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   Chapter 92 NO.92

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Shehryaar called her and walked to her when he saw her standing by the mirror, her face torn in confusion and turnoil as she stared at herself in the mirror.

"What's wrong?" He quietly asked, standing behind her. He saw her eyes in her reflection: there was storm of emotions running in those light Amber depths.

She touched her face with both her hands. "Who am I?" She mumbled, her eyes fixed on her face. "What am I?" She inquired.

Shehryaar felt worry gnaw at his heart as he gently gripped her shoulders and turned her around so that she was facing her. His eyes gazed deeply into hers: gray to hazel.

"You're my wife. You're my Tara." He said softly and gently cupped her face. Her eyes widened and her eyes began to glimmer from unshed tears.

"Yes that's right." She mumbled, her gaze breaking away from his and a look of pure obscurity entered her eyes. "I'm your whore."

Shehryaar flinched. "What?" He growled.

"Yes, I'm your whore aren't I?" She spoke loudly.

"What the fuck?" Shehryaar roared with anger. "Why the fuck are you calling yourself that?"

"Because that's what you called and considered me!" She shrieked, pulling in his collar. "You called me that! And last night, I acted like one!" She spat, fat angry tears rolling down her face.

Shehryaar was frozen in place with shock. Indeed he had called her that just to destroy her self esteem but he never meant it. Slowly everything that he ever said to her to shatter her confidence was coming back and biting him the ass.

"N-now Anissa I didn't...., "

"No, I'm a whore!" She screamed and shoved him away hard. He grunted in pain from the force of her push on his chest as he rubbed at it. Before he could even catch a hold of his bearings, Anissa came up to him and pushed him until he fell down on his ass.

His anger was rising but he controlled himself and tried to get up but Anissa was straddling him and to his utter shock, she smashed her lips to his, her hands clutching his broad neck, her nails digging into his skin.

He responded fervently to her kiss and kissed back with her his passion as he gripped her waist and pulled her petite frame close to himself.

They broke when they wake breathless.

"I'm your whore aren't I?" She said breathlessly. "Then use me like a whore." She muttered close to his lips. It triggered his rage again and he pushed her off of himself.

"Stop calling yourself that. You are not a whore. I didn't mean it when I said it." He yelled at her, feeling disgusted with himself for ever calling her that. He wanted to badly punch himself in the balls for making her think that, knowing that he was the cause of it.

She sat at the ground with her with her head hanging between her shoulders.she shoulder began to quiver as he sobbed.

"Then who am I?" She choked and looked back at her reflection.

"Who am I? Shehryaar who am I?" She tore her eyes away and stared at Shehryaar, her eyes pleading with him for answers. "I can't find myself. I cant remember how I used to be."

Shehryaar gazed at her with hurtful eyes: his heart tore apart and ached in his chest with the state in which he was witnessing her. He felt pity and sympathy for her: and he felt hate and disgust for himself. She called his name after so long, it sounded musical yet the strain in her voice caused his guilt to surface.

Anissa Stared at herself in the mirror again. "Who is this woman? I don't know her." She mumbled and pointed at the mirror.

Without a word, Shehryaar pulled her back on his lap and embraced her tightly. Anissa stiffened in his hold and made no attempt to hug him back.

Shehryaar sighed and kissed her temple."You're, " he almost choked as he felt his throat clog up with his overwhelming emotions. "You're the most beautiful person that I know, inside and out." He claimed, pulling her away slightly and cupping her face delicately in his hands, the rough pads of his thumbs wiping her tears away.

"I'm beautiful?" She queried.


"So, you think that I'm beautiful." She ran her fingers on her cheeks as her eyes flashed, her expression dazed.

Fuck. He feared that she might start damaging her face in a daze just be

ure enough, she was awake and sitting her back against the headboard.

He smiled and sat by her side, placing the small box on the bed. She didn't bother looking at him.

Her silence was deadly for him. He couldn't stand that.

"Anissa?" He took her hand in his. She didn't react and and kept staring into space. He looked at her closely and his heart almost exploded when he saw the terrifying empty look in her eyes.

"ANISSA!" He shouted. Anissa jerked and gasped, her wife eyes meeting his worried ones. He quickly pulled her frail frame in his arms, crushing her to his chest.

"Oh my God, please don't leave me again. Please never again." He muttered in a hushed plead. He thought that she was reverting back into her silent persona. Anissa frowned but didn't say anything.

Shehryaar let her go and looked into her eyes, satisfied that she was confused at his behaviour yet the glint of familiarity was there.

"Now, " he smiled, willing himself into composure as he placed the box on her lap and opened it.

Anissa's eyes widened when a small white fluff ball exited the box.


Anissa's gasped as the small kitten looked at her with his large marble blue eyes as it sniffed at her and familiarised itself with her.

With trembling hands, Anissa took the little kitten in her hands: it was so small that it easily fit into the cup of her hands.

Anissa's lips twitches as the small adorable creature rubbed it's small soft flush head against her fingers and started purring, its entire body vibrating.

Shehryaar's breath hitched, as if someone forced a hard punch into his stomach. His eyes widened and his heart threatened to explode when he saw her give a small smile to the kitten. Her eyes held so much adoration for the tiny creature. After a long time, she was looking lively; emotions other then doubt, hatred and anger simmered in her gorgeous hazel orbs.

"Awww, " Anissa cooed as she kissed the kitten's head and began to rub it's head behind it's ears.

Anissa was obsessed about cats. She got a grey Persian cat when she fifteen and was completely obsessed with the animal. She devoted herself with the cat with love and attention. The cat was her companion in all her sad and worrisome moments. It always managed to bring Anissa joy. But sadly, the cat died when Anissa turned nineteen and after that, left heartbroken and sad, Anissa never kept a cat again.

And now, seeing a kitten, almost maybe three weeks old, cuddle into her hands, braced her heart and filled it with warmth. She felt the numbness subside.

Shehryaar sighed with relief as he saw her get busy with the kitten. She didn't speak and just silently played with the kitten.

Feeling satisfied, Shehryaar left to give her some space as she got acquainted with her new pet.

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