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Anissa swallows hard as she got the monitors set. She could feel Sadia's eyes on herself. She's been staring at Anissa for the past few minutes since Zameer left.

Anissa sighed and faced Sadia. "Is there a problem?" She asked.

Sadia shook her head and faced the larger screen that gave a view of the scan machine in which Shehryaar was lying in.

"Nothing, I'm just glad to see that you are okay now." She responded flatly.

Anissa couldn't help but feel that she was lying. And She couldn't help but feel some sort of negativity coming from Sadia. "I'm not completely alright." She muttered under her breathe.

"Did you inject the contract?" Sadia inquired, clearing changing the topic.

Anissa replied in the affirmative.

"What is it that you really want to see in this scan?" Sadia inquired as she took a seat in one of the chairs by the monitors. Anissa adjusted the settings and sat beside Sadia by the speaker phone. "I want to confirm my diagnosis." She answered.

"And what is that?" Sadia asked.

Anissa bit her lower lip and faced Sadia. The young doctor had changed since the last time she had seen her.

"I believe, from what I've been observing in him, is that my husband is a psychopath." She claimed. "But because I'm not a psychiatrist and my knowledge in that department is very limited, that's why I requested assistance from a good psychiatrist. I didn't know that they would bring you up again." She said, her eyes going down on Sadia's huge baby bump.

Yet again, Anissa was looking at a complete woman. Anissa felt her chest constrict painfully, as if not only the airways had been obstructed, but the vessels had also given in, not allowing her to breath in. Anissa just made her want to curse herself and her wretched existence knowing that she could never have what Khadijah and Sadia had and were blessed with. What they had, was something that Anissa desperately wanted but it broke her heart to know that she could never have it.

She shook her head and tried to focus. Sadia was feeling uncomfortable under her scrutiny and open staring so Anissa focused her eyes on the monitor.

"Alright, then let's get this over with." She said. Turning on the speaker phone, Anissa started. "Are you ready?" She asked and looked at the monitor which displayed Shehryaar's face.

"Yeah." He uttered, his expression showing his impatience. "Just get this over with already." He said in a slight scowl.

Anissa sighed and nodded to Sadia who got on with the scanning monitor. As soon as the monitor scanned his brain, it was just a simple superior view as well as side views of the grey image of the brain with a little activity being shown in the peripheral areas of the brain in yellow, blue and red lights.

"He's feeling pain. His whole insulate cortex is lit." Sadia observed as she pointed at the monitor. Anissa knew why that was. She was glad; this was a good idea. What better way to know what a person is feeling then to have their brain scanned.

Shehryaar was just too unstable and Anissa couldn't bring herself to believe a word he told her so she thought to study his brain, not only to confirm her diagnosis but also many other things. She wanted to know how his cognitive functions were, whether they were as impaired as his behaviour showed.

"Alright, " Anissa murmured to herself and turn the speaker phone on.

Taking in a deep breath, she said. "Shehry, " she whispered alluringly. And Shehryaar's brain lit up like a Christmas tree. All emotional pathways were lit up, from the prefrontal cortex to the temporal cortex of the brain and what Anissa wanted to see, it came to pass: the part of the brain, that processed love and affection, the caudate nucleus and the tagmental areas were especially lighted.

She didn't expect this. A psychopaths brain wasn't suppose to show so much activity. It was suppose to show dark spots with minimum emotional pathways. But what she saw right now, from merely whispering his name the way that he liked, had his pleasure and reward centres of the brain lighting up. And it overwhelmed Anissa with so many burdening emotions.

She looked at the monitor that showed Shehryaar's face and his expression was blank. But now Anissa knew how he really felt. She hadn't even started yet and his brain had already told her of his true feelings.

"Are you okay?" Sadia inquired, looking at Anissa with concern.

"Did you also see that?" She murmured, not trusting her voice.

"Yes I did. It contradicts with your diagnosis." Sadia said flatly. Anissa nodded and went back to the speaker phone. Her hands were shaking but she tried to control herself.

"I'm going to ask you some questions now and you'll have to answer them truthfully." She said.

"Fine." Shehryaar's voice was dry as it was delivered from the microphone in the observations room.

"Why did you kidnap Khadijah Atish?" She inquired and viewed the monitor.

"Because her husband was being a nuisance and they were in my way." He answered and sure enough, she got her confirmation when the cingulate cortex lit up, showing that he weighed that thought more on a rational basis then an emotional one since now his emotional pathways had died down.

"Don't you feel guilty at all? The woman was pregnant?" She asked.

Shehryaar chuckled dryly. "How would you feel about your enemy?" He inquired, his brain showing no activity in the frontal cortex that processed guilt and empathy.

"Just answer the question."

"No." And there was no activity in the frontal cortex. He really didn't feel anything in regards to the Atish family. He had zero feelings but his cingulate cortex was still lit showing that he made his decision based on logic. So, the matter with the Atish's wasn't personal at all but from the lit up areas of his insular cortex and memory cortex, he was remembering what Anissa did to him in regards to the Atish couple. The pain pathways were still lit. He was thinking about her betrayal.

Moving on, Anissa dared to ask.

"When you kill people, what do you feel?"

"There's always a motive behind it. And even if I kill in cold blood, I don't really care." He said. And there was no activity in the guilt centre of his brain.

"He really does lack empathy." Anissa heard Sadia say.

"And their families?"

"They follow suit because people need to know that they can't mess with me." He replied. And sure enough, his pleasure centre was lit. He really did take pleasure in people's fear.

"What are your feelings towards Zameer?" Anissa inquired. She heard Sadia take in a sharp breath but Anissa didn't bare her any mind.

"He's just an underling." He responded. Although he said it without any emotion but his brain showed a little bit of activity in the prefrontal cortex as well as the insular cortex. Well at least Anissa knew that he held some sort of attachment with Zameer because activity in the insular cortex meant he held interpersonal experiences and a relationship with Zameer. There was a little bit of activity in the pariental lobe as well. Was he remembering his past with Zameer?

"How did you feel about your twin?"

Again, his brain activity was the same as when she asked about Zameer. So, in the long run, he didn't care that much about his brother. "He was an accomplice and my oldest companion."

So far, Anissa's diagnosis was proving right.

But now, it was time to ask him the big questions.

"Shehryaar." She said

tion as only a means of survival. That's why they can't act on the same normal emotional level as personality A type of people. What I would call it, they are just like children in an adult body, just trying to get through life."

Anissa's breath hitched when she realised the gravity of the situation. When Sadia put it that way, it made Anissa feel even worse.

"And perhaps, childhood trauma, must have a huge part in scarring him emotionally. That's why maybe he fears becoming emotionally attached and that's why, when you asked him if he loved you, his brain reacted but he refused to give an answer."

Anissa knew why he did that. She had already rejected him and he feared of being rejected again. So Sadia was right, he really was a sociopath for he did fear something. As for trauma, Anissa was no stranger to it. She knew so well what trauma could do to a person.

Anissa recalled that Shehryaar had told her that how his mother killed herself and how she treated him and his twin.

'She never owned us, '

'She thought of us as mistakes, '

Anissa felt tears in her eyes. She couldn't believe that now, after witnessing everything for herself, she understood. Why didn't she try to understand when he had told her this so long ago? Of course, how could she? She was suffering so much at that time.

No, she couldn't blame anything.

This was all fate.

Everything was falling into place.

"Is he irresponsible?" Sadia asked from anissa. "No, "

"Is a compulsive liar?"

"No, a matter of fact, he's never lied to me. He's always been truthful and honest with me." She admitted wholeheartedly.

"Is he promiscuous?" She inquired.

It hurt Anissa to have to answer that. "Yes, he cheated on me." She said, feeling her heart squeeze painfully when that memory flashed in her mind, when he brought a whore to their estate in Dubai.

"Is he incapable of taking responsibility for his actions?" Sadia inquired. Anissa shook her head in the negative. This was just too much to take in.

"But, he doesn't have a conscience." She mumbled lowly.

"I think, from this scan, we've pretty much determined that he indeed does have a conscience. It's just not properly conditioned and is underdeveloped." Sadia responded. Anissa looked at Sadia and there was nothing was honesty in her eyes. Anissa frowned when she noticed something different about Sadia's eyes.

"The major difference between a psychopath and a sociopath is that with a psychopath, his actions are well thought out, calculated and extremely self obsessed whereas, a sociopath is disorganised in that regard and often make decisions without thinking them through and have to bear with the consequences of their actions."

Anissa knew that Shehryaar was selfish to the point of self investment as he blamed his brother and her for his jealousy and anger and deluded himself. But he realised his mistake, something that a psychopath would never do.

"Psychopathy is more innate while sociopathy is more due to behavioural disposition as a result of the environment."

"In my personal opinion, I think that simply labelling and judging a person suffering from any type of ASPD is just a bleak and limited perspective. I don't think we should simply say that their lack of guilt or their finished sense of empathy is appropriate because if that were the case, then even for themselves, they wouldn't know what is right or wrong: they would be completely emotionally and morally devoid. Even for themselves, they simply hold personal morality." Sadia stated.

And Anissa couldn't agree more. Shehryaar indeed hold personal morality that's why she thought that hurting him by betrayal would result in desired results.

"What about his obsession with me? He was so obsessed with breaking me that he didn't spare any harm or limitation." Anissa asked.

"His unhealthy obsession with you only proves my point. He didn't pursue you to hunt you down and settle scores. And even when he did, he shouldn't have felt guilt upon his actions. It would've been extremely satisfying for him to have you in the state in which I first met you. But as you might know, he's done a lot to get you back. And if he were a psychopath, it would've been impossible for him to do something like that. But because he does have a conscience, that's why we are here." Sadia concluded.

Anissa was left stunned. She realised that she never thought of it in that light.

Now, she really did have a lot to think about and come to a concrete decision.





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