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What was she to do?

Her feelings were absolutely mixed. She had no idea what was right and what was wrong. She felt so despicable. What Khadijah said to her really hit her hard and jolted her sleeping heart.

Her decision to leave Shehryaar seemed more plausible. But her heart was urging her to give Shehryaar a chance.

They were even now.

They had both hurt each other.

Didn't they at least deserve the chance to confront one another?

She felt so heavy hearted and overwhelmed. All these flowing emotions made her vulnerable and weak. And it caused the waterworks to start and gush over more forcefully.

"Please don't cry." Khadijah said softly, her tone so gentle. Anissa hadn't realised that she was bawling her eyes out.

"I'm sorry. Maybe I said to much, here I should be thanking you-"

"I don't deserve your gratitude, " Anissa muttered under her breath as tears ran freely down her eyes. "I didn't help you. All I did was serve my own agenda." She confessed, feeling her guilt eat her up and make her feel horrible. Khadijah's words sank in deep.

Khadijah pursed her lips tightly. "Whatever that it was, without your help, I would've never gotten out and all would've been lost. So, I don't care whether you want to accept my gratitude or not, but I will convey it to you nonetheless." Anissa felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up to see Khadijah give her a kind smile. Anissa felt unworthy of that kindness.

"Can, " she cleared her throat and sat upright. "Can I please have some time to think about what your husband said?" She enquired. Khadijah smiled. "Of course, " she quickly took out a pen and write a number down on a napkin and handed it to Anissa.

"Whenever you are rea-" her words died down in her throat as Anissa saw her face pale out, all the color draining away as she looked behind Anissa. Anissa followed her gaze and gasped.

Shehryaar was walking into the cafe, looking around. As soon as his eyes fell on Anissa, dread and fear paralysed Anissa in place but she fought against it and quickly got up. She tucked the napkin in her pocket.

Shehryaar had already seen who Anissa was with that made him stride towards Anissa with a new found fury.

Before Anissa could do anything, Shehryaar caught her wrist and dragged her out of the cafe. He pushed Anissa into the passenger seat of his convertible and got to the driver's seat.

Anissa was scared out of her wits. An angry Shehryaar was too unpredictable and impulsive however, she found it strange that he didn't cause a scene at the cafe. But she knew that he was going to hurt her. Badly.

Shehryaar was vibrating with rage. He tried his best not to black out. He was surprised that he was actually trying to calm himself because at the back of his mind, he knew that if he lost it to his anger, he would end up hurting Anissa.

But shouldn't he be hurting Anissa right now? He found her with the enemy yet again. And that triggered his anger, heighteneing the storm of fury inside of him. He pressed hard on the accelerator, going pass the speed limit. He felt an immense urge to take her home and beat the hell out of her, whip her bad until she bled: anything that could hurt her badly.

But his heart stopped him from having anymore dangerous thoughts. Haven't you hurt her enough? And he was reminded of everything that happened to Anissa because of him. And the hard work that he did to get her back to normal.

She's your Tara! He tried to remind himself. That disgusting traitor? And what she had done to him just a few days ago flashed in his mind and his emotions went haywire.

"Fuck!" He yelled and punched the steering wheel. Anissa let out a scream, thinking that he was going to hit her but mistakenly directed his hit on something else.

Anissa's heart leapt up to her throat as the car sped at high speed.

"Sheh-Shehryaar, slow down." She whimpered.

"Don't fucking talk!" He shouted back, trying his hard to calm down. Anissa whimpered and squeezed her eyes shut, wishing for the car to stop already.

"Please stop." She begged in a whisper, not wanting to die in a car crash.

"Oh wait." Shehryaar said, his tone hollow. Anissa opened her eyes and looked at him.

"You wanted to die. So how about it? Should we both die today?" He asked with a dark chuckle and shifted the gear. Anissa screamed as deceleration caused her to hit the seat hard.

"Please stop!" She screamed. But Shehryaar was far too lost to hear her. Everything in him urged him to just end everything. The pain was too great for him to take.

Anissa soft whimpers snapped him out of his furious haze.

Suddenly, the vehicle came to an abrupt stop. Anissa crashed forward against the dashboard because sh wasn't wearing her seat belt and her ribs got smashed in but she tried not to focus too much on the pain. There was an even more frightening creature beside her who needed her attention. She opened her eyes and saw that they had stopped outside the gate of the estate.

She heard Shehryaar's ragged breathing. He was desperately trying to calm himself down. As soon as the gates opened, he sped inside. Before the cat could stop, Anissa sprang out and made a run for safety.

She knew that an angry Shehryaar was an unstable Shehryaar and right now she couldn't handle him.

Shehryaar ran after her with a roar. His anger grew tenfold.

They were in the vast lawn and Anissa ran as if her life depended on it. But Shehryaar was faster and caught up to her. He caught her wrist and turned her around.

"No no please!" She begged and punched his chest to try and get away from him and it took everything in Shehryaar not to backhand her and subdue her. His pride interfered as soon as he saw her frightened and pale expression and her terrified hazel eyes.

"Stop!" Shehryaar commanded, shaking her by her arms. Her struggles died down and she stopped. One look at his dark expression and stormy grey eyes had her paralysed with terror.

They stood there trying to catch their breath. Abruptly, Shehryaar lifted up Anissa and slung her over his shoulder. Anissa was powerless to do anything otherwise.

Shehryaar entered the estate and strode right up to one of the many bedrooms. He threw her on the bed and went back to lock the door and started pacing around.

"You really couldn't stay put could you?" He sneered, his voice like acid. Anissa covered her ears with her forearms and tried to block him out. She was just too terrified. Any moment now he would snap.

Anissa curled into a ball, waiting for the torture to start. "It wasn't enough for you to betray me once but you had to go on for a second time?!" He shouted, his loud booming voice bouncing off the walls, making Anissa quiver with fear.

Shehryaar got annoyed when he saw that she wasn't listening. He strode to her and picked her up, forcefully making her stand on her unwilling feet.

"Please don't!" She cried and tried to cover her face because she knew that he would hit there. "Just don't."

But Shehryaar had already realised as much and his pride didn't allow him to hit her and prove her right since she was expecting him to hit her. Shehryaar caught her wrists and locked them behind her back. "Listen to me!" He ordered. It came like a whip, arresting Anissa in her place.

Shehryaar was fuming mad. He needed to get the anger out of him so that he may think straight. His temper always got the best of him but not this time. He wanted to talk. Really talk and try to underhand why she did what she did.

He fought against not only his anger but also his disgust and his abhoration. A part of him wanted to just end things and just give into his anger. But a bigger part of him already knew what his anger would result into. What had happened merely a few days ago when he last gave into his anger and later tried to confess his love for her did zero in his favor.

He breathed in deeply and tried to calm his anger. "Why?" He said, closing his eyes as he tried to calm down. But Anissa could feel his rage rolling off of him. His hot breath met with her cheeks and she realised that she was already in tears.

How was she ever going to think straight and come to a decision if she was always afraid of Shehryaar?

"Why were you with her?" He inquired, his voice low but vicious nonetheless.

"I-I, " she stuttered, not able to find the words. What should she tell him? That she was in the process of discussing another plot against him? No, she'd rather not when she knew that she would be at the receiving end of his wrath.

But her guilt stopped her. She looked at Shehryaar and saw his struggle. He was really trying to be calm right now. And she wasn't about to let his efforts go to waste.

"I was- just there for" She murmured.

His eyes flew open and the rage in his deep grey eyes had her breath hitching in her throat.

"Talk?" He snapped. "What were you fucking talking about?" He growled through clenched teeth, the scowl on his face was deathly terrifying. "Oh let me guess, they were there to show their gratitude to you for helping them out and stabbing me in the back?!"

Anissa's eyes widened as she gawked at him in shock. How could he possibly know that? But then again, he was too smart for his own good.

"Of course they would. You guys must've become best of friends by now huh?" He spat, his tone dripping with venom. And the vibrations Anissa felt from his hands on he

in shame. Even though she knew Zameer didn't know what had happened between them, a courtesy of the amnestic drug that Anissa had injected in him that day, but she knew that his brain remembered that it was her who almost slit his throat.

"Do you feel satisfied now?" He inquired, his tone cold. Anissa sighed. What was she suppose to say to him? That it only resulted in guilt. After all, he was the one who planted the idea of revenge in her mind.

"Where is he?" She whispered. Zameer sighed and directed her to where Shehryaar was. He was on the first floor. Anissa had never been to this room before. When she was in this estate during the one week stay after her wedding in Karachi, she had explored this estate but she never got to see this room because it was locked.

"This used to Shahzab's room." Zameer conveyed. "He's been staying here." He said and left.

Anissa took a deep breath and opened the door. She found him sitting at the edge of the large bed in the middle of the room. He was bare chested, his perfectly chiselled muscles out on full display. His shoulders were slumped as his elbows rested on his knees and his head hung between his shoulders.

As she slowly approached him with guarded steps, she took a closer look at him. His eyes were fixed on something in his hands. As she got near, she saw that it was a light brown thick strand of hair, tied at one end with a white silk ribbon, wrapped around his left hand as his right hand fingers gently caressed it.

Anissa's hand involuntarily went up to her head. She remembered that one day in Dubai, she woke up to find some of her hair very short, as if the whole strand was cut out. Now she understood. It was with Shehryaar. He kept her hair as a reminder. If she had hated him like she used to previously, she would think of this as a sick fetish that his psychopathic mind liked. But right now, not that she didn't hate him any less but she didn't think any of the sort.

"What do you want?" His voice came out clipped and curt, his eyes not leaving the strand.

"I, " she couldn't find the words to start. Shehryaar moved his head and looked up at her. He narrowed his eyes at her as he scrutinised her.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Like what?" She asked, confused.

"Like..... you're guilty. Shouldn't you be rejoicing? You got your revenge." He remarked. Anissa had to swallow hard against her saliva. That's a question that she wanted answers to as much as him.

"That's right." She started. "Revenge is a double edged sword. And because I have the ability to feel remorse and guilt, it doesn't sit well with me doing what I did." She claimed. "But of course, you can't possibly understand." She said, almost begrudgingly.

"Oh?" His brow arched at her. "So, it's okay for you to feel guilty just because you know that you can but I'm not allowed to feel guilty and try to make amends?" He said coldly. That took Anissa by surprise. But she instantly knew where this was coming from. She had mocked him and cruelly rejected him when he had confessed his love to her and told him that he had no feelings. She trampled on his heart and crushed it that first time until her betrayal did with the final blow. And her guilt made it painful for her to take her next breath as this realisation dawned on her.

"You're a psychopath. By nature, you're brain wasn't designed structurally to have the places necessary for processes feelings like empathy, guilt or remorse. That's why I said that." She tried to clear the misunderstanding.

Shehryaar frowned in confusion. "What's that?" Anissa pursed her lips together. Of course, generally, people took crazy people as psychopaths but only intellectuals and doctors knew what that term really signified.

"You have a mental condition." She replied.

Shehryaar's face contorted in a distasteful scowl. "I'm not fucking crazy." He claimed, claiming Anissa's thoughts. "Don't judge me when you don't know me." He hissed, getting back to what he was doing earlier.

Anissa sighed deeply. "Alright, then let me know you." She said softly. And that's when she decided to give him a chance. A real chance. Anything to get rid of this heavy weight on her chest.

Shehryaar's head shot up immediately as soon as she said those words. His eyes flashed with a myriad of emotions.

"I want to know and own you." She said. "But before that, I need to confirm something. I need to see how committed you can be."

"What?" He muttered. Anissa took a deep breath.


Anissa has everything in place. She was waiting in the observation room for the other physician who would be helping her in her evaluation.

"Bhabi?" Zameer lightly knocked on the door and stood in the door. Anissa could see that someone was behind him. "She's here." He announced.

"Okay, let her in please." She said, finding it strange that The physician was a woman. But she didn't care. But why was Zameer escorting her here?

Those questions were answered as Zameer entered the room with the woman. The doctor was standing behind Zameer. Anissa's eyes widened in bewilderment.

The first thing that Anissa noticed was that he had a tight hold on the woman's wrist. And second, was that when the doctor walked from behind Zameer, Anissa's breath hitched in her throat when she saw the young doctor. It was the same doctor who was using therapy on her when she was in her dormant state. But that wasn't what got Anissa shocked. It was the visible round fully pregnant belly of the young doctor that left her dumbfounded.

"You probably don't remember but this is-"

"I remember. She's doctor Sadia." Anissa finished for Zameer.

The young Doctor only gave Anissa a silent look.






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