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2 months later

Anissa woke up. Slowly, she turned around and saw that clear bright light was filtering out of the window giving way to a bright and early morning. She yawned and stretched her arms above her head.

Anissa got up and freshened up as she went ahead with her daily routine.

She went to the kitchen and fixed herself some breakfast. Snow followed and Anissa smiled at her cat as she fixed it a nice bowl of milk along with some kibble.

Anissa took her cup of tea and went out in the garden. She sat on the garden chair and viewed the place. The place was empty. There was once a time when this exact place was loitered with gardeners on the lawn and guards on the sides. Now, it was a desolated place. The only people surrounding the property were the numerous Army officers in their Camo uniforms with their armed weapons clutched to their chests as they kept vigilant watch.

Two months.

It had been two months since Shehryaar was in a coma and two months since they were put under house arrest.

Anissa refused to say anything so they had no choice but to put her and Shehryaar under house arrest until they could get solid evidence against Shehryaar and his Mafia. But Anissa was confident that they won't find anything.

Shehryaar was down but that didn't mean that his empire could be threatened that easily. Shehryaar had his team of trusted men in charge in case if something happened to him. And before she was put away, Anissa placed Zameer in charge of the Mafia as well as Indus Enterprises since she only trusted him even though he wasn't the second-in-command.

Anissa had no complaints. In these two months, she took care of Shehryaar while he healed. The swelling in his brain was gone, most of the damage was repaired. All that was left was for him to wake up and that was due any day now.

Anissa was patient. Everyday, she followed a routine. After breakfast, she went to Shehryaar's room.

"Good morning." She chirped as cheerily as she could as she entered the room. It felt so stuffy and dreary. Anissa went ahead and drew the curtains, letting fresh light stream in the room. She went ahead and pulled open the windows to let in fresh air. She turned and faced Shehryaar who was sleeping on the large bed in the middle of the room. Anissa approached him and sat down beside him as she smiled a small smile at him. "How are you feeling today?" She inquired. "I'm sure that you're the same as yesterday." She let out a dry chuckle only that he couldn't reply because he was comatose.

Anissa sighed as she let out a tight smile. "Let's start our routine." She said and began.

His hair had grown in all this time into a short cropped style. At first, Anissa feared that he wouldn't be able to grow hair again since his whole scalp was opened up for the surgery but thankfully, after the first month, she began to see growth. His face had thinned out, a thick beard replacing the light stubble on his jaw. Anissa did not approve. She went to the bathroom and came back with a shaving kit. She sat down beside him and pressed a button to elevate the bed so that Shehryaar was placed in a sitting position. The cast was off but his left arm and shoulder had to be put in a slang for support. Since his body was muscular and bulky, Anissa helped his limbs in simple exercises to keep his muscles from atrophying from prolonged disuse.

Gently, Anissa removed the sheets off of Shehryaar. First she helped with his neck. Gently, she lifted his head and carefully turned his head from right to left and up and down. She did this a few times and then went to the arms and legs, gently flexing and extending them at the joints. They were simple exercises. In the beginning, it was a tough job for Anissa since Shehryaar was such a big and strong man compared to Anissa's petite frame. But she didn't mind. The toughest was giving him a bath and taking care of other matters but Anissa handled them well.

An army medic was put in charge of Shehryaar's case. He visited after every three days and according to his reports, Shehryaar was doing just fine. But Anissa wasn't certain so for her own peace of mind, she did her own checkups on him as a part of her daily routine. She took out her bag and began: first she checked his blood pressure, then went for auscultation of his chest. Thankfully, his left lung had healed well and he was able to breath within four weeks after the surgery. All of his injuries had healed. After checking Shehryaar's vitals, she was satisfied that he was ok.

Gently, she placed a cloth under his chin and started trimming his beard. She liked it when he had a light stubble. Maybe I should shave it off today. She mused but since she didn't know how to shave, so in fear of messing up, she didn't touch his face.

But he was handsome nonetheless.

When Anissa was done, she sighed to herself as she stared at Shehryaar's unconscious face with a small smile. In the beginning, it was hard for her to bring herself to smile at him. But with practise, she was able to make herself smile at Shehryaar, even though he was unconscious.

"You're fine today too alhamdulillah." She mumbled and packed away her stuff.

These two months were hard for her. She had no contact with anyone. She wanted to talk to someone. She wasn't allowed to make any phone calls or any access to the internet until the house arrest was over. And Anissa hated to be free and do nothing. So she always busied herself in chores. She hated being alone. So she talked with Shehryaar.

Strangely enough, she missed him. She missed how he used to be with her. She missed talking to him. Sure, most of their talk was just threatening and bickering but Shehryaar had changed so much.

She took a brush and sat closer to Shehryaar. Gently, she brushed at his short hair, feeling the softness of his short strands. Strange, all this time, he was here with her, yet she didn't notice anything about him. And what most painful part was, she knew next to nothing about Shehryaar.

"You know, " she started, staring at his face while admiring his good looks. "I have no idea who you really are." She claimed. "Please wake up soon." She cupped his cheek and leaned forward, planting a kiss on his forehead.

"We have so much to talk about. Just wake up soon, I want to know you." She murmured, her lips lingering on his forehead. His skin was so cold even thought it as summer and the weather was so hot. Anissa spread the duvet on his till his stomach. Anissa sighed to herself and left.

Ever since she truly forgave Shehryaar, it became easy for her to not think about her past with him.

t." She said as she wiped the towel on his neck. "So, you need to be careful. You just woke up and-"

"How long was I out?" Shehryaar asked, his voice void and cold.

Anissa looked at him but continued to wipe the towel on his neck. "Two months." She mumbled.

Shehryaar's eyes widened. "I've been out for two whole months?" He bellowed angrily.

"Yes." Anissa replied. "Your situation took a turn for the worst so they had to operate and put you in a medically induced coma so that you may heal properly." She told. Shehryaar looked away from her.

Anissa finished and perched beside him. Gently. She took his right hand into hers and squeezed it. Shehryaar's eyes widened in shock. She was touching him. She was willingly touching him.

Her eyes were soft as she stared at him with kindness. "I know it may seem confusing but please try to relax. You just woke up. You shouldn't be stressing yourself out." She gave him a small sweet smile.

Shehryaar was taken aback.

This was all new to him.

This Anissa was indeed different.

She was taking care of him, being kind to him, willingly touching him and now, she was even smiling at him? Why? He found it so baffling.

She hated him. Shouldn't she be looking at him with hateful eyes?

But he didn't find any hate in her eyes. All that he saw was concern and kindness.


"Why?" He murmured.

Her brows furrowed in confusion. "Why what?"

"Why are you doing this? Being here and being kind to me?" He inquired, genuinely curious.

Anissa bit her lip in nervousness and looked away. "Don't you want me to be around and treat you right?" She asked.

Shehryaar was silent. He honestly didn't have a come back for that. But actually, he wanted answers but yet again, he didn't want them. He didn't know if he was ready to accept anything right now. So he let it slide.

"What's the status?" He asked, sounding more like a command that came out detached and cold.

Anissa looked at him for a second and replied. "We are under house arrest." She informed and told him about the whole situation.

Shehryaar listened intently. He wasn't surprised that something like this happened. He knew that the army intelligence was out to get him. So of course they would strike when they knew he would be down. But that wasn't what got his attention. When Anissa told him what the Army wanted from her and her response, Shehryaar was left flabbergasted.

"Why didn't you tell them anything?" He inquired. "It was the perfect chance that you had. Why didn't you corporate with them?"

Anissa exhaled and looked at him. She didn't feel like answering such questions right now.

"Because....., " she bit her lip again as she gazed deeply into Shehryaar's grey eyes. "I didn't want to betray you a second time." She answered, squeezing his hand. Shehryaar stared at her blankly but inside, he was shocked. He didn't expect that from her. He released his hand from her and looked away. Anissa felt hurt at his cold and distant attitude.

"You should rest." She quickly dodged the topic when she knew that he was only getting stressed out.

Shehryaar didn't say anything and just laid down. Anissa went ahead and cooked some rice with daal. She further surprised him when she tried to feed him. He didn't react and just went with the flow.

But his mind was going haywire.

First that and now this? What was going on? Why was she behaving so differently with him?

He searched her face as she fed him. There were no signs of deceit or fabrication. She wasn't faking it he could easily see that. Then why? Why was she acting this way? He just couldn't understand her motives behind her actions.

When night came, Anissa brought in her pillow and cover. She couldn't shift Shehryaar to the bedroom since he still needed to be put on IV medication to help with the sudden changes in his body so she decided to sleep with him in his room. When Shehryaar saw her place her pillow and cover on the couch, he narrowed his eyes at her.

"You don't need to sleep here." He said, his tone ice cold. "Go to your room. I want to be alone." Anissa was hurt and felt dejected.

She didn't understand why he was being so cold and mean to her. But she didn't argue with him. She understood that he was feeling bitter so she decided to give him some space. She knew that when he felt a little better, they would have a lot to discuss about.


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