as her fingers traced lazy patterns on his chest, her head resting on his shoulder.

"Hmm?" Shehryaar bemused, his eyes closed as his hand gently combed through Anissa's hair.

"Do you.....still feel the same way about me?" She inquired.

"Of course I do. You're mine." His reply was instant. But Anissa felt as if he was being too casual about it when she was being serious. She finally mustered up the courage to ask him after three years and he was treating it so normally.

Anissa sighed and sat up, pulling the sheets to her chest. Shehryaar's eyes flew open and he looked at her with disapproval, not appreciating the distance she created between them.

"I'm serious." She said. Shehryaar's brows furrowed. "Okay but what are you serious about?"

"About your feelings for me. Are they still the same." She asked, her eyes staring seriously into his. Shehryaar understood what she meant and what Anissa had expected happened: his eyes became guarded and his expression became blank. Anissa sighed and felt like slapping herself. She knew that they weren't at that stage yet but she wanted to ask. It had been so long. Her heart wanted to know how he felt before it decided to completely surrender itself to him. But she knew that Shehryaar would react this way.

"Never mind." She mumbled and laid back down. Shehryaar didn't pull her in his arms and turned in the opposite direction. Anissa stared at his broad muscular back. She felt so hurt, disappointed and dejected. Even after three years, she couldn't manage to have him open up to her. It became apparent that he still didn't trust her.

She dreaded this moment.

Anissa felt as if her three year struggle was all in vain.

It's okay. Don't give up. Her heart chided.

No, if he can't trust you, then you shouldn't give a damn either. Her pride intervened.

Anissa sighed and felt her tender breasts ache. She was reminded of a bigger problem that she needed to take care of.


"Your reports came in." The doctor told. Anissa nodded.

"I seriously think that it's either hormonal imbalance or its precancerous." Anissa claimed. "And Ive been suffering from fainting spells these past few days as well." Anissa said. "I just hope it isn't serious." The doctor frowned at her.

"Um, I'm surprised that you, being a doctor yourself, would say something like that boss." The oncologist said. Anissa was confused.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, first of all madam, you shouldn't have come to me for a consult. You shouldn't consulted a gynaecologist." The doctor said as she viewed her reports.

"What are you talking about. I already told you about what happened to my mother. It has to be cancer. It can't be anything else."

"Why do you think that?" The doctor inquired. Anissa was taken aback. Was this woman stupid? Anissa told her her family history. "If it's not cancer then what is it?" Anissa asked, trying to keep calm and composed.

"See for yourself." The Doctor handed her reports. The x-rays were normal. No abnormalities were found. No nodules. Nothing. Anissa took out of her blood report and what she saw, she literally felt like her heart would stop at any moment.

"It says.....HCG levels are high." She murmured as her eyes welled up in tears. "So it's confirmed, it really is cancer." Anissa muttered.

"What? No, madam why would you think it's cancer?" The doctor asked, completely baffled by her young Boss's reaction.

"What else is it? High levels of HCG means a Tumor. What else can it mean?" Anissa shrieked, enable to keep her composure any longer. She never thought that she would end up with cancer.

"Madam, it's not cancer." The doctor said calmly and gently touched Anissa shoulder.

"Of course it's cancer. What else can it be?" Anissa screamed, not able to take the oncologist's stupidity anymore.

"Madam it's not cancer. You're pregnant!" The doctor immediately said.

Anissa felt as if her world stopped at that very moment.

Me? Pregnant?

"P-preg-pregnant?" Anissa whispered in complete shock and disbelief as her eyes widened and she fell unconscious.


DUH- DUH-Dunnnnn......

Hahahaha ypu guys didn't really think that I would be so cruel with our beloved Anissa did you? Come on guys, with me, expect the unexpected :) when I said that I would be giving them a happy ending I meant it.

Now I know most of you are weirded out but the moments of their three years shall be discussed in bonus chapters after the last chapter :)


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