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   Chapter 108 NO.108

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Anissa had only a minute to stop the bleeding. She had made sure not to shoot at the heart. The bullet had made an exit wound so it was out but the bigger problem now was that she had to see if it caused any spinal damage. Shehryaar lay in a pool of his own blood. Anissa tried her best to remain calm and composed as she stopped the bleeding. Her hands were stained crimson with his blood.

When he had asked her to shoot him, she made her decision then and there that she was going to save him. He had given up on everything but she would save him, from Himself and from much more.

As Anissa tied her dupatta tightly around his chest, she heard heavy footsteps and sure enough, the body guards were inside.

"Get the car out. We need to take him to the hospital!" She ordered loudly, checking Shehryaar's pulse: it was faint but it was there.

Both the burly men carried their boss to the awaiting car down at the estate and soon enough, they were heading to Shehryaar's private clinic. Dr. Suhaib was called in immediately.

Shehryaar was quickly taken into surgery. Anissa sat outside in waiting.

At that moment, she had no idea what she was feeling. Mostly, she felt emotionally numb.

It needed to be done. In order for her to forgive him and build an insight to bury her painful past, she needed to shoot him. She needed to get her burdening feelings off of her chest once and for all. In order to move on, all past grievances needed to be buried.

As Anissa stared at her bloody hands, she couldn't help but feel satisfied. It was sick of her to think that, but she couldn't help but feel that way for she felt like she has accomplished something. It wasnt easy but it was enough. Her pride was satisfied now she knew it wouldn't get in the way. They were truly even now. The score was settled. She felt content. Now, she left everything in God's hands.

Anissa waited patiently for three hours straight. Those hours were full of so much uncertainty. And for once, she was actually worried for Shehryaar. All sorts of possibilities ran through her mind. She knew that the bullet wound was dangerous but she made sure that it wasn't fatal.

"Madam?" Dr. Suhaib called. Anissa was startled and let out a shaky breath. She saw him take off his head cover and mask as he sighed deeply. "We have a problem." He said, his weary eyes looking at her with concern.

"What is it?" Anissa asked and stood up as she adjusted her dupatta on her head. Her worry was skyrocketing now as her heart sped up.

"We were able to close up the would. His left lung is punctured and some of his pulmonary vessels were ruptured as well as some spinal nerves but thankfully we were able to repair them in time before irreversible damage could take place. The healing process will be long so I'll advise to have the Saeen be kept in a medically induced coma once we are sure he's in the clear." He explained and handed her Shehryaar's chart. Anissa viewed them and sighed deeply.

"That isn't all is there?" She mumbled and closed the dossier.

"Please come with me." The Doctor led her to the radiology room. The nurses were placing many scans on the table. Anissa felt her heart beat erratically fast. She didn't want to think of the worse so she didn't.

"Because of the massive bleeding, he suffered from DIC. We were able to control it in time but not before we could avoid clot formation." He explained and showed her a brain scan. Anissa's breath hitched in her throat when she saw where the clot was. "Oh my God." She whispered and covered her mouth with her hand as a harsh reality struck her hard and her heart skipped a beat.

The clot was stuck in the minor vessels in the thalamus. And a stroke in the thalamus was fatal. She had never thought of this. She had no idea that with her own hands, she could end up killing Shehryaar. And killing him was never her intent.

"We need to surgically remove it." The doctor said.

"It's too dangerous." Anissa said, feeling weak and drained as worry exploded deep within her bones. "There has to be another way." She said loudly, a deep frown marring her forehead. "Put him on blood thinners. The clot will dissolve on it own." She was literally on the verge of panicking now.

"Not without causing other problems madam." The doctor said professionally but he could easily see the worry that was bothering Anissa. He never knew that he would see the day when his mistress would actually worry about his boss. After all, he was well aware of what had happened between the young couple. But he kept a straight face and his demeanour was very professional.

"Please, " Anissa mumured, feeling her eyes burn with tears. "Find another way."

She never knew that she could feel this way about Shehryaar. What she felt now was so clear:

Fear, uncertainty, worry, concern.

And all for Shehryaar no less.

This was what has changed. That moment changed her heart. It made her.....feel. For the first time, her heart felt more then just anger and hatred towards Shehryaar.

No. No no. You can't feel anything. Her pride tried to get in the way but she easily fought it down. I'm the one responsible for his condition. Whatever happens now, happens. I've left it all in God's hands. She thought, letting her heart feel. It was something and her heart grasped onto it with a tight hold.

This is all your fault. Her conscience whispered in her head.

"No, there's got to be another way. Find another way!" Anissa almost screamed, unable to control her raging emotions.

"Madam, I know you are worried but please, think clearly. I know you are worried about the risks but there is no other way." He explained.

"Its too risky." She mumbled, her tears rolling down as she viewed the CT scan again.

"Madam, " the kind old man gently squeezed her shoulder. "I know you are worried but please just pray that the Boss makes it out." He said calmly but Anissa was frantic. Without warning, she caught the old man's collar and yanked him down to her eye level.

"He better fucking make it out of this alive or else." She spat venomously through clenched teeth. The doctor was shocked at her show of hostility but nodded nonetheless.

"Inshaa Allah, we will do our best." He replied, feeling himself sweat in nervousness as Anissa glared daggers at him. "Don't forget, he's in good hands. We'll make sure to be extremely careful. After all, he's our leader as well as the leader of a whole province. We cannot afford to lose him." He said to encourage her. And Anissa could easily see his honesty. She saw that Shehryaar really did mean a great deal despite of what he did to these people.

"Please pray. That's all that's needed now." He asserted. Anissa breathed in deeply and tried to keep her composure. "Alright." She said, leaving everything in Allah's hands. The doctor nodded and went out to discuss the case with his team.


With tired feet, Anissa approaches the glass screen. She saw Shehryaar lying on the table, his body covered by the sheets. She saw a nurse shave off the hair on his head as he was being prepped for surgery. All that Anissa could do was stand outside and wait.

She spent the last two hours in prayer. Even now, she held a rossarie in her hand as she rolled off the beads while her lips moved in silent recitations.

She couldn't believe that she would be at a point in her life where she would be praying for Shehryaar's wellbeing.

Was it because she felt responsible for the state in which shehryaat was? Or was it her guilt? In the end, was it for her sake?

The bigger question was, why was she so worried for him? He wanted to die at her hands. Yet she was trying her best to save him. If he dies now, it would be for the better.

He was a Mafia leader, a cold blooded killer. He was responsible for so many terrorist activities in the country. Yet.....she wanted to save him.

Yes she made the decision to save him. Was it a selfish decision? Maybe. Maybe it was the hurt that she witnessed in him. Or the utter hopelessness that she saw him succumb to.

She was beyond surprised with herself when she reacted that way to what the doctor had told her. Her heart was on edge and her nerves were shot. All that was on her mind at that moment was for Shehryaar to be saved.

Whatever it was, one thing was clear: it was purely a selfish decision.

She wanted to save him for herself. Nothing else mattered.

She saw Dr. Suhaib entered the OR and nod at her through the screen. Anissa sucked in a deep breath and nodded in affirmation. She managed to get into the upper deck where she could easily witness the whole procedure.

All the while, she prayed to Allah to save Shehryaar's life. That's all she wanted. Once he was in the clear, she promised herself that she would work hard on building their relationship anew.

She would help him. She would save him. She would be the woman that he wanted because he was already the man that she wanted but was too blind to see.

The journey ahead was tough, full of peril and turmoil but Anissa was willing to go the distance along with Shehryaar.

The surgery was underway. Anissa was on the edge of her seat as she saw the whole procedure on a monitor in the observation deck. Th

and but now things had changed. Because she believed that for every good, there is an equal amount of evil as they battle each other on the tips of a balance scale. One cannot go without the other: that's just the natural law: good against evil.

But then again, there is always good even in that huge amount of evil.

Shehryaar wasn't inherently evil; he just didn't know the difference. And if she could, perhaps the best revenge would be to reform him and make him less evil.

Yes, that was a possibility.

And she would be the good in that evil. And would learn to control it. Like the Yin and yang, balancing each other out.

But that wasn't the reason she was going to believe in.

Her reasons were purely selfish. She had gained her retribution. She has taken too much and now it was time to give.

Why? Because she had truly forgiven him from the bottom of her heart. He let her avenge herself. He accepted death and was not fighting for his life. And she had vowed to herself that if he survived, she would move on, and choose him for who he is. Maybe she was being naive, maybe even stupid.

But forgiveness was a strange thing: it had wiped away all the hatred and the bitterness.

She had reduced herself to many things: but she wasn't cruel. And that was something she could never bring herself to be.

Maybe because she got what she had wanted, she was content but still, she wasn't happy.

She almost claimed a life. She thought she would be happy once she had achieved her objective and destroy Shehryaar and make him pay for all that he had done to her and made her go through.

But then Again, she deliberately shot him in a way that would prove less fatal then what he had intended for her to do. It was her choice. She wanted him to live.

But she also wanted him to suffer.

And he has suffered. A lot.

And when it came to him: what was he to her?

He was someone who forced everything on her: kidnapped her, forced her to get married to him, forced his intentions on her, abused her, tormented her, made her compromise her morals and shattered her confidence and self esteem.

But then again, he regretted what he did, he was remorseful and he tried his best to make amends. In a way, he didn't deserve what she was doing to him. Wasn't he also human? He was, she knew now. He was every bit human as her, the only difference was that he wasn't brought up in the same light. They were from two different worlds yet they thrived under the same sun.

He deserved a chance.

Because he did what he did out of his own twisted sense of love.

She understood.

Because he was a sociopath: a person who was incapable of feeling remorse because he wasn't taught or wasn't capable of processing his emotions properly or normally.

He deserved the benefit of the doubt from her side.

She had caused him enough suffering.

In a way, she pitied him: his life wasn't normal because he wasn't brought up normal. He was the way that he was because that's how he was raised.

But considering his past, it was a miracle that he realised his mistakes. And despite his huge ego and tremendous amount of pride and arrogance, he realised his mistakes and apologised.

He gave her justice for a matter that she had left unattended because she thought that it would never be served in this world; that was the first good he ever did to her.

Despite his selfish and self centred nature, he was patient with her and tried to heal her and bring her back. And he didn't do it because he wanted to but he did it for her. And for a cognitively impaired individual, it's quite a commendable feat.

He just needed help.

He just needed someone to show him the right way. He just needed someone to teach him the real meaning of love. He just needed saving.

Maybe he already knew, he had sacrificed so much for her already especially when it costed him so much.

The least she could do, was move on and choose him and accept him.

Life was throwing one of its greatest yet rarest challenges her way: to save a life and she would gladly accept it and fulfil it.

Not just in a plutonic sense: she had saved him many times and he was well aware of it, feeling immensely indebted to her. Yet she never called in her debt. But this time, she would make sure that he's indebted to her for the rest of his life because she was about to save his soul.

Not only his life. She would save his soul as well.

And make this Mafia boss, completely and irrevocably indebted to her.

And most of all, she wanted to do this for herself.

'Choose happiness over revenge.'

Khadijahs word were always fresh in her mind.

Love is better then hatred. Only love can heal you, so let it. Don't confine yourself to useless standards that hold you back from happiness. Learn to forgive. Yes never forget, but remember, all that you'll be left behind is regret and sorrow. Save yourself from that pain, life is already so hard. She told herself.

Yes, she wanted happiness. She wanted love.

There's a reason why God made women soft hearted: because a woman is the embodiment of God's mercy and compassion. While a man easily gives into his ego and pride, a woman endures because her strength is greater then any other. That's the reason why woman find peace in forgiveness and they save themselves from the regret of making unnecessary mistakes.

And he had offered happiness and love so blindly to her. And she was blind as well, for not recognising or accepting them.

But she was now.

She does regret taking revenge. And it hurts her to know that she broke his heart. And that was a low blow on her part.

She got her revenge.

She made him pay for his crimes.

Now, it was time to forgive, forget and move on.

Previously, she failed to understand. She tried to make him see from her outlook on life and judged him based on it. But she had forgotten one very crucial thing: his individuality.

He was different: she should've know that. Yes he treated her with pain and caused her suffering, but then he had the decency to realise his mistakes and try to make amends. Isn't that good enough?

Yes, it is good enough.

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