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Shehryaar woke up and realised that he had slept on his desk after another long night of paperwork.

He was feeling exhausted and weary. All this time, he had been working and kept himself so immersed in his work that he didn't get any time to sleep or rest.

He sat upright and stretched his limbs, yawning deeply. His whole body ached and bones and joints popped here and there. He glanced at his Rolex and realised that it was 7a.m. in the morning.

He got to his feet, his back straightening up and aching from being bent at such an uncomfortable angle.

He walked to the window and rolled off the blinds, giving way to the beautiful natural scenery of wheat fields that stretched for long. The sun was in the sky and shone graciously on the land.

It had been three months since Shehryaar came to Khaaspur. Three months since he had last seen his wife. Three months of being away from her.

But he had no choice for the two months he had been gone, a lot of things happened. His disappearance and distraction cost him a lot.

And he had been busy taking care of the mess that was made in his absence.

He had his hands full from every corner; with his family and their politics and second with his alliances with the Russians.

First, the Russian alliance was almost compromised when the Paramilitary discovered the hidden route of transport from the south that led to the border in the west. They raided and arrested many but thankfully, the damage wasn't that extent and the Russians managed to make it out without being discovered. Zameer had taken care of it but Petrov threatened to break the alliance with Shehryaar if the route wasn't made safe again.

And the second was his family.

The Ameer of the Sikhai, his grandfather was dead and his father had come out of hiding and claimed the position of The Ameer of the the Sikhai. Shehryaar was called in immediately after the Ceremony.

Shehryaar had no interest whatsoever. If it were up to him, he wouldn't have bothered with anything. But now, things were getting very serious.

A meeting of all the elders was called in. Hassan Ameed Ghulari passed the verdict of Azhar's death, claiming it an ultimate loss and Shehryaar's victory and every leader from the subfamilies supported the decision simply because they had no other choice. And the Ameer was desperate for their support because their arch enemy and nemesis, the Atish family, had returned and started reclaiming their lost power. And a few families declared their support for Fayaz Atish and his grandson, Shehzad Atish, swearing their loyalties to the rightful Patriarch of the Sikhai.

If it were up to Shehryaar, he would easily dispose off such hindering obstacles. But he needed to establish himself as the Heir first. And for that, he needed the elders' support since they held the people's opinion and for Shehryaar, he always believed that true power always belonged to the people. His childhood and past experiences had humbled him a little to understand that simple people held more power then they realised and if they had a capable leader, then it could easily be utilised.

However, Shehryaar was appalled by the fact that the Ameer had acknowledged his bastard son Nawaz and now he was in line to becoming The Heir as well. Shehryaar regretted not ending him when he had the chance.

But he understood the Ameer to be in desperation. The Ghulari family, that was once a big family with many members, was no reduced to only three members: two legitimate members and one illegitimate. Hassan Ameed Ghulari was in desperate need for consolidation and support for the Atish family was back and reclaiming property and gaining immense support in the region. And the Ghulari family could no longer rely on brute force and bloodshed like they had done so in the past. Times had changed. The media was in their trial ever since it became known of the case of Bano Atish. And because the FBI had also requested the police for investigations into the Ghulari family, the Ameer had his hands full, having no choice but to comply to the investigative inquiries.

So, the Ameer presented a challenge for his only two living sons: destroy the Atish family and have them leave the Sikhai.

For the time being, the stakes were too high for both Shehryaar and his father. So Shehryaar agreed to the task since he needed power. And once he was declared the Heir, the power of the Ameer would be in his hands and getting rid of the present Ameer would be no problem. For his Mafia to gain more power and strengthen the present alliances, he needed to gain control of the most richest and strategically important province in the country.

And seeing as Nawaz was also aiming at the same ambitions, Shehryaar had to tread carefully more then ever.

He already had too many enemies and he was getting cornered. So, he left Anissa behind. She was too much of a distraction for him. But a part of him convinced him that the space and distance was needed. She was in no state to be of any help or support. Not that he expected any, but he needed to keep her safe and away from all the dangerous and dirty business that he was taking care of.

And without even noticing, three months went by. Three months of being away from her and engaging and addressing every issue that was thrown his way.

For being the most powerful also meant the most responsible and most hated.

But he wasn't one to back down so easily. He had vowed to take down his enemies one by one. And the first in the list was his family. And destroying them was his prime objective at the moment as well as securing the Russian alliance once and for all.

But he didn't stop there: he made new alliances with other powerful mafias. So in that side, he was gaining power. But there was still so much that needed to be done.

But he missed Anissa so much. It had been so long since he saw her in person. Of course, he kept watch over her via the cameras placed in the estate and got daily reports from Zameer, but it wasn't enough.

On that day, when Zameer came back and informed him that Anissa had ordered him to take her to a nearby hospital where she tried to engage in the emergency department, Shehryaar quickly made his way there despite his injuries and poor health condition. He was worried about what she would do and he had to stop himself from beating Zameer to a pulp for leaving her alone. But what he saw that day, changed him and lessened the burden of his worries a little.

What he saw, he couldn't bring himself to forget:her smile.

That beautiful smile that caused her to shine so bright. And at that moment, he felt as if his cold and desolated world became warm with her light and radiance. He never knew how much her smile could have an impact on him. For these past three months now, it haunted him. And he wanted nothing more then to go back to her.

But he knew that he couldn't. Not if he wanted her to be herself once again.

It took him a grand amount of struggle to convince himself to leave her alone and give her some space for a little while before he would go back to her.

And for him, it was a huge deal.

Three months of being away from her made him miserable.

But he was glad that his work kept him distracted and allowed him to be away. Otherwise he would've gone back to her by now.

Thankfully though, the major work tha

Anissa huffed in worry and leaned back into her chair. It's too soon. She thought to herself. She knew that this would have to come sooner or later, but she needed more time to gather enough confidence in herself as a surgeon. Although the case was a simple appendectomy, yet she couldn't help but feel afraid. Performing surgery is no joke.

She was jogged out of her thoughts when the door knocked. She allowed the person to enter. It was the new trainee that her trainer had informed her about.

"Good morning Dr. Anissa." He greeted respectfully. Anissa sighed and got up from her seat. Putting on a straight face, she approached the man and began inquiring about his skills. So far, she was comfortable knowing that he was almost half way through his residency, giving him an upper edge on Anissa. Anissa deemed him fit to work with her. He was competent enough: even more so then Anissa herself. If it was the old her, she wouldn't have hesitated to get above him. Anissa used to be very competitive and knowing that any of her colleagues had an upper hand on her used to irritate her and motivate her to work harder. But considering her position, she didn't let such feelings come to mind and focused on the task at hand.

Throughout the day, the trainee, Zahid, accompanied her. Anissa dreaded the evening hours for that was the time when she was scheduled to perform the surgery. As she got ready in her scrubs and washed her hands and arms, she took in deep breaths to calm her nerves. Knowing that her trainer wouldn't be around, the risks involved will be hers to eliminate.

"Hey doc, " Zahid called, his tone nonchalant. Anissa learned that the young man was a very open and light hearted individual. "Why are you so nervous? If I recall, you were so strict this morning." He said.

Anissa sighed as a nurse helped her put on her gloves. "Wouldn't you be nervous as well if you were to perform your first ever surgery by yourself?" She revoked flatly.

"Yes but this is a very easy and closed noninvasive procedure. It shouldn't present that much of a problem." He countered. Anissa didn't bother replying to him and headed inside.

As the nurses prepared the patient on the table, Anissa managed to get a grip of herself and proceeded towards the table. As she stood there, she sighed but her hands began to tremble badly as they proceeded to pick up the instrument.

Come on, you can do this. She chided but her nerves were a wreck. All she felt like was running away from there.

"Doc, " she felt Zahid's hand on her shoulder. "You can do this. It's okay." He mumbled close to her ear, squeezing her shoulder lightly. There was power in his words and she found it enough to motivate her. Breathing in deeply, she mustered all her courage and started.

After an hour, she successfully completed her task and got out of the OR.

"You did great, Doc." Zahid congratulated her. Anissa nodded and proceeded to go down the hall towards her office.

"I mean it wasn't that hard yeah?" He continued and this time; he started to talk in an Australian accent. Anissa found it amusing as he continued to talk. She actually smiled and laughed at the jokes he made. She felt so light. She liked being this way: temporarily forgetting about stress and getting a good laugh out. It almost reminded her of the moments that she used to spend with her cousins. And the way they would make her laugh. And she missed them: she missed her family. It had been almost five months since she left home in anger and disappointment.

"And then the guy is like, oh come on man, I thought you was boo." Zahid cracked another joke and was earned with a soft chortle from Anissa.

Suddenly, Anissa felt her flesh crawl as she felt an all too familiar presence behind her and before she could react it was too late and the next thing she knew, Zahid was pinned to the far wall, his throat in a tight choke hold and his mouth open to give way to painful grunts and screams. Anissa screamed as she saw the broad and muscular back of Shehryaar. She ran to him and tried to get him off of Zahid who was practically blue in the face due to lack of breath.

"Let him go!" She yelled and tried to claw his hands away from her colleague's throat. But Shehryaar wasn't having it. All he saw was red.

Anissa saw the deranged look on his ace and the murderous glint in his cold grey eyes as he choked the man.

"Let him go right now!"She screamed. Suddenly, Shehryaar caught Anissa and wrapped his free hand at around her throat. It wasn't tight but it was enough to silence her. She desperately struggled against his hold.

"I leave you alone and you do this!" Shehryaar spat in disgust. Anissa shivered and whimpered and tried to free herself.

The people around the hall watched in horror.


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