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   Chapter 95 NO.95

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Her hand moved towards the broken pieces of glass.

You'll let him win! Her inner voice screamed. He will win. You'll let the very monster who drove you to this state, win. You will let him succeed. You'll finally prove that he broke you.

It doesn't matter. Her hopeless mind retorted. Let him win. If he says that he loves me, then my death would certainly cause him pain. And that thought pleased her immensely as she proceeded.

She gripped the shard to her wrist once again.

All of a sudden, she felt cold waves of shock run down her spine. Her movements halted. Her breath hitched and she felt her lungs constrict, as if the air in her chest wouldn't move in or out, causing her loss of breath. The shard fell from her hand and her fingers gripped the edges of the ceramic vanity as she tried to gasp for air.

What was going on all of a sudden.

She felt her flesh crawl. As if on high sympathetic stimulation, her body was in high alert but it remained frozen in place.

She tried to walk away and open the door but her legs wouldn't carry her and she collapsed to the floor.

The safe finally opened and Shehryaar pulled out his gun from the safe and ran to the bathroom door. He aimed the gun at the lock.


He felt his heart stop at that sound. His body froze in that instant.

Did.....did it?

He felt as if the world tilted around him.

Suddenly, he felt his mind drift towards memory lane as he remembered a certain woman, standing on top of a table as she pulled a noose around her neck. With hatred, she had looked at him and then she was gone as she jumped, the sickening sound of her neck snapping sounded in the air.

Just like that.....she was gone.

And he couldn't do anything then.

Was history repeating itself?

No! No! NO!!!! He refused to accept it. He drove every negative thought out of his mind and aimed the gun at the door once again. He refused to accept any defeat and a loss so great that he knew it would cost him everything.

His heart jumped to his throat as he tried not to think of the worst but his shuddering mind calmed a little when he heard soft sobbing and shallow gasping sounds coming from the other side. His heart lept and broke when he heard her. Did she do it? That was the only thought in his mind. But when he heard weak knocking on the door as if she was beating against it, he felt as if she didn't do it.

"Anissa?!" He banged on the door again. He knew that she was lying against the door and he couldn't possibly blast the door down without risking her getting shot as well.

"Anissa, baby, please open the door." He leaned his forehead against the cool wood of the door, his head pounding and his heart shattering as he listened to his soft sobs.

Anissa's sobs choked and raked. Her chest wouldn't allow her to breathe, her legs wouldn't carry her and now, she felt as if her vision was blurring and dreadful darkness threatened to consume her.

And the initial fear increased tenfold as her body shook violently and soaked in cold sweat.

"No! I need to get out!" She cried in a shaky voice and tried to stand again. All that she knew was that she wanted to get away from this place. Because the darkness was lurking around her and wanted to devour her.

Shehryaar continued to beat on the door, trying to break it down. He was beyond desperate to get her out. She sounded like she was bound and was being smothered.

Suddenly, she felt a heat wave sweep through her entire being and she felt extremely hot and with the increasing suffocation, she struggled to pull through. As if there was fire around her: as if the fire was coming for her.


She couldn't see it: she could only feel it.

What was this? Where was this fire?

Is this a glimpse of what the hell fire could be like? Because if it was, then she didn't want it. No, she wanted to get away from it.

The fear had completely paralysed her in place. She couldn't move, she couldn't breathe, she couldn't think.

All around her was a threatening silence and the engulfing fear.

With all her might. She let out a blood curdling scream.

Shehryaar cringed when he heard her scream and his punches and kicks to the door became even more forceful.

Anissa tried to breath again. The fear was great But the instinct to get away and run was greater. Mustering all her strength, she tried to stand but failed miserably. Shehryaar finally managed to break the thick door down. And when his eyes fell on the quivering, pale body of his wife, he felt as if his heart broke all over again. The wild and terrified look in her eyes was so devastating that he had to will himself to tread carefully.

"Anissa?" He choked, feeling his chest tighten as he approached her.

"F-f-fi-re!" She sobbed. Shehryaar frowned and looked around and when he saw her, h

ndeed tried and tested beyond her capability. But it was within her capacity. How could she ever forget that God never tested his people beyond their capacity. If she was suffering but managing through, it only meant that God sought her fit for his challenges that's why she was pit through so many trials. It only displayed how Much Allah loved her and made her so strong. It only proved, with how much love and care Allah had designed her.

' means of danger, hunger, '

Yes, she had faced danger and terror so much in her life unlike anything she had ever faced before. And she had faced tyranny and oppression and abuse. She had witnessed murder and was forced into taking lives.

'Loss of worldly goods, of lives and of (labour's) fruits....., '

She was forced to sacrifice her career and her personality, her previous life and her everything.

'Of lives, '

And she lost two of her children that caused her sane mind to slip into insanity. and in her madness, she robbed herself of her chances and ability to ever bare life. She caused it to herself.

And that's why she gave into hopelessness and doubt and despair. What was she to do now?

Like a stranded sheep, she wandered aimlessly.

But look how beautiful the word of Allah is: with the problem, He also gave the solution.

'But give glad tidings unto those who are patient in adversity.'


So, she was to be patient and observe perseverance? The same attributes that she had initially adopted to make it through?

You can do it! Her wilful spirit felt rekindled as it reminded her how brave and courageous she was. You're a doctor. You're a healer. But at this stage, where you cannot heal yourself, let faith and hope heal you.

And her soul reached out to her.

You're suppose to be strong. No, you are strong.

You are suppose to be faithful. Yes, you are faithful.

Because you are not broken. Because you are not weak. You are not a coward.

If you were, Allah wouldn't have tested you so much.

So what if you won't have children. You made a mistake. It was your fault. But it's okay. You're life is not over.

Repent Ainnie. And Ask for forgiveness and Hidaaya (guidance), Allah will make you're life better.

Suddenly, everything became clear.

As she gave into her faith, it made her see hope. It was a glimmer, but it was there. And with that hope, she felt as if she could become whole once again.

But then again, it was her spirit, the spirit of the strong young muslimah within her, the one who glowed with hope and basked in faith, this was her. This was her.

This was who Anissa Ghalib was.

She had finally found a lost part of herself which was lost in the midst of pain and despair. But her rekindled faith brought it back.

And gave her hope that she could be here'd once again only if she became patient and put all of her trust and faith into Allah.

And she would do that. Never again would she allow herself to fall into the depths of hopelessness and doubt ever again.

Because she was Anissa Ghalib, a strong and brave woman.





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