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   Chapter 97 NO.97

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Zameer had arrived almost immediately after receiving the call. It would take him around two hours via helicopter to arrive at the island.

He was surprised to see a composed Anissa sitting by the beech with a little white kitten in her lap. Zameer had brought in a medical team with him. Anissa told him that Shehryaar was unconscious and in the bedroom. She decided to stay outside and enjoy the sea for she knew she wouldn't be coming back to this place anytime soon.

She was still trying to collect herself. She measured the time in which she had been detached from the rest of the world; It had been roughly a year: she had missed her twenty fifth birthday, the month of Ramadan, The two annual Eids and some other important dates. She couldn't believe that she had been gone for so long: gone from being normal. But for her sake, she would try to normalise her life once again.

For now, she didn't care about her past or her future, all that she wanted to worry and focus on was the present.

There was so much that needed to be done in order to accomplish that.

The first on the list was to find her ′calling'. By doing so, she would find herself, at least a part of herself that she needed to become whole once again.

And for the time being, she gave up on the thought of revenge. Of course, that didn't mean that she completely gave up on it and moved on. No. She would simply bid her time and strike when the time would be right: for she knew that her hatred and desire for vengeance wouldn't simmer down anytime soon. She wasn't one to hate, but when she hated, she hated with a certain fierceness that would even surprise her.

Zameer took them back to Karachi. The medics were able to treat Shehryaar a little before he could slip into critical condition before flight. And as soon as they arrived at the hospital, Shehryaar was admitted in the ICU.

Anissa remained outside as she saw the nurses and doctors treat Shehryaar from the large glass window of the room.

"Bhabi?" Zameer called from beside her. Anissa didn't look at him and kept her eyes on Shehryaar.

"Where is my kitten?" She asked.

"I had it sent to the estate." He replied, finding her concern for the kitten amusing yet her disconcern for her husband worrying. He wanted to know if she was alright. From what he knew, the last time he heard about her, she was suicidal, self destructive and mentally unstable.

"Are you alright?" He inquired, his tone gentle.

"I'm fine." She relied flatly, her eyes never leaving Shehryaar. Zameer thought that she was looking at him because she was worried but one look in her eye and he saw the blank, unconcerned look in her eyes: her mind was empty, no thoughts circulating whatsoever.

She her changed so much: from her haggard and disheveled appearance, he presumed that Shehryaar must've had a hell of a time with her. He could only imagine what could've happened. He had seen what was on Shehryaar's chest that caused him to suffer from such a severe infection.

I hope he was successful. He thought to himself. But realising Anissa's current state, he was starting to feel that maybe Shehryaar really was successful in helping her and maybe succesful in understanding empathy.

When he had received Ferooz's call, for a moment he thought that maybe the worst had come to pass and Anissa must've succeeded in getting her revenge on Shehryaar. But apparently he was wrong. Thankfully though, it wasn't too serious.

"Would you like to go inside?" Zameer proposed.

"No." She replied immediately and removed herself from the spot.

"Then can I escort you back to the estate?" Zameer prodded that it was beginning to annoy Anissa. She turned and looked at Zameer closely.

"You can leave if you want. I'm going to stay here." She stared, her voice low yet strong.

"I'm afraid Bhabi, I can't leave you alone to yourself." He said. Anissa saw his concern for her and let out a dry chuckle. "It's okay Zameer. I'm in the clear for now. You can rest assured and go home and rest." She spoke, at an attempt at nonchalance b

uffering from acute pulmonary edema. Get me a crash cart immediately." She ordered loudly. The medics acted without question since the patient was in critical condition. They brought in a crash cart and Anissa quickly drew out apparatus for performing thoracentesis.

A nurse came in and Anissa quickly ordered her to give the patient hundred percent oxygen and keep an eye on his O2 stats.

The medics helped turn the patient to his side as they removed his shirt. Anissa quickly injected a local anesthetic at the site where she would have to insert a catheter to get the fluid out of the patient's lungs.

Once she was sure that the local had taken affect, she quickly made a small incision and fitted a small catheter inside his chest between his ribs at the sunscapular level. Slowly, she saw the semi clear fluid drain out of the man's chest. Anissa saw the man's breathing become a little less rapid and calmer and the crackling sounds in his chest dissipated when she heard through the stethoscope. She saw the monitor and sure enough, his O2 stats were stabilising.

When the fluid was drained out. Anissa pulled out the catheter and treated him. When she was done, the patient was taken in for further examination.

Anissa hadn't noticed that the man had family as well as they came up to her. An old lady took her hands and kissed them as she thanked her wholeheartedly.

Anissa felt a sudden surge of fulfilment and contentment wash through her entire being.

That's when Anissa knew she had finally found her ′calling'.

And a huge smile, an ear to ear smile, spread across her face as she received the gratitude of the family.

She felt so complete at that moment.

And Shehryaar had witnessed it.

"Oh God, " he breathed, clutching his chest.

After such a long time, he saw something that cracked open his heart and tore it apart with such ferocity.

He saw the dazzling smile that made her shine so illuminatingly bright. That smile came out from the depths of her heart and soul and only increased her beauty a thousand fold.

He felt his heart swell with pride, adoration and admiration. And a small smile also crept up his lips as he saw some semblance of his beloved Anissa.

"I'll forever protect that smile." He vowed to himself and his revolve strengthen further.

"There you are." Zameer came behind him and tried to catch his breath.

Shehryaar kept his eyes on Anissa. "Zameer, get me the Dean of medicine of this hospital and have a contract prepared. "

"Whatever for?" Zameer asked in confusion.

"I want to buy this hospital and give it to my Tara." He muttered.


Subha bakhair= good morning

Bibi= madam

Sahib= sir, master, mister

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