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I helped her walk. Khadijah was finding it difficult to walk. And I had to make sure that she got to her husband. But with all the firing going on around us, it was proving difficult. But thank God, once we neared the fence, we spotted Shehzad. Khadijah broke into sobs in her joy and relief to see her husband. As we neared, Shehzad ran towards us and quickly scooped up his wife in his arms, hugging her closely with her face buried in his neck as she cried.

"I'm sorry. So so sorry." She kept on saying.

"No no baby. Never." I heard Shehzad say. And even though I had met this man only once before where he gave me a cold glare and a calculative outlook, but right now, the man I saw was a man in love. His gaze on his wife was so soft and his smile; it was enough to melt any heart as he kissed his wife's forehead.

My heart almost skipped a beat. And my unwanted and unfulfilled desires resurfaced as bitter tears welled in my eyes.

I was glad that they got back. But that wasn't why I was here.

My heart was getting involved. I needed to stop it and concentrate on the task at hand. I was about to turn back when Khadijah stopped me.

"Thank you Anissa." She said. I nodded and saw her husband carry her to the helicopter. The men ceased firing and retreated to the helicopter and soon they were on their way out of here.

I couldn't shake off the feeling that I was being watched and I knew who it was. I turned around and sure enough, he was watching me.

He was on his knees, with a look of utter despair on his face.

As I made my towards him, I glanced into his dark eyes and sure enough, what I wanted to see was there: the pain and the agony of him realising of what I had just done.

He was hurt. I finally managed to hurt him. And that was enough to make me smile in triumph.

Anissa woke up, jerking away from that memory as she came to be conscious.

She felt hot and suffocated for some reason even though the air conditioner was on. She looked around and realised where she was as she sat upright and massaged her temples. Snow jumped up on the bed and started rubbing her head by Anissa's side and purred in delight. Anissa gave the cat a half smile and gently petted it's head, feeling the cat vibrate under her fingers.

It had been a week since she was sent back to Karachi. Zameer escorted her back and she had not heard to seen Shehryaar since then.

She was glad. She had no desire to see him. But ever since that day, his hurtful eyes and torn expression was appearing in her dreams, subconsciously haunting her.

Even now, she felt suffocated as if her chest was tight. Why was she feeling that way? Shouldn't she be happy? Shouldn't she have gotten some sort of peace?

Yes, she got a lot of satisfaction from seeing him hurt that day. But what she really wanted was peace of mind and it evaded her.

She needed to get some fresh air.

Picking up snow in her arms, Anissa went to the balcony. It was still dark outside. And she had a lot of time till she could go back to work and there was still time till the fajr prayer. As she gazed up at the stars, her emotions fell into place. And she started contemplating.

What now? She thought to herself. She betrayed him and hurt him. It was so clear from the expression on his face that day. So, what now? What was she to do now?

She was still married to him. She was still living in his house and bore his last name.

Should I leave him? I've got my revenge. She thought as she continued to pet Snow. But where would she go? She had no home of her own. Her parents or her cousin were far away in another city and after what her parents had done, she had no desire to see them.

Then what was she to do? Continue on with this farce of a marriage?

They were both broken people now. They both had badly hurt each other.

There was never a relationship between them to begin with.

So now what?

She had no idea.

The only good thing out Of that whole scenario was that her anger was gone. She no longer felt angry or impulsive. But what about the hatred? Even now, her hatred was still present. But of course, she couldn't possibly think that her hatred for Shehryaar would ever end, not after what he had done to her; the scars that he left on her soul would forever remain as a reminder of what he had done to her.

When will it all end? Because there was something else too. Some feelings deep inside of her which she was refusing to acknowledge. And she knew that these suppressed emotions were and they were causing her unrest.

Sighing to herself, she went back inside and tried to sleep.


Anissa yawned as the day was almost coming to a close but she still had so many patients to attend to. She just had to cover one more round to the clinic after that she could see to the wards and finally call it a day.

was his pain and how much she hurt him. And it evoked the suppressed feelings deep inside of her that she was desperately trying to keep locked down.

She didn't want to feel like this.

She tried to summon her hate for Shehryaar. And to her utter shock and bewilderment, she felt none. As if her hatred for Shehryaar had dissolved and vanished.

"Why?" He asked again, throwing the gun down and gently cupping her face in his hands. His eyes searched her face for something, anything that could indicate that the woman standing in front of him was his love. But he found none.

Almost as if she burnt him, his hands flinched away from her and he stormed out of the room.

Anissa slumped down to the floor.

Her eyes were filled with tears.

She knew all too well why she felt his pain. Because she always felt others' pain around her and that was what always motivated her to help others.

But what he had turned herself into: a cold and vengeful wench.

That's when she made up her mind.

She was still lost. She still hadn't found herself. And she needed to find who she was. And the only way she could do that was to get away from this place and get away from Shehryaar.

She had decided to divorce Shehryaar. It was for the best. And now she knew that he wouldn't object either. There was nothing between them anyway. Even though she didn't witness it right now but she knew that He probably hated her more then he ever did. After what happened moments ago, it was clear that if she stayed with him, he would either kill her or do something reckless and the vicious cycle of hatred and violence would continue.

So the only way was to leave. But she knew that it wouldn't be easy. She would have to leave the country. There was no way that she could stay in Pakistan anymore.

But where would she go?

Well where ever it was, it had to be somewhere far away. Away from all the pain and all the turmoil. Some where, where she could start afresh and forget about all the horrors that happened to her.


"Doctor Anissa?" A nurse jolt Anissa out of her reverie. "Yes?" She inquired, getting her gloved off and throwing them in the trash bin.

"There's someone here to see you. They don't have an appointment but they insist on meeting with you." She informed. Anissa frowned with confusion. She hadn't expected anyone to meet with her at this hour especially when her schedule was so full and almost over. All she wanted to do was head to the Estate and rest since Shehryaar had again left her alone.The first thing she was planning on doing on the next day was to get a good lawyer and get the divorce in process. Wherever Shehryaar was, she would get Zameer to deliver the divorce papers to him.

"Who is it?"

"I'm not sure. It's a pregnant lady along with her husband. I'm pretty sure that they are here for a consult."

"If the lady is pregnant then please direct them to the gynaecology department. I need to leave for another appointment." Anissa dismissed the nurse coldly and was about to head out of her office when she stopped upon opening the door. There stood in front of her was the young couple: Shehzad and Khadijah Atish.


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