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"I love you." He said again.

His eyes were sparkling: the grey appearing teal, a soft and mesmerising shade.

Anissa was stunned into silence. Her heart was beating so loudly. She thought.

This wasn't the first time she had heard him say that. But the last time he had said it, she was suffering from so much pain that she couldn't understand him then. And she didn't try to understand either.

It was too much for her.

But right now, all that she could do was gawk at him in stunned silence. Her mind could not comprehend what he just said.

These three words: these three precious words that every woman longs to hear: whether from their parents or their loved ones, it's different but if these words come from your lover or your husband, someone that you are destined to be with, then these words make a woman whole.

In that moment, Anissa's mind drifted for a fraction of a moment; wondering what it would've been like if things were different between them, if things were normal between them, if they were a normal couple. She wondered what it would've been like if he was normal a man, a hard working man who married her and treated her right with equality and respect. And initially, there might not have been love but she would've eventually fallen for him and the moment he would've confessed his love to her, she would confess hers. That would be the turning point and they would've lived happily after that.

If they were a normal man and a woman, having a good life, with the usual life struggles and have kids......

She stopped thinking after that point. It was just too painful.

But this wasn't a normal situation.

They weren't a normal couple; One was broke from the start and made the other one broken.

His confession made no impact on her. She felt absolutely nothing at that confession.

Maybe, if he would've treated her right, maybe if things weren't so messed up to the point of no return, she wouldn't felt something at his confession. But she didn't. She had no heart or a sane mind to take in what he just said.

'I love you'

Those were the words that she didn't anticipate to hear or feel in her marriage because she knew a psychopath had no understanding of love. And what's more, her heart was frozen solid, unable to feel anything. The bonds of hatred were too strong and she could never see past the hatred.

"I love you Anissa. I didn't realise what I felt for you before. When I met you for the first time, I was indebted to you for saving my life. But when my brother interfered, I grew obsessive. And I admit that my obsession was unhealthy. You were the only woman I thought of. I couldn't move on from you. And when I finally married you, I still didn't realise. It took to break you and shut you down to make me realise." He said, his expression serious and solemn.

"I don't know what love is. I had no idea what I was feeling for you. All I know was that I had complete control of my emotions. They never interfered with me but when it's you, my emotions are scattered and I'm unable to do anything about it. I'm no longer composed or collected, everything falls apart. My heart beats so fast that sometimes I would feel as if it would explode." He explained and approached her. Gently, he took her hand and placed it on his sternum. Sure enough, Anissa could feel his pounding heart. "I never feared anything in my life least of all the consequence of what my actions would entail." He said, trailing a finger softly upon her cheek.

Anissa was still frozen in her place. Her wide eyes just watched his face. Shehryaar had a small smile plastered on his face as he continued. "In the beginning, I only saw your beauty. That's just how I am, I have only ever viewed the world as it is, cold and black and white. And that's how i saw and judged you as well. I've never tried looking deeper. It wasn't until the damage was done that I realised that there was more to you then what meets the eye. I wanted to have you be the same as me, that's why I did what I did. I destroyed your uniqueness that lay in your individuality." He said.

Anissa felt as if he was running salt on her open wounds: it hurt so much to be reminded of what had happened to her. It was bad enough that her traumatised brain wouldn't let her forget and now the same monster who put her in this position, was repeating the exact same things.

"I made a mistake." He admitted, his voice and eyes shining with honesty. "I shouldn't have done what I did. It was wrong of me. You were perfect the way that you used to be. And I realised that that was the part of you that I fell in love with. Your morality and deep sense of humanity is what drew me to you."

Anissa's heart almost skipped a beat at that confession. She never thought that he would admit that he made a mistake. But wait, if he admitted that he was wrong, then it contradicted everything that she believed about him. A psychopath, who has no insight whatsoever, could never admit that they are wrong. They don't possess empathy so they just don't have the ability to recognise what's right or wrong. They don't have a conscience that could enable them to feel fear but he just admitted that he did. What was going on?Why did he say that to her?

No, no he's got to be lying. She looked at him, narrowing her eyes at him to see if he was lying. But his eyes were clear, no signs of fabrication present at all. He was being absolutely truthful.But his eyes held the truth that was on his tongue.

"You're mine." He gently stroked her cheek. She saw that his eyes were so warm and soft as they looked at her with adoration. "You were mine the moment you save my life." He claimed wholeheartedly. She felt disgusted at how he was blatantly trying to own her like she was his property. It was the same. He was still the same. He would never change. Even now, after all the damage he did, he still treated her like she was his property.

"I don't know how to treat women because I never had any woman role model in my life apart from my nanny but I wasn't much influenced by her since I always kept away from her. I admit that I was brought in the dark world and I liked it there. I still do. That's a part of me that I can never abandon. And that's why, for me, I always treated everyone around just the same: coldly and brutally. But Anissa, " he took the hand that was in his heart and brought it up to plant a kiss on her knuckles.

"I'm willing to change for your sake." He was being so open and honest that it was hard not see that he was trying.

Anissa's word felt as if it just tilted a little.

Did he literally just say that?

The Human and sane part of Anissa urged to give his request a good thought but a larger part of her, the one that hated Shehryaar, was concocting a whole different strategy.

"I'm extremely fucked up. I know that. But Anissa, you must understand that i have never had any mormalcy in my life; I've never had a family, I've never had close human relationships with others. I only treated people like tools. But, with you, I can't have that approach anymore. I know that I can't change all of me but maybe a little, for your sake. I know that it's unfair of me to ask you to accept me for who I am but i know that can never happen. That's why."

"I love you. I'll not let you go and I'll do everything in my power to restore you back to the way that you used to be."He was about to kiss her when her palm came up and slapped him right across the face, leaving him shell-shocked.

Anissa broke into a fit of humourless laughter: it sounding so mocking, so taunting. She

d made a run for the door. She hurried as she ran down the stairs and towards the main door, all the while hearing Shehryaar call her name but she made no attempt to stop. She made her way to the garage. Grabbing any random key from the key stand in the wall, she climbed into an Audi and sped out of the estate before Shehryaar could get to her. But she knew that she wouldn't get far. He knew where she was heading to. Where else would she go except for the hospital.

But she knew that she would be able to breathe easy once she was in her safe haven.

She left the car parked into the parking lot and hopped out of the car. She was walking towards the entrance when she felt something different as the hair on her arms stood up, goose flesh rising. The air stirred around her and before she could react, she felt a strong hand clamp around her mouth and something hollowed, cold and hard poked at her side.

"Don't move." A low deep masculine voice commanded in deep American accented English. She was surprised that the presence of the man behind her maintained some distance from her body by a few inches but his hold on her was strong. She smelled a faint musky scent come off of the stranger and she immediately knew that it wasn't any ordinary kidnapper.

Anissa turned her neck and looked up her shoulder.

She almost gasped when her eyes connected with a pair of cold turquoise eyes.




So far, it's amazing how the story is going here on radish :) so thank u for that and for the amazing support. You guys are simply amazing :*

It's amazing getting your messages on Shehryaar and Anissa. This is a very very different Mafia story; it doesn't have the usual bad boy type Mafia leader who grows soft only for the sake of a woman and fall In love and blah blah:( I was seriously tired of those types of stories and what's even more annoying is that they are always in Italian or Russian. I mean seriously, such stories are only stereotyping Italian and Russian cultures :(

And even though Shehryaar fell in love first, anissa didn't ;) and we all know that in most mafia stories, its always the girl who falls in love depite whatever may happen to her :P but not in mine and now isn't that something :D you don't see that in other mafia stories now do you? thats where this story is really different :)No offence to anyone on this it's just my opinion and it's just me telling you guys what inspired me to write this story.

This story is not only in my native culture of Pakistan but it is also influenced by my religion of Islam alhamdulillah, thus setting a new trend in Mafia stories based on Muslim characters.

I don't know what you may think, but I seriously think that this Mafia story might just set the standard for others Lol. To me, I really think that this story has seriously added real meaning to the words 'mature', 'explicit', 'very disturbing', I don't know the rest but these are the type of things that you read in the A/N or warning chapters of most Mafia stories. Again this is my opinion, no offence to anyone.

And as you might've noticed, things may seem hopeless but its not ;) thats y: I'd like to make a request- please keep an open mind. As a writer, I'm pretty neutral but as a reader, I know that it's very hard to be neutral so all that I can ask of you guys is that you keep an open mind :)This story and especially Shehryaar's character is based on my personal research in psychology and it is a subject that I don't need to be studying (because I already have a sh*t load of thick medical books to cover Lol :p) but for the sake of this story I did :) so, I would like for you guys to keep an open mind, try to understand Anissa's analysis and her judgements because you know with us doctors, if it's a health related problem, our judgements are mostly medical judgements.The reason I made this story so different and so so dark from the rest of the Mafia stories that I have ever read on wattpad is solely for the purpose of correcting many terms that people misuse: 'psychopath' being one of them. I would like to tell you know, a psychopath isn't exactly an understood concept because it is so complex. I spent three months of independent research on it and that's how I developed Shehryaar's character. You see it's so interesting when you actually get to apply your medical concepts in fiction, that's just amazing. I will especially be covering a whole chapter on this topic soon maybe like three or four chapters later from this one :) and that'll be the second last chapter of phase 3 :)

Ok so i'm gonna leave and start working on the next update :) please do give me your feedback and thoughts on who you think is trying to kidnap anissa :)

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