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"What's you're name?" Anissa asked.

The woman hesitated at first but replied anyway. "Khadijah." She mumbled under her breath.

"Are you in any pain Khadijah?" Anissa inquired. Because from where Anissa stood, she could easily tell that the young lady was in apparent discomfort from sitting on the cold stone floor and leaning against the cell wall.

Khadijah moved and rubbed her back. "Yes a little." She said. Anissa quickly turned on the cell phone in her hand. She looked if there were any signals and sure enough, they were enough to make a phone call. Anissa extended her hand between the bars towards Khadijah.

"Would you like to speak to your husband?" She said and saw that the woman immediately perked up as a smile spread on her face. She carefully got to her wobbling legs, placing a hand on her stomach as she walked towards Anissa. "Please make it quick. I can't stay here for much longer." Anissa said. Khadijah nodded and took the phone.

Anissa kept a blank expression on her face but her eyes couldn't help but dart towards Khadijah's baby bump. Her heart tugged painfully: what she was looking at was a fulfilled woman. In Anissa's eyes, Khadijah was a complete woman. She was not only blessed with motherhood but she had a husband who loved her and was doing everything to get her back: going so far as to trust the wife of his enemy.

Anissa couldn't help but think how lucky and fortunate Khadijah was. She had everything that Anissa wanted but knew that she couldn't have it.

Her heart, that was shattered broke some more. Because fate just wasn't on her side: fate cursed Anissa's existence. She hadn't thought of this since the day she found out that her uterus was removed. at that moments, she had her regrets but she quickly silenced them and buried them deep within herself. But one look at Khadijah's stomach had all her pain of her of her own impulsive actions come to light and she had to admit to herself of what she had done regardless of what she thought back then; she thought that she did it to hurt Shehryaar but now she had to admit, she was the one who was hurt all along. Not only did she deprive herself of something that could bring her a bright and fulfilled future as a woman but fate had it so that it was completely irreversible. and not just that, but fate stuck her with a heartless monster who was trying to impose his twisted sense of love on her.

She was pulled out of her thoughts upon Khadijah's soft sobs as she talked on the phone.

"I'm so sorry." She sobbed lowly. She stopped as she listen and nodded and affirmed with whatever her husband was saying. "Yes I understand." She said and handed the phone back to Anissa.

"He needs to say something to you." She said. Anissa placed the on her ear.

"Thank you for your help." His tone was crisp but softer then the last time she had heard him. However, Anissa became a little fixated when she heard him thank her. Why did he thank her?

"Can you tell me which time is best when your husband is not around the estate?"

"He leaves early in the morning and comes back late at night." Anissa explained the whole time pattern and the lay of the region as best as she could. Shehzad informed her that he would be launching an attack on the estate tomorrow around midday because that's when Shehryaar was away in the nearby towns. It would be the perfect opportunity to strike.

"Please be prepared." He said.

"Alright." Anissa replied as the phone line went dead.

"Thank you." She heard Khadijah say. Again, Anissa felt her heart tug at that word. She felt as if she didn't deserved to be thanked at all. After all, she did this purely for selfish reasons. She wasn't helping them for the sake of helping them but rather for herself in acquiring her own ambition. She blocked out these feelings as best as she could.

Anissa gave a curt nod. "Don't worry. Just bare with this discomfort for a short while. Tomorrow, you'll be in the safe confines of your home once again." Anissa relayed. Khadijah's face lit up with a huge delightful smile as tears rolled down her eyes.

"Yes thank you. I can't wait to see my twins. They must be so worried." She muttered. Anissa felt as if a cold bucket of water was splashed on her and with wide eyes, she gawked at Khadijah.

Twins? She already has..... she thought as an unknown pain engulfed her, causing her chest to tighten. For some reason, she could not bare to be in Khadijah's presence any longer: the woman was too good for her and Anissa felt disgusted with herself. She couldn't believe that she was using these good and innocent people for her own advantage. With a heavy heart, Anissa left the passage and carefully locked down the entire place. She closed down the laptop and left the study.

For some reason, she felt drained. Emotionally drained. She went towards the bed and collapsed, her eyes trained on the ceiling.

She wanted revenge. But all of a sudden, after witnessing these two people, these Khadijah and Shehzad, she couldn't help but let doubt come to her mind for the first time since she made the decision to betray Shehryaar.

Why was that? She wanted revenge yes, but for some reason, she didn't like it. It was mostly because of two reasons: the first was that she was about to commit a crime and break a heart through betrayal. And second, she was being despicable by using two people for her advantage.

The way that they thanked her, it caused her heart to jerk painfully. They were offering her gratitude for her help. But she knew in her heart that she didn't deserve it.

Her heart wavered and her resolve was starting to slip.

For a moment, Anissa wished that she could take Khadijah's place: for a moment she wished that she was lucky enough to have a loving husband and children.....

No! Stop! She reprimanded herself, her eyes flying open.

I did it because he doesn't deserve a future. If I'm going down then I'll take him down with me. She thought hatefully and placed her forearm upon her eyes.

Everything was falling in place. Now wasn't the time for doubt or second thoughts.

Her endgame was finally at hand. After tomorrow, she would finally gain her rev

and only he knew the password. His men couldn't possibly know. No one knew not even Zameer. Then who? Because it all seemed like a well coordinated escape plan. He saw that the far wall of the hall of cells was blown up. And it led to the back of the estate. Shehryaar went to the blown up hole in the wall. His rage was starting to blind him as he prepared to shoot. With a roar, he led his men out. He was even more surprised that no shooting was taking place as he got farther away from the estate building and towards the yard at the back. The fencing wall was also blown up.

He didn't think more and sprang out of the hole. It didn't take him long to come across the loud noise of the helicopter. And sure enough, more firing perused as he neared the enemy. Shehryaar had to take cover behind the rumble and started shooting. However, he stopped dead in his tracks when he came face to face with the enemy.

What he saw shook him to his very core.

He felt as his his heart stopped.

An involuntary gasp left his lips, locking his lungs in place as the firearm fell from his hand and his knees shook violently.

Time stopped for him then and there.

Anissa was helping the woman. The woman's arm was on Anissa's shoulder as she helped her walk through the rubble and make their way towards Shehzad Atish who was waiting by his helicopter while his men open fired at Shehryaar and his men.

For a second, he was in complete denial.

No this can't can', his thoughts were in a track until they fell apart, coming to a screeching halt when the situation settled in and realisation hit him hard like a bulldozer.

Anissa? She is the......traitor? He thought, his mind slowly shutting down. She betrayed me?

He couldn't find his breath. He couldn't get the air into his lungs as he feel on his knees, his legs unable to hold him any longer.

An agonising pain tore through him.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

He literally felt like the world shifted. As if the sky fell on him and the earth beneath his feet was snatched away.

He felt like everything around him came tumbling down like a house of cards.

So many emotions ran through him. The pain he felt was unlike any other: his hand literally came up to his feet to check if his chest was intact because he felt as if his heart was ripped out.






These emotions ran wild in him.

Anissa betrayed him. She stabbed him in the back and did the one sin that was unforgivable for him.

The woman that he loved, the only person he wanted a real relationship with betrayed him. The only person he was willing to change himself for just stabbed him in the back and sided with the enemy.

All hope that he had was crushed.

His heart shattered into a million pieces.

Any illusion that he had, an illusion of a good and happy life with Anissa completely crashed and was smashed to smithereens as betrayal tore through his heart like a hot poker. This pain was unlike any other he had ever felt before.

The littler faith he had made in humanity was destroyed in that moment. All his efforts were wasted.

"Saeen, we have a visual!" Zameer informed, jerking Shehryaar out of his mind. But it was too late.

Shehryaar saw no point. He needed to leave this place and try to breath. He felt suffocated.

"Do not pursue." He ordered as he got back to his feet, feeling drained.

"What? Boss we can stop them!" Zameer said loudly and got out of his cover and aimed his gun but when he saw Anissa with them, help the woman into the helicopter, he was stunned into silence. Even he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

They watched the helicopter leave as Anissa made her way towards them.

She had a smile on her face as she made her way towards Shehryaar.

Shehryaar felt moisture collect at the corner of his eyes. The hurt he felt then as he watched Anissa give him a triumphant smile was enough to crush him and leave him completely broken.

"You win." He murmured and turned his back on Anissa, not wanting to see her face every again.

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