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   Chapter 96 NO.96

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Shehryaar tried to remain silent as he watched.

She just sat there with the Qur'an in her hands, her eyes wandering off into space. She had read something and immediately, she was off into her own world.

His breath remain caught in his throat. He studied her for a long time, trying to decipher what she was thinking about because a look of pure daze and stupor resided on her delicate features.

And that's when he saw it: that glimmer in her eyes: the glimmer of life and hope that caused the fire in her eyes to turn into blazing flames. With each passing second, her eyes became hard and determined. Though they kept staring into space, he could tell that she was on the verge of collecting herself.

That complete vulnerable and hopeless shadow was gone, causing the hazel in her eyes to melt into bright golden honey.

Shehryaar remained by her side, his alarm and guard down a bit. And as the rush of adrenaline pumped through and cleared out of his system, his fatigue took over and abruptly, he was caught in a violent fit of rough coughs as he fell back to the floor and began to cough badly, clutching his throat.

Anissa was startled out of her stupor when she saw him cough so violently and loudly.

Her mind didn't register as she gently placed the holy book on the coffee table and went to Shehryaar's side. Touching his forehead, she realised he had high temperature. His body was sweating profusely, his face flushed and his breathing shallow.

"You have high fever." Anissa stated flatly. Shehryaar was surprised that she was touching him so voluntarily, but the burning pain on his chest and bouts of cough and fatigue distracted his mind.

"Come on, you need to get to bed." Anissa said in a soft mutter, not looking him in the eyes at all as she helped him up to his feet as he continued to cough. Anissa saw him lay his hand on his chest, fisting the cloth of his shirt. She helped him get to bed and as soon as he was lying flat on the bed, trying to breath, Anissa rolled his shirt up from the waist and that's when she saw the smeared and sweaty dressing of white gauze on his chest. She looked around for anything sharp that could help her cut through the gauze to examine the wound. When she found nothing, she sighed and started to rip through the gauze. It took some effort and when she saw his chest, her face scrunched in disgust when she saw the wounds- deep lacerated cuts, edged red green and yellow, with a pus oozing out, the area inflamed and swollen around the boundaries, infected all around.

When her eyes scanned his chest, she frozen when she read the letters:


What am I doing? She thought, her feet taking involuntary steps away from a panting Shehryaar. Again, she was about to make the mistake of saving him and taking care of his injured self. She never understood what would come over her as soon as she would see someone hurt: the first thought and instinct in her mind would be to help and her body would just take up the task without her mind properly registering her surroundings.

It was the same when she had met him the first time: he was dying from a gunshot injury and bleeding badly. She helped him and what did it result in?

And then again, in the cave all those months back, yes she remembered how she had helped him without even realising who it was.

And now, again, she was about to do the same.

But she couldn't blame herself: her profession was tough that trained her to act in moments of panic and then it was her own pure and humanitarian nature: her will and heart to help anyone who was hurt: these were the reason why she chose to become a physician-- she hated seeing others around her in suffering. A

her cries in the morning and screams in the night could be heard. And to see her for the first time and that too in a dishevelled state where her hair was a mess, her plain kurta shirt wrinkled and stained with sweat and tears, he was indeed surprised.

She wasn't wearing any dupatta so the old man quickly lowered his gaze.

"Asalam alaikum and subha bakhair, my lady." He greeted.

Anissa frowned. "Walaikum Asalam, " she noticed his gaze was down and she immediately realised that she wasn't wearing the dupatta. She tried not to think much of it though.

"Who are you?" She inquired.

"Ferooz, bibi. I'm the butler in charge of taking care of this villa." He informed.

"Alright. Um, well, he's not well. He's very ill right now." She said, careful not to say Shehryaar's name for it would break her resolve. The butler immediately followed her to the bedroom. He gasped when he saw Shehryaar.

"I will have to call Zameer Sahib to Come immediately. The Saeen needs to be taken to the hospital." Ferooz said and immediately left. Anissa sighed and decided to change the damp cloths on his body and clean the infected wounds on his chest.

Shehryaar kept his eyes on her as she took care of him. Normally, he wouldn't let her do something like this knowing that he wouldn't have any control in the situation but right now, he felt exhilarated as he saw her willingly help him.

He couldn't believe it. Despite everything, she was acting completely detached, as if on autopilot, as she cleaned the wounds on his chest. She didn't say anything or look at his face as she worked. But in her touch, he felt her kindness, her need and will to help take his pain away.

He couldn't believe that this was the same woman who vowed to take revenge against him. He couldn't believe that this was the same woman who screamed every night after suffering from nightmares, the cause of which was him and blame him. He couldn't believe that it was the same woman who tried to kill him in his sleep.

This was her soul that he witnessed; a kind, caring, noble and humanitarian soul. He couldn't believe that he tried to destroy that. It was a huge part of her integrity and her heart.

Never again. He avowed internally. Never again will I be the monster that she thought that I was. I will try my best to change from now on. He thought, feeling a new insight develop inside of him.

And his debt to her increased even more. He owed her even more now


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